Squire Parsons recovering from mild heart attack

Several days ago, Squire Parsons suffered a mild heart attack. He is now in the hospital, recovering. Greg Bentley, who toured with Squire for around a decade, singing tenor and driving the bus, posted an update on Facebook:

I’ve had quite a few people sending me messages asking about things they have heard about Squire Parsons. Apparently the rumor mill is running crazy . So after making sure it was ok with Squire, let me help calm things. Squire is in the hospital for a mild heart attack suffered early in the week. They have been running test and will do a heart cath on Monday.

Greg added that he visited Squire at the hospital Saturday night; Squire is “counting the minutes till he can get back on the bus and head out and sing some more.”

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  1. An update from Greg Bentley: “Squire Parsons Update! Many of you have asked if I would post an update on Squire. I just got off the phone with Nancy his secretary and she said the heart cath went well and they only found one blockage that they had to put a stint in. Squire is now in recovery and doing well. I know Squire pretty well after traveling with him for 10 years, he will be bribing the Doc to let him on the old bus this weekend to go sing! Y’all keep him in your prayers as he gets his strength back up, and that he doesn’t try to over do it too soon.”

    • squire will be in my prayers tonight and always. heavenly voice and music!!! i love him and his testimony. may God speed his recovery.

  2. Praying for Squire Parsons. I’m glad that he’s already recovering. But I have to say this: these gospel singers must take care of their hearts. My favorite pianist Anthony Burger died suddenly from a heart attack; one of my favorite singers Stephen Hill passed away in the same conditions. Later I heard my all time favorite lead singer Guy Penrod was hospitalized with heart problems; and now we have Squire Parsons at hospital recovering from a heart attack…

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  3. Another update from Greg: “Squire Parsons Update #2. Just got off the phone with Nancy and she said Squire has been released from the hospital and is heading to the house. They want to thank everyone for their prayers and messages.”