Ian Owens joins Soul’d Out

Ian Owens, who recently left Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, is the new bass singer for Soul’d Out Quartet. The press release states:

Since the departure of long time bass singer Matt Fouch, in mid August, Soul’d Out Quartet has been diligently seeking God and following his leading in the attempt to find the right person to be our bass singer. Despite having met many great people through the audition process, we (the men of Soul’d Out) had made the decision to remain a trio unless God provided the absolute right fit for our team and ministry.

Soul’d Out Quartet is thrilled to announce that God has provided us with the right bass singer!! We are so excited to have Ian Owens joining the Soul’d Out family! You may have heard Ian’s name before as the bass singer for Gospel Quartets such as “The Imperials” and “Ernie Haase and Signature Sound”. Ian has 12 years of full time ministry in gospel music and we are so pleased that this chapter of our lives brings us together to proclaim the Good News!! Ian’s first appearance with Soul’d Out will be on November 9th, 2012. We ask for your prayers for both Ian and the current Soul’d Out members as we transition into this new and very exciting time. God has great things in store for this ministry! Come and see us when we are in your area and welcome Ian aboard! Dusty, Michael, Bryan, Rick and Matt.

Ian Owens added:

After spending a weekend on the road with Soul’d Out Quartet, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that joining their team is God’s will for my life. I am very excited to have the opportunity to spread the Word of God with such strong men of faith and integrity! Matt, Bryan, Dusty, and Michael all have such a sincere and earnest desire to see souls won and lives changed. I absolutely can not wait to be “pounding the pavement” with these awesome men! However…..I’m scared I may not be much of a bass singer for them if I’m always hoarse from laughing at them! They’re funny!!

This is a significant hire for Soul’d Out, marking their increased national profile. They recently signed with Crossroads Music, and now, their last two hires have come to them off of stints with the Kingsmen and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.

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  1. Funny, when he posted on Facebook that he would be announcing his future plans, first thing that came to mind was Soul’d Out. Seems like a great fit!

  2. I think these bass changes have been pretty positive. If L5 had to lose a bass, Fouch brought something different and perhaps some new life to them. I think EHSS needed a bass that maybe sort of combined Duncan’s cut and Ian’s coolness maybe. Ian probably fits in a bit with Soul’d Out who is a more youthful group with a bit more youthful sound (maybe sort of like Singing Americans were). Now, Ian has more low notes than Burke of Singing Americans fame did, but still has the cool factor too. Although he doesn’t have the cut that Fouch does, it doesn’t seem as necessary in Soul’d Out who is more Singing Americans or Gaither Vocal Band than many SG groups. Soul’d Out did lose out in losing Fouch, don’t get me wrong, but Ian brings his own assets and I think their getting Hutson and Ian has /. could work to their advantage in becoming better known and gaining fans as well as helping to solidify their future. I also think these moves could help the members too in either exposure and promotion (moving up) or in becoming part of something (Soul’d Out) that they can contribute and help grow where they can have a place to stay for quite a while.

  3. This is a great surprise to me. I’m now wondering why he left EH&SS. [EDIT] Then again, God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

    • Chances are he left EHSS to accept the open position with Soul’d Out. That’s not terribly complicated or scandalous in any way; personnel changes happen all the time. Maybe Soul’d Out works fewer dates, maybe he likes what they’re doing stylistically, maybe he’s great friends with the SOQT guys and wants to hang out with them – it’s usually not that big of a deal.

      • I doubt Ian left EH&SS to go to Soul’d Out. I know that Soul’d Out auditioned other bass singers.

      • I don’t see anyone quitting Signature Sound to audition for Soul’d Out. I was at Dollywood Monday for all three of Soul’d Out’s sets. I asked specifically before their first set if Ian was filling in or what. I was told it was an audition. From the stage, it was announced that this week (Sunday & Monday, it turns out) was Ian’s audition for the group.

        BTW, I liked Ian’s blend with the group, much more than with Signature Sound. I still miss the style he had with the Imperials and Cumberland Boys/Quartet.

      • Tony – sometimes the unexpected happens. 🙂

      • There are as many reasons for someone leaving or being asked to leave a gospel group as there are with folks resigning or being dismissed in any business (except in other businesses they don’t have to spend hours together on a bus). What’s more interesting to me are the exceptions to the usual pattern. For example, I don’t recall Triumphant having a change in their five-person personnel since forming 10 years ago altthough they did change their name.
        Maybe if other groups looked into the reasons for that lack of change then they too could reduce turnover (unless Triumphant is just lucky).

  4. From having watched Ian,I think Soul’d out will be a good fit for him.

  5. I think Soul’d Out will sound great with Ian,..his sound kinda sounds like a Matt Fouch,..so there will be nothing lost in the way they will sound.. Great Quartet!..and in my opinion they should have a spot on the centre stage of NQC. 2 Nights!!

  6. Round robin, not in proper chronological order.
    In a little over a year,
    1) Daniel Ashmore joins The Old Paths (posted on here October 5th, 2011)
    2) Mike Allen joins Palmetto State
    3) Randy Byrd leaves Blackwood Brothers
    4) Mike Jennings leaves The Dixie Echoes
    5) Glenn Dustin leaves Legacy 5
    6) Brandon Berry joins LeFevre Quartet
    7) Butch Owens joins Blackwood Brothers
    8) Brandon Berry leaves LeFerve Quartet
    9) Paul Harkey leaves Anchormen
    10) Paul Harkey joins LeFevre Quartet
    11) Randy Byrd joins Anchormen
    12) Jordan James joins The Dixie Echoes
    13) Matthew Fouch joins Legacy 5
    14) Ian Owens leaves Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
    15) Paul Harkey leaves LeFevre Quartet
    16) Paul Harkey joins Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
    And now:
    17) Ian Owens joins Soul’d Out

    Am I on track? Did I miss something?

    In the future, what will we see?
    a) Glenn Dustin joins LeFevre Quartet?
    b) Mike Jennings joins LeFevre Quartet?
    c) Someone new joins LeFevre Quartet?
    d) Someone else leaves a group to join LeFevre Quartet?

    • C and D are probably the most likely answers

    • You left out Justin Terry leaves Cross 4 Crowns, which then shuts down. Terry is still out there; great bass singer with youth, talent, etc. The LeFevre Quartet could do worse than him.

      Also, you forgot

      Paul Hyde leaves the Florida Boys
      Joe Armstrong leaves Mark209
      Joe Armstrong joins the Florida Boys
      Ray Woconish joins Mark209

      • That brings us to 21 changes in bass personnel: this has been a busy year!

      • Scratch that, there’s 22 changes. I miscounted.

    • I halfway agree with Aaron Swain, in the fact that B is still possible. Mike Jennings had mentioned when he left that he was leaving because of their newborn, so there is still a big possibility that he could join LeFevre Quartet. The same thing happened with Derrick Selph of BFA. However, I’m not sure that Glenn Dustin would jump to audition because it seems to be that he left L5 to be with his family more, considering that he traveled for 13 strait years.

      • I’d like to see Mike Jennings back with a group. But, C or D would most likley be what happens.

  7. Even though we like seeing our special groups and hate to see someone leave the group, it is good news that singers such as Ian did not just go away. Sometimes going to a different group is not bad. I just don’t like when singers just get up and leave and we never see them again for what ever reason. I am sure with there schedules it can be easy to get burned out. It takes a very special person to stay on the road for a long period of time. We need to support the singers that stay on the road for years and don’t take them for granted. They are doing Gods work. They need our support.

    • I like that attitude. It always kills me when a singer leaves a group and fans react as if the world just ended. As it it doesn’t happen all the time! Just have a look at sghistory.com; The groups that DON’T have tons of member changes are the ones that are the exception, not the ones that do!

      The Statesmen didn’t die when Jake left, Gold City didn’t die when Ivan and Brian left, and modern groups don’t die just because fan favorites leave.

      But I agree with you; it does bother me when people leave groups and disappear into the ether. Wither Glen Dustin? Will we ever hear from him again? Jay Parrack? Parker Jonathan?

      • Actually, I heard that Parker Jonathan is still singing, both from an online source, and in a one-on-one conversation.
        But, will we ever hear him on a national level again ?

  8. i like it.

  9. At the end of the day, God has better plans for ALL of us. Wishing Ian all the best with SOQ.
    I was loving him with the Signature Sound & his departure was sudden & sad. I’m glad we’ll hear him again. He’s a really unique vocalist.

  10. I have to say after hearing Paul Harkey with EHSS for the first time in a video on youtube that he fits better with them than Ian did. Or at least that’s my opinion…

    Hopefully Ian will prove to be a positive fit for Soul’d Out.

  11. I’m sitting here listening to Here We Are Again and I rank Ian as one of todays top bass singers right beside Pat Barker. Neither one are extremely low but both can sing beautifully and hit some lows when necessary. I’m happy for Ian. He seems at home both stylistically and socially.

  12. What is Glenn Dustin doing now?

  13. love the voice & Paul is a true performer, the best bass voice & he also kwows how to handle himself on the stage. He fills up a even large audiences. I wish him well and that he will be a permanent part of EHSS. I was in awe when he
    sang in Vancouver, WA. Felt like I was going to come out of my seat. Felt like singing all the way home.
    I need to find a dvd with him performing and the group. He makes he happy and brightens my days.(as all of you
    do.) I truly thank all of you for helping me get through day by …… as I need that right now.