Video of Paul Harkey with Signature Sound

Yes, personnel changes happen all the time in our genre, but it’s stating the obvious to note that some arouse more interest than others. Paul Harkey’s move to Ernie Haase and Signature Sound has aroused enough interest that it is worth passing along this ten-minute video of highlights from his first night with the group (hat tip, Aaron):

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  1. Paul is a keeper for sure. He has an amazing voice and fits into the group perfectly.

  2. Seems like Ernie found a great fit…

  3. I was most impressed for Paul Harkey for his first performance with EHSS, it will only get better!

  4. For those who think Paul sounds like Tim, listen closely to Old Rugged Cross. I think their tone is very similar. However, I’d say Paul’s voice is much fuller.

    I’d even go as far as saying Paul’s voice combines Tim’s tone with Ian’s full sound. Really, this was a great hire!

  5. I never took much of a liking to Tim Duncan. He doesn’t have a very full tone, in comparision to some other basses. But, I do agree with people who’ve said that Tim sounded better during his time with Poet Voices.

    Like Glenn Dustin with L5, Tim was with EH&SS, if you will, standing in the shadow of George Younce. So in these cases, there was undoubtedly pressure on each of them, even if it’s just from themselves, to sing like George. They were both with Cathedral legacy groups, carrying on the leagacy of George right after the Cathedral’s retierment.
    From what I’ve read, Tim is more vocally relaxed now with Canton Junction than he was with Signature Sound. So, the pressure’s gone, and Tim can REALLY sing like Tim, if that makes sense.

    • I liked Tim, and I really liked his full tone. A bass doesn’t have to rattle the subwoofers to get me to like him (though rattling the subwoofers doesn’t hurt, either).

      But like him or not, it’s pretty much indisputable that Tim played a gigantic role in EHSS’s rise to the top during the eight years he was with them.

    • It should be possible to appreciate the addition of a new member of group, and speak of their strengths and contribution to a group without making negative comments about prior members of the group.

      I liked Tim a lot…but I can still appreciate the vocal contribution of a new member…and I can make comments without comparing the men, pitting one’s talent against the other.

      As much as the “talent” is important, what is far more important to me when I go to see and hear a Christian group, is the SPIRIT that comes through. I definitely want to attend a quality musical event…but I want to see and feel the depth of spirituality in each of the people up on stage, proclaiming Christ. I don’t want it to be simply a performance. I want it to be an experience, a testimony of Christ’s work in their lives.

      I have enjoyed EHSS over the years since the group first formed. I’ve only seen them live twice since Tim left…once was because they were part of a larger event where there were many groups…not their solo concert.

      • M,
        I didn’t mean to attack Tim, just state my opinion. The comment by joshvanklomp, above mine, stated that Paul’s voice is “much fuller’ than Tim. So, his comment there is what got me thinking about my opinion about Tim. I felt that it was not out of the comment guidelines of this website to agree with him, even though I used different words.
        With that being said…
        I agree with you on the importance of ministry. That’s what counts. Yes, God has used Tim to reach people with all the groups he’s been with. And God has used Signature Sound to bless people, no matter who’s singing bass.
        There are singers that I don’t care for their voice, their style, ect., that God has used to bless me. I may still hold to the musical opinion, but that’s not denying the fact that God used them to minister to me.
        My comments (in another reply, further down) about liking EH&SS now more than in the past weren’t exclusivley about Paul joining. As for Ernie, Devin, and Doug, it had to do with their presentation, arrangements, ect. If the group was like this 5 yeras ago, I just didn’t know it, because I didn’t give them a chance to “win me” as a fan.
        I chose to watch the video because I had become a fan of Paul’s singing with the Anchormen. I ended up seeing that the whole group was better than what I had imagined.

      • The last part of your post makes a lot of sense.

        I think a lot of people’s introduction to EHSS is in the high-energy songs featured by Gaither or elsewhere. While that appeals to some people, there are a number of people who are turned off by it, so they stop watching/following the group.

        But when you go to the concerts, its not nearly as hectic on stage as one might think. Sure they get going on a song or two, but its really tamed down since the Get Away Jordan project.

        I credit part of the change in group dynamics to when Wayne Haun came on-board as the pianist. Seems to be a calming influence that offsets the high energy stuff. Andthey’ve come up with some great songs too! (Reason Enough, I’ve Been Here Before, etc.)

      • “…they stop watching/following the group.”

        Yes, that was me. I actually lost interest in EH&SS with the previous CD, their debut Gaither release. Hair, clothing, arrangements, ect.
        But, that was then. Yes, their “calming” very well could be directly linked to Wayne Haun. Or it could be that they collectivley realized that they needed to “win back”, shall we say, the fans that they had lost. Or, it could be due in part to the effects of aging. I read once where Ernie said that he was having knee problems, influenced by their active stage routine.
        Regardless of the reasons, I beleive that they’ve made the right decision.

  6. Now, concerning Paul…..
    Man, “Scars In The Hands Of Jesus” is GOOD! I’m not even through the first verse yet. Stylistically, this is like watching the Cathedrals. It crossed my mind that I might be reforming my opinion of EH&SS.
    “Old Rugged Cross” is good.

    It’s yet again obvious to me that Paul and Daniel Ashmore are the 2 best younger basses on the road.
    I’m more interested in Signature Sound now than I’ve been since Garry Jones and Shane Dunlap left.

    Something I’ve noticed in this video is that their hair is styled more “traditionally”, if you will, than it’s been at other times in the past.

    • Given how much you like Paul, I’m not at all surprised that you like EHSS more now that he’s joined. 🙂

    • There are a lot of good “younger” basses on the road today

      My favorites are (in order of age):
      Tim Duncan – 41
      Pat Barker – 39
      Paul Harkey – 32
      Matt Fouch – 29
      Daniel Ashmore – 22

  7. Don’t tell my “secret” about liking Paul to everyone, Daniel! (HaHa, as if they don’t already know!.)
    Yes, Tim definatley was a major part of Signature Sound’s rise to sucess. He’s not a Jim Stewart, Ken Turner, or Gerald Williams. (Yet, how many active basses actally DO have that sound?) Tim’s not in the same catagory as Pat Baker or Mike Jennings. But you could say he’s somewhere in-between those 2 distinct “classes” of bass singer.
    On that note, one day this summer I was mowing, and thought of at least 5 distinct types, catagories, of bass singers, and described them with traits from a certain professional bass singer. Eg: Mike Holcomb headed up one catagory, Tim Riley headed up another, and Ed O’Neal was in another.

    Back to Tim Duncan: If the listener pays attention, they can pick out London Parris’ influence in Tim’s voice.

  8. Comment

  9. I always thought of Tim Duncan asone of the best all round bass perfomers.
    He won my heart right away. Being tired of all the traveling he resigned from
    EHSS and I was sad to see him go. But what a delight when I saw him with
    Canton Junction. Has anyone seen them sing The Son Shines Down On Me
    featuring Tim? Here he is at his best! Watch, listen, and enjoy.
    For me, EHSS is tops. Theres entertainment with a purpose.

  10. Has anyo Sessions.
    ne heard Doug Andersons latest realease, FEELING AT HOME, The Back Porch Sessions. DGNT MISS IT!