CD Review: Treasure (Janet Paschal)

Rating: 4 stars (of 5)

Producer: Wayne Haun.

Song List: We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown; God Rides on Wings of Love; Jesus is Alive and Well; Hide Me Sweet Rock of Ages; Come See This Man; Sail for the Other Side; Come Morning; I Will Joy; He’s Just as Real to Me; I Am; I’m the One; Through Every Storm.

Available from: CBD, Artist.

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Treasure is a collection of new versions of songs from Janet Paschal’s repertoire. In a video posted here, she has said that these are the songs that she got the most requests for from fans at concerts.

There are twelve songs on the project—six each from her Rex Nelon days and from her solo career. The Rex Nelon Singers songs on the project are “Come Morning” from 1979’s Feelings, “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown” and “I’m the One from 1980’s Expressions of Love, and three songs from 1981’s One Step Closer: “Jesus is Alive and Well,” “Hide Me Sweet Rock of Ages,” and “Sail For the Other Side.”

“Sail for the Other Side” is a duet with Ivan Parker; Paschal and Parker perform a number of concerts together and wanted a song they could do together at those concerts.

Her solo career is represented by one song from 1986’s Janet Paschal Live (God Rides on Wings of Love) and, surprisingly, five songs from 1990’s Language of the Heart: “Come See This Man,” “I Will Joy,” “He’s Just As Real to Me,” “I Am,” and “Through Every Storm.” The five songs are individually and collectively a good enough fit that I’m not complaining. Yet it was slightly surprising.

If you have a habit of following the back cover track listing on your first listen to a CD, prepare to be slightly confused. The list is so disordered that the only song in the place it actually appears on the CD is the first song, “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown.” The actual order in which the songs appear is: We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown; I Am; Come See This Man; God Rides on Wings of Love; I’m the One; I Will Joy; Jesus is Alive and Well; Come Morning; Through Every Storm; Hide Me Sweet Rock of Ages; Sail For the Other Side; He’s Just as Real to Me.

As someone who has only heard a few of the original versions of these songs, I’m not really in a position authoritatively comment on how these versions compare to the originals. But standing on its own merits, this is a strong and enjoyable recording.

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  1. It’s ironic that you posted about Janet’s new project today. This morning for the first time I heard “Hide Me Sweet Rock Of Ages” on the radio, which I assume is the first single. Actually, I heard most of it, as the DJ, for whatever reason, didn’t allow himself enough time to play the song in its entirety before a planned program came on and cut off the song in the middle of the second chorus–but that’s a topic for another day. LOL!

    Having idolized Janet from the time I was a small girl and saw her sing with the LeFevres, I can probably make a pretty fair assessment once I hear the entire project. As a general rule, I personally don’t think remakes of songs are nearly as good as the originals for the most part. There are a few exceptions. I’d like to hear the entire project before passing judgement totally, but from what I heard this morning, Janet’s remake of “Hide Me” is well done and close to feel of the original song, which is a good thing.

    Janet’s vocal style today as compared with her early days with the Nelons has changed somewhat. She sings lower than she used to and with more feeling and less “let ‘er fly,” if that makes any sense–the changes in her style began during her days with Jimmy Swaggart Ministrie after she’d left the Nelons. But any time Janet opens her mouth, you just know it’s going to be good because her music comes straight from the heart and she’s a wonderful communicator with her audiences. Janet always will be one of my favorites and certainly one of the best female singers and finest people in our industry. As a true fan of hers, I’m thrilled she’s gone back to do the older songs and hope the remakes remakes of the other songs on “Treasures” remain as close to their originals as “Hide Me” does.

    I absoultely can’t wait to get this project, partly because I just enjoy Janet’s singing but mostly because I can’t wait to take a trip down memory lane. The music off this project was originally done during a wonderful time of my life, when I was really beginning to become a serious gospel music fan and discovering all the great groups out there, Singing News Magazine, the Gospel Greats. All of it came together for me at about the same time, and it will be so fun to revisit that time through these songs.

  2. I am trying to find informaiton on the song “Sail for the Other Side” — like who wrote it and when. I also have not found any other recordings of it other than Janet’s and the Nelon’s. Does anyone have any information?