Saturday News Roundup #143

Worth Knowing

  • Fairfield Four bass singer Isaac Freeman, a delight to watch on early Gaither Homecoming videos, passed away. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]
  • Retired Florida Boys baritone singer Glen Allred had triple-bypass open heart surgery yesterday and is recovering.
  • You know it’s been a big week for Ian Owens when joining Soul’d Out isn’t his biggest news of the week! Ian and his wife Megan found out that they are expecting their third child, due next May.
  • The Martins are working on a new recording with Lari Goss. Jonathan Martin posted a video of an arrangement session on Socialcam.
  • Ryan Seaton’s Union Street has posted several clips on SoundCloud from their upcoming debut project.
  • Worth Reading: Don’t miss The View from The Pew’s Mark Trammell Quartet concert review—especially the part about Eric Phillips’ surprising testimony.

Worth Watching

This is not a political statement. I promise. This has nothing to do with the politician who happens to be in the video. This is merely a look at what it looks like when an impromptu quartet of four secular stars, mostly from country music, try to sing together.

Now who was it again who said that Southern Gospel doesn’t have the best musical talent in the world, especially when it comes to harmony singing?

Speaking of good harmony singing, and on a more serious note: Aaron Swain has extensive footage from a recent Legacy Five concert.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. First you listen to an Oak Ridge Boys song (and your ears didn’t bleed, I hope!), now you’re posting a video that not only includes secular artists, but also includes 70’s rock icon and character actor, Meatloaf?!?! Ok, who are you, and what have you done with Daniel Mount???

    • I found this in a political news story. 🙂

    • LOL I noticed both too. 😀

  2. Wow….were they serious? Train wreck.

    I not a US citizen, but I almost find that offensive.

    Either sing it properly or sit down.

    Appreciate the point you are making, Daniel.

    • It is a train wreck indeed, the sort you can’t help but watch—and, since nothing more than maybe egos were injured, laugh at! 🙂

  3. I was at the MTQ service that “The View From The Pew” reviewed. The singing was great but I was so blessed by the testimonies. I told Mark Trammell that I had never been to a gospel concert when the singers gave their salvation testimony, and I have been going to concerts since 1993! Mark’s response was that he is thankful to travel with men that have such testimonies. Pat Barker has a tremendous testimony of the grace of God. Mark was there for revival and is a great preacher as well.

  4. Wow, that is quite possibly the worst singing I have ever heard…on the political video, that is 😀

  5. Isaac Freeman was a gift from God. I am happy to have been able to hear him singing this side of Heaven.

  6. I continue to be impressed by how perfectly the basses fit with their new groups. I’m not sure Scott could’ve found a better fit than Fatty Mouch, both vocally and in personality. And Paul Harvey brings a sound that EHSS has been missing. I haven’t heard Ian with SOQT yet, but from everything I’ve heard, he’s another great fit!

    • And now, the rest of the story!

      • Watch the video I posted in SNR #142, they use that!

        Fourth comment down, October 21, 2012 at 8:50 am, first link I believe

      • I meant that in humor: you typed Paul Harvey, who’s been quoted as saying “…and now, the rest of the story…”.

      • Yes, I know. It was intentional. The guys have already added it into their shtick.

      • If I had watched the video, I’d understood what you were saying!
        I thought you misunderstood me, but I misunderstood your understanding, and thought it was a misunderstanding.

      • Let me change that to “…I would have understood…”.

      • Well now that that’s settled…

  7. I read all of the MTQ testimonies…and it confrimed what I thought…salvation isn’t necessary for a successful gospel career. Which brings me to my point…why do we defend every change in SG gospel groups as being “the Lord’s leading.” Some of these guys/gals aren’t even saved, much less being led by God to go minister in their own quartet.

    This is not at all a slam on MTQ. I hope they all got what they said they got and still have it…just commenting on what they openly said about themselves.

    • Nick and Pat were both saved prior to joining MTQ (or, as far as I can figure, their earlier groups). Eric Phillips thought he was saved, having prayed a prayer as a child.

      Anyhow, the past is past for this group, and I’m confident that their testimonies today are genuine.

      • Once again, this wasn’t commenting on the current standing if MTQ. Was more pointing out that blindly defending all SG group changes as the leading of the Lord is a little naive.

      • I would agree with that point!

    • “Some of these guys/gals aren’t even saved, much less being led by God to go minister in their own quartet. ”


      I think in many cases, people think they ARE “saved” when in fact they are not. If you tell yourself you are saved, it is easy to say that something is “the Lord’s call for your life”.

      I don’t think there are many on the road who flat out would say “I’m not a Christian.” Many believe at some point that they are a Christian, when in fact all they did was say a prayer.

      Thats where the conviction comes in as you go along. You may think you are a Christian, but God shows you otherwise.

      • Precisely. I wish I’d said it that well.

        From everything I can see, the number of singers in SG who are fully conscious and aware that they are lost is very, very low, probably a fraction of a percent. The number of people who think they are saved but are trusting in something/someone other than Jesus Christ is probably higher – perhaps a few percent, but God only knows. Whatever the sad percentage is, it’s probably pretty comparable with the names on the membership rolls of just about any evangelical church.

    • We don’t know that every change or occurrence in southern gospel is of the Lord’s leading, but it’s a good assumption to make unless we know otherwise.

  8. L5 is just FUN to watch now! You can really tell that the guys are enjoying themselves on stage. I love watching Matt during Gus’ solo on I Found Grace.

  9. As for the video of Country stars…did you see the sign: “We Need a Real Recovery”?

    • Well, yes, but I don’t have the outside-of-the-box creative mind to realize the implications like y’all do! 🙂

    • Maybe they were trying to keep the Rock (stars) from crying out!

      Well, at least we shouldn’t complain about how any SG group sings now!

      • I have only heard one Southern Gospel singer worse than that (and long-time readers will probably know exactly who I have in mind.)

  10. Gus Gaches with an interesting blog post today:

    (Sorry if not allowed)

    • Perfectly fine! This is an open SG thread, and links to an artist website are completely fine here. 🙂

      • Was referring more to the content of his post.

      • :shrugs shoulders:

        It’s just a strongly worded opinion. There’s no swear words, pictures of immodestly dressed ladies (or men), or any of the other things that would cause me to have to consider the possibility of deleting a link! 🙂

      • Didn’t know how you felt about political statements, even in an open thread.

      • :shrugs shoulders:

        I actually made a semi-political statement on Facebook and G+ the other day. There’s a reason I mention it here: “In I Peter 2:17 and other passages, Christians are commanded to honor the ruler of their country. The Bible doesn’t make exceptions for leaders who have policies antithetical to Biblical morality. In other words: Whether our leader is good or bad, we are to speak of him with respect and honor.” If a political statement here, by a partisan on either side of the political divide, were to violate those commands, then I would probably delete it. But if it’s a political statement that speaks of our country’s leadership with the respect that is due to the office no matter which person inhabits it, then I’m much more inclined to let it stay up.

      • Wow, that’s very well said!

      • Thanks!

  11. For a much less painful quartet of country performers, here’s a post from DBM featuring Marty Raybon, Jimmy Fortune, T. Graham Brown, and Trace Adkins on “Working On A Building:” [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]

  12. I found this video of Mercy’s Mark singing Gold City’s “Where Is God”.
    Is this Shane Dunlap singing lead?
    I remember talk on Singing New’s forums about a man named Scott Allen,(?) who was with MMQ during the 2007 NQC. He stayed with them ’till they disbanded. Whatever happened to him afterwards?

    • Yes, that is Shane.

      On Scott, he was with the Imperials for a time (when Ian Owens was with them), but that is all SGHistory has on him. There are some videos of that lineup on YouTube.

    • Yes that was Shane in that video. He sang some with Mercy’s Mark in their latter days though never as a permanent member really. You may remember that Shane and Garry Jones were original members of Signature Sound.

      • Shane filled in before they hired Scott Allen, right?

      • It was either that or the other way around.

  13. A tweet from Devin McGlamery of EHSS:

    “@DevinMcGlamery: Just recorded the first track for my solo record with Stowtown! A Wayne Haun original!!
    I’m so excited I could cry!!!!!!!

  14. One last video to share, I promise! (I think…)

    This one comes from Saturday night. EHSS and Beyond the Ashes were in concert together. Devin McGlamery stepped out to sing We Shall See Jesus, with everyone backing him up. WOW!

    • I saw that last night. Incredible performance!