3:1 CD Review: Strength (Ball Brothers)

Strength (Ball Brothers)3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Not Anymore: This anthem, anchored by the vocals of Andy Tharp, easily makes a top-three list of the strongest songs the Ball Brothers have introduced (and/or introduced to our genre). It’s on par with “Mercy Said No” and “It’s About the Cross”; depending on your stylistic preferences, this track may even head your list.

The lyrics are thoughtfully crafted. The first verse discusses the waiting for the Messiah, “but not anymore.” The second chorus is from the perspective of the disciples right after the crucifixion, how they had hoped He would save them, “but not anymore.” Then, naturally, a bridge discusses the Resurrection, how the disciples witness that He “once was in the grave / but not anymore.” It’s obvious that a Southern Gospel song won’t quit with Jesus in the grave, but the story twists the lyric takes on its way to that conclusion are fresh and delightful.

2: All I Have To Be: New bass singer Chad McCloskey proves that the Ball Brothers haven’t slipped any with their new vocal lineup. This song features his upper baritone register, and is both one of the strongest songs and the strongest vocal performances on the album.

3: Over the Horizon: This fun, up-tempo song was introduced by 4HIM on their 1991 Face the Nation record. Brian Free & Assurance brought it into the Southern Gospel genre as the stellar opening track to their 2009 Acapella album; bass singer Jeremy Lile shone with a memorable walking bass part. While it would have been cool to hear how new Ball Brothers bass singer Chad McCloskey did with a walking bass part, the Ball Brothers’ rendition here sticks closer to the original 4HIM version. That’s not entirely a bad thing, as it works well for the group’s current sound and style and is the project’s strongest fast song.

:1: ?: It’s hard to pinpoint any specific weakness of the album. The group’s taste in arrangements and song selection tends to fall out of the mainstream of the groups currently dominating the charts. This, of course, gives them one of the most distinctive and easily recognizable sounds in our genre—a sound that remains consistent despite the lower half the group changing since their previous mainline album.

If you haven’t liked their previous albums, you probably won’t care for this one, either. But, on the flip side, if their previous albums have been your cup of tea, there is a good chance you will view this album as their strongest to date. Most of the songs and arrangements are in their wheelhouse, while tracks like “Not Anymore” transcend sub-genre and should appeal to virtually any Southern Gospel fan.

Traditional or Progressive: Progressive.

Credits: Tenor: Andrew Ball. Lead: Daniel Ball. Baritone: Andy Tharp. Bass: Chad McCloskey. Pianist: Cody McVey.

Song List: There is Hope; All I Have to Be; I Smile; Walk With Me; Eyes On You; Not Anymore; You Love Me Anyway; What If; Over the Horizon; To Ever Live Without Me.

Five-star songs: Not Anymore.

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  1. !! I know Chad McCloskey!! He and his parents have come to sing at our church camp several times! I wasn’t aware that he joined the Ball Brothers! How neat!

  2. Daniel,
    Thanks for the review. Andy is doing the lead on “Not Anymore”. (I taught him everything he knows) lol

    • Wow! I’m impressed. I thought for sure it was you. I’ll update the post accordingly. 🙂

  3. How we LOVE the Ball Brothers !!! They seem to sing just what we need to hear. My only complaint is they are so seldom in the Atlanta area for us to see them in person. Hope they get more opportunitie4s locally. Meanwhile we will just keep seeing them when we can get to where they are !!!
    Best of luck and good wishes guys and we sure hope the new fellas appreciate you original Brothers.

  4. Love to hear the Ball Brothers and have for many years now. Thanks for a great review, Mr. Mount! This CD has been a blessing to several of our friends we have been able to share it with, and we look forward to seeing how God uses these guys in the future!

  5. Their albums just keep getting better; I have all they’ve done. This one, “STRENGTH”, is the best BUT It’s About The Cross is still my favorite!

  6. I have known the Ball Brothers for a few years now, and I have all their material, and I have to agree that it seems that they just keep getting better. Strength is a wonderful c.d.. It has alot of meaning, and is fun, not a mixture you always get on a c.d. also love the fact that these guys live what they sing and have fun doing it.