3:1 CD Review: Legacy (The Bilderbacks)

Legacy (The Bilderbacks)3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Production Quality: The Bilderbacks have been touring for at least fifteen years. Through the years, they’ve had a number of charting hits and started the transition from upper regional group territory into national recognition. This album will certainly help that transition; it was produced by Paul and Tré Corley for their new label, Activate Records. From arrangements to instrumental and vocal performances to post-production, every aspect of this album was done at a national group’s caliber.

2: “I Can See the Lights” / “Faith Looks Up”: The album’s two opening tracks are its strongest.

3: Lyrics: It’s refreshing and all too rare to see lyrics included in a project’s layout. Including them here was a big plus.

:1: Song selection: The album doesn’t really have any major flaws. So that leaves the only thing that would have made it stronger would have been more strong songs.

The only noticeable flaws aren’t in the disc itself, but the liner notes:  Group members aren’t credited, and the website is listed incorrectly (pointing to a defunct .com version when the correct version is www.thebilderbacks.net).

Traditional or Progressive: Leans slightly progressive/country.

Credits: Produced and engineered by Paul and Tre’ Corley. Mixed and arranged by Tre’ Corley. Recorded at Oak Tree Studios in Hendersonville, TN. Musicians: Blaine Johnson (piano), Scott Sanders (steel), Jeremy Medkiff (acoustic and electric guitar), Jason Hardin (bass), Tre’ Corley (Drums, Piano, Keys, Orchestration, Programming).

Group Members: Euel, Marsha, and Blake Bilderback.

Song List: I Can See the Lights (written by Euel Bilderback); Faith Looks Up (written by Marty Funderburk and Donna Brooks); Vessel (written by Tre’ Corley and Shawnel Corley); Legacy (written by Marty Funderburk, Barbara Fairchild); Warming Up (written by Carroll McGruder); Things Change (written by Sam Corley III); I’m Movin’ (written by Marty Funderburk and Deborah Bailey); Just Speak His Name (written by Euel Bilderback and Tre’ Corley); Brand New Day (written by Tre’ Corley); My God is Real (written by Euel Bilderback).

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