3:1 CD Review: Twelve (Three Bridges)

Twelve (Three Bridges)3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Forgive Myself: This John Lemonis / Amy Sue Keffer lyric is finely crafted and delivers a powerful message: “If Jesus can forgive me / then it’s time to forgive myself.” The bridge brings the message home: “His forgiveness is tomorrow’s hope / and where my healing starts / My failure isn’t final / although there will be scars.” Add in the conviction of Three Bridges’ passionate vocals, and this is easily the project’s strongest track. 

2: The Day Nobody Praised Him: This isn’t the same song as the one by the same title that The Jody Brown Indian Family and The Anchormen recorded. It does, however, bear a strong musical and lyrical resemblance. The Anchormen/JBIF chorus ends with “But the day nobody praised Him / is why I praise Him today.” The Three Bridges song ends with “But the day nobody praised Him / is why I praise Him now.” However, set the similarities aside, and this anthem is one of the album’s high points.

3: Novelty songs (?): If you love novelty songs with a hearty scoop of soul mixed in, you will love “House of Good News,” “Shadrach,” and “Salvation Station.” And if you don’t . . . remind me again why you were purchasing a Three Bridges project?

:1: He Touched Me / My Tribute (To God Be the Glory): Both arrangements of these covers are professionally executed but don’t cover much ground that dozens of previous renditions have already covered. The album would have been stronger as a ten-song collection, leaving off these two covers.

Traditional or Progressive: Soulful progressive.

Group Members: Elliott McCoy (baritone), Shannon Smith (lead), Jeremie Hudson (tenor).

Credits: Produced, mixed, and mastered by Rick Sandige. Recording Engineers: Rick Sandige, Paul Corley. Vocal Arrangements by Tim Parton and Three Bridges. Session led by Tim Parton. Musicians: Tim Parton (piano), Duncan Mullins (bass), Tommy Wells (drums), Kelly Back (guitar), David Floyd (orchestration and brass). Recorded at Oak Tree Studio.

Song List: Drinking From The Well (written by Dianne Wilkinson, Kelly Garner, and Amy Keffer Shellem); Forgive Myself (written by John Lemonis and Amy Sue Keffer); House of Good News (written by James Payne); Search (written by Robert MacGimsey); By His Word (written by Rebecca J. Peck and John M. Robinson); Livin’ in the Lion’s Den (written by Glen A. Bates and Glenn E. Ashworth); The Day Nobody Praised Him (written by Eric Hudson); Salvation Station (written by Richard A. Moore, Joel A Parisien, Mark S. Rogers, and Joshua F. Toal); Have a Talk with God (written by Stevie Wonder and Calvin Hardaway); He Touched Me (written by William J. Gaither); Walking With The Lord (On My Knees) (written by Michael Combs); My Tribute (written by Andraé Crouch).

Five-star songs: Forgive Myself.

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  1. I heard Forgive Myself on the radio the other day. My radio doesn’t provide the artist or title, but I knew it had to be Three Bridges. It’s a great song! Shannon is fantastic and Jeremie sounds so good on those higher harmonies with him.

  2. Good to see three bridges still going strong. Always did love their soulful take on Southern Gospel. I find it interesting that more of the progressive style SG groups are covering a variety of styles from different genres.

    Salvation Station is from CCM-ish artist newworldson.

    From another blog this week, I noticed found out beyond the ashes covered a Jason Mraz tune on their latest release.

    I think its great that these artists are finding songs that really fit them, even if it means leaving the normal southern gospel writers.

    • Thanks! I actually hadn’t heard the previous version of “Salvation Station.”

  3. Where can I get your song entitled, Forgive Myself?