Saturday News Roundup #145

Worth Knowing

  • New Legacy Five bass singer Matt Fouch has recorded three Christmas tracks; they’re available for digital download here.
  • Darrell Freeman’s mother, Wilma Freeman, passed away last Saturday at age 81.
  • At a concert this week, Ernie Haase announced that Beyond the Ashes will release their next album with the Ernie Haase/Wayne Haun-led Stow Town label. Beyond the Ashes had previously recorded with the Wayne Haun/Kevin Ward-led Vine Records label.
  • At the same concert, Haase announced that Devin McGlamery would be recording a solo album with StowTown.

Worth Watching

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  1. Love this Gold City lineup including Channing, Adam and Doug!!

  2. This was the the best Gold City lineup…in my opinion!!!

  3. Was just wondering today if this was the best GCQ, or was it Brian, Ivan, Mike and Tim? This cut, a fantastic century-old hymn, makes a great case for the former. Thanks for posting this!

    • I prefer the Brian/Ivan/Mike/Tim version of Gold City, but that is what I grew up with…I believe that those familiar with this version of Gold City would feel the same about Jay/Jonathan/Mark/Tim…they are great too!
      I guess the same would have gone for the Blackwood Brothers (to compare)…the 50’s Bill.James/Cecil/JD quartet vs the 80’s Pat/Jimmy/Cecil/Ken.

  4. Personally, this line up is my favorite GC. However, I honestly think the “best” GC lineup was Jay, Jonathan, Danny and Tim. I saw both line ups live multiple times, and although Mark is my favorite singer, GC sounded better with Danny.

    • This might sound like heresey to some, but I honestly was never impressed with Jay, Jonathan, or Mark’s individual voices. But the unit was, as the saying goes, greater than the sum of it’s induvidual parts.
      As for the “best” Gold City, I vouch for the smooth, refined sound of Brian, Ivan, Mike, and Tim. Things just seemed to “gel” better with them more so than any other vocal lineup.
      After that would be the all too short-lived lineup of Dan Keeton, Craig West, Danny and Tim Riley. They had a thick, robust sound with Craig singing lead.

      In 2010 I saw Steve Ladd, Bruce Taliferro, Danny, and Tim together. Josh Cobb had left, and Steve was filling in, before they hired Brent Mitchell.

      Concerning the current group, has anyone else noticed that Dan Keeton and Jerry Pelfery have similiar tones? It also crossed my mind that Jerry vocally resembles Ivan Parker.

      • Yeah, it’s heresy, at least when it comes to the greatest baritone of all time. 🙂 😛

  5. Comparing Jay Parrack and Jonathan Wilburn, to Dan Keeton and Craig West, is like comparing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to Michael Vick and Tony Romo!!! It can’t and shouldn’t be done!! Jay and Jonathan are in a different league. Like Tom and Peyton they are Hall of Famers and are forever engraved into the very fiber of Southern Gospel Music. They are possibly the best tenor and lead singer to ever step foot on stage. Not to mention their accolades and awards make them two of the most decorated Southern Gospel Artists of all time, and as a group; Jay, Jonathan, Mark and Tim are one of the most award winningest quartets of all time. Dan and Craig are good singers and that is not to be taken away from them, but Jay and Jonathan were on top and stayed on top for a very long time, and with what Jonathan is doing now with his son Jordan speaks even more volumes for his career and fan power as a Southern Gospel Artist. I don’t know of many other artists who could venture out into a duet and be as successful so quick like Wilburn has been. It’s never been done before and it just shows if his name is on it in Southern Gospel Music it will go! Most people thought after his time with Gold City he was done, but in just one years time his new ministry has won two Singing News Fan Awards, an Absolutely Gospel Award, earned a Dove Nomination, received two Voice Magazine awards and had two top twenty songs in the charts, with one making its way into the top ten. Oh, and I heard this through the grape vine that they will be performing on main stage at NQC next year.