Sony’s Thoughts: Drinking From My Saucer

The last couple days, I’ve been listening to J.B. Spencer sing Michael Comb’s song, “Drinking From My Saucer.” I love that song. “I’m drinking from my saucer for my cup has overflowed.” That should be the experience of every Christian. If we’re honest, God’s blessings are more than we can count. Sometimes we can only see the negative things in life but there are so many more positive things. I’ve enjoyed reading posts by my friends on Facebook who are naming a different blessing every day that they are thankful for. This is something we should be doing continually.

For myself, there are more blessings than I can think to name but, off the top of my head, I’m grateful for warm weather which is unusual for us in November. I’m thankful for my family and for people God puts in my life right when I need them. I’m grateful for Internet which allows me to stay in touch with people across the country. I’m extremely thankful for God’s love and continual mercy. Yes, I truly am drinking from my saucer for my cup’s been overflowing for a very long time.

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