Southern Gospel LP Swap #4

Some sites make it relatively easy to swap books and CDs. But I have yet to find something similar for Southern Gospel LPs. So I occasionally set aside a day and a post here for this.

We post the duplicates we have, and, optionally, the ones we seek. Since not all LPs have the same value, we indicate whether we would swap it for, say, 1, 2, or 3 others, rating a common LP as 1 and a rare one as 3. (If it’s worth more than 3, just sell it on eBay!)

Here are my current duplicates:

  • worth 1 – Blackwood Brothers – In Concert
  • worth 1 – Blackwood Brothers – The Joy of Knowing Jesus
  • worth 1 – Blackwood Brothers – Bill Gaither Songs by the Blackwood Brothers
  • worth 1 – Blue Ridge Quartet – Somethin’ Within
  • worth 1 – Chuck Wagon Gang – The Chuck Wagon Gang’s Best
  • worth 1 – Downings – Great Gospel Songs
  • worth 1 – Downings – Singing From The Heart
  • worth 1 – Evie – Come On, Ring Those Bells
  • worth 1 – Florida Boys – Free Indeed
  • worth 1 – Florida Boys – From Then Till Now
  • worth 1 – Florida Boys – The Best of the Florida Boys
  • worth 1 – Florida Boys – Sing Gospel Hits Vol. II
  • worth 1 – Bill Gaither Trio – The Very Best of the Very Best
  • worth 1 – Happy Goodmans – Refreshing (no cover)
  • worth 1 – Jake Hess & the Imperials – To Sing is the Thing
  • worth 1 – Inspirations – Golden Street Parade
  • worth 1 – Inspirations – Something to Sing About
  • worth 1 – Kingsmen – Suddenly There’s a Valley (worn and no cover)
  • worth 1 – Kingsmen – Gospel Dynamite (might as well be no cover, because it looks like a previous owner of the LP got really hungry and took big bites out of three corners of the cover! I promise it wasn’t me!)
  • worth 2 – Kingsmen – Live… Naturally (two discs)
  • worth 1 – LeFevres – Experience the LeFevres (worn / warped cover)
  • worth 1 – Rex Nelon Singers – Live!
  • worth 1 – Rex Nelon Singers – The Sun’s Coming Up (no cover)
  • worth 1 – Rambos – Come Spring (no cover)
  • worth 1 – Rambos – The Son is Shining (no cover)
  • worth 1 – Rambos – Queen of Paradise
  • worth 1 – Rambos – Too Much to Gain to Lose and other Favorites
  • worth 1 – Reba Rambo –The Prodigal according to Reba
  • worth 1 – Henry & Hazel Slaughter – All in the Name of Jesus
  • worth 1 – Sons of Song – Something Old Something New
  • worth 1 – Speer Family – Garden of Melody (no cover)
  • worth 1 – Stamps Quartet – Whispering Hope
  • worth 1 – Statesmen – Mansion Over the Hilltop (note: sleeve in poor condition, with section cut out and tape holding cover together, but the LP does have an added paper sleeve for additional protection)
  • worth 1 – Statesmen – Sings the Gospel Gems
  • worth 1 – Truth – You Don’t Know What You’re Missing (two-LP set)
  • worth 1 – Lanny Wolfe Trio – Can’t Stop the Music (might as well be no cover, because it looks like a previous owner of the LP got really hungry and took big bites out of two corners of the cover! I promise it wasn’t me!)
  • worth 1 – Lanny Wolfe Trio – A Brand New Touch
  • worth 1 – Various – Beloved Hymns – Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliters, Wally Fowler & the Oak Ridge Quartet, Jake Hess and the Jordanaires, Plainsmen, Sons of Song, Sego Brothers and Naomi, Georgians, Dixie Echoes, Goss Brothers, Little Steve Sanders)
Here’s what I’m looking for.
Anyone else interested in jumping in this month?

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  1. Are those Collingsworth CD’s you’re wanting out of circulation already?

    • Yes, and for all intents and purposes, they are impossible to find. I have been looking for copies of both since 2005 now – for seven years.

  2. I meant to say ‘discontinued.’

  3. Daniel I have Gaither Trio.. “We Are Persuaded” and “Fully Alive. Fully Alive still has the lyric insert. Can I Get the Kingsmen Live Naturally for these?

    • Sure! We can trade emails for address info etc.

  4. Here are my duplicates.

    Worth 1) With A Song On My Lips
    Worth 1) Put Your Hand In The Hand (2lp set)

    Worth 1)The Chuck Wagon Gang’s Best
    Worth 1 Perfect Joy

    Worth 1) Christmas…Back Home in Indiana
    Worth 1) Especially For Children Vol. 2

    Worth 1) Chariots Of Fire

    Worth 1) It’s A Wonderful Feeling (sims recording not the cannan recording

    Worth 1) Let The Wind Blow (no cover but has original sleeve with lyrics one side, and picture on the other)

    Worth 1) New Point Of View

    Worth 1) The Sensational Oak Ridge Boys

    Worth1)The Warm Sounds Of
    Worth 1) Something Worth Living For
    Worth 1)Have You Heard…God Loves You!

    Worth 1) The Piano Artistry Of Joe Moscheo,II and the Prophets (Six Songs, Six Piano)

    Worth 1) J. D. Sumner And The Exciting Stamps Quartet

    Worth 1)The Best Of he Statesmen Quartet Vol. 2