Video of Matt Fouch with Legacy Five

At this year’s National Quartet Convention, I saw new Legacy Five bass singer Matt Fouch bring the house down with several solid solos. Ever since, I’ve been watching for a video that begins to capture why he is winning fans over as quickly as he is. Here’s one, posted yesterday:

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  1. On songs like this he resembles Dustin somewhat, but I noticed on any deeper solos he tends to sound more dry. There is a video of L5 on Youtube singing “Somebody Sing” in which Matt does a few real low notes, but it certainly doesn’t have the rich resonance as Glens’ version of the song. Resonance is really what Glenn was all about; despite that he couldn’t do some of the lowest notes as could Riley, Holcomb, or Chapman; he is still my top pick for bass because his richness exceeds most other bass singers.

    • Interesting; my view on Fouch’s voice is rather the opposite, actually that he generally brings more warmth, resonance, and open tones than Glen.

  2. In my humble opinion,L5 has just become even better with the addition of Matt.They seem to be even more ‘alive’ .

  3. Matt definitely fits in well. I do agree with the fact that he has a more clear sound to his voice than Glenn. Probably because Glenn had more of the “Southern” draw in his voice, while Matt didn’t. Another huge difference is that Matt sings and communicates the song with his face, which is what you are really supposed to do in order to communicate a message clearly. I know this from experience and I am classically trained. It’s what we’re taught. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Looks like I was posting at the same time you were! I completely agreeโ€”as I noted above. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That’s really funny. Great minds think alike. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. My Dad is a tough critic when it comes to SG. Basically, the only groups that he enjoys (that I know of) are Legacy Five and the Gaither Vocal Band (HUGE David Phelps fan). In fact, he took me to my very first SG concert, which happened to be one of Roger Bennett’s last dates with L5. He was very impressed with Roger Bennett’s emcee work and Glenn Dustin’s voice, in particular.

    Obviously, L5 is almost a completely different group from that time, so when I went to see them in October and Dad went with me, I was looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the “new guys.” I asked him at intermission what he thought and he said that, based on talking with Matt before the concert, he never expected such depth and power from him. He also liked Gus Gaches (Frank Seamans was still there last time he saw them.)

    All of that to say, that’s a testament to how many heads Matt is turning. Those of us who heard him for years with Soul’d Out probably expected no less, so it’s especially a thrill for us to watch as others catch on! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. When a group hires a new singer, particularly a bass singer, all sorts of comparisons come out of the woodwork. You hear that this new bass singer has the low range of Tim Riley or the tone quality of Rex Nelon, etc. In my opinion, I cannot compare Matt Fouch to anyone other than Matt Fouch. I believe that as the years progress we will see Matt establish his own place and sound among bass singers. Sure, he has some years behind him, but I believe that once he has had some time to really gel with L5, he is going to really develop even more as a bass singer. I’m not saying that he isn’t a good bass singer now, because he definitely is, but I am convinced he will, in time, become one of the great bass singers of our time.

    That is my final answer.

  6. There are good, better and best singers, and each one of us may have our own preferences and difference of opinions on this. However, I really dislike comparing one singer to another, in this case Glenn and Matt. Can’t we just enjoy and be thankful for each of their great God-given voices? And even more than missing ‘a voice’, speaking for myself, I so much more miss the person. Even without knowing these people perhaps well, I do grow to love them and certainly miss each one of them when I am no longer able to see and hear them in person. I miss Glen, Frank, Roger…..all that have left us in one way or another, and never want to say ‘Goodbye’ to any. Thanks to Jesus, we never will truly have to say “Goodbye”….only “See you later”.

    • I so much agree with Maxine. It bothers me to compare Matt and Glen (or other comparisons). They each were following God’s lead and contributed greatly in the place God put them. I miss Glen and so appreciate his years with L5. I’ve followed them since the beginning. Let’s just compare Matt with Matt as Doug says and let it go at that. May God give him many, many blessed years with L5. I also pray God’s best blessings on Glen for the years he sacrificed to be there also.

  7. Although it can be sad when someone leaves a group, I get excited about the new person. Imagine if we always had the same people , same songs, same sound. I think even the people in the groups probably enjoy hearing what someone else can bring to the group. Plus it gives some times a new person a chance they may never of gotten.

    • I agree! With out change we may never of heard of Riley Clark or Anthony Davis from Tribute. Or my personal favorite my husband Ray Woconish who now Is having the time of his life singing bass for the gospel quartet Mark209!!!

      • Speaking of Mark209, I was listening to clips on their website today, and I was quite surprised at how strong they were.

  8. Matt was a fantastic bass with Soul’d Out Quartet. I was very sorry they lost him. But he is every bit as fantastic a bass with L5. I’m very happy they found him. Matt Fouch is simply the kind of bass singer that will make every quartet better. He is as good as it gets.

  9. I think he has a heartfelt sound…the words come from deep within him. He’s not just “singing”. Hope that makes sense. Happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, ya’all!

  10. We had the pleasure of hosting Soul’d Out in June… Got a chance to speak with Matt for a good bit before the singing and then after. What I found most impressive about him is his approachability (All of them were same way) Such a soft spoken man and seemed to have a most genuine of personalities. Something else I found refreshing was in his deliverence from the stage.. He showed that he was feeling every word, every phrase when he was singing.Like someone else posted above , you can see it in his face. It was so very noticeable. Not a mechanical look of Ok ill just stand here and sing these words, it was as if his was pouring his heart into every word. Great bass singer in my opinion, not only hitting low notes, but a full rich voice in my opinion. You can just tell when someones heart is definately in it, and Matt is definately in that category I feel..

    I wish him and the fellows at L5 the best of luck as well as the folks over at Soul’d Out.. winning souls for the Lord is what it is all about, and these guys all do it the right way in my opinion….

  11. Matt is a fabulous vocalist and he is blending so well with Scott Howard and Gus!!! Having such superb support for his lead is lible to make Scott Fowler giddy,oh never mind he has a giddy personality all the time anyway.I’m so looking forward to hearing this configuration of Legacy V as they continue to gel!!!

  12. I think Glen is the best bass singer!!!! I am sorry to hear he left but I know he is following God’s leading! I like Matt; but I still think Glen is the best!!!

    • Glenn has had thirteen years to win fans over. Matt, as far as Legacy Five goes, hasn’t even had thirteen weeks yet, I think. If he stays thirteen years, I think it would be a very safe prediction to say that he will be a fan favorite.

  13. I think some people are putting too much stock into these comparisons. No one is saying that they prefer Matt over Glenn as a disservice to Glenn or that we didn’t enjoy him with the group.

    Its like comparing apples to oranges. Obviously they’re both good for you, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy how one tastes over the other.

  14. All I am saying is that I like Glen!!!!

    • Nobody’s saying they don’t, or that you shouldn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • They donโ€™t, or that you shouldnโ€™t.

      • Oh, dear. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • My money’s on quartet-man

      • Mine, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I’ve known Matt for many years now. I had the privilege of working with Soul’d Out in their very beginnings. I’m thrilled at the great quartet they’ve become and couldn’t be more pleased with Matt’s growth as a singer. Matt has done nothing but continually improve and hone his craft through the years and I expect nothing less from him in the years to come with L5. I’m proud to call Matt a friend and look forward to more great music from him, L5 and Soul’d Out.

    Keep up the great work guys! May God continue to richly bless your ministries as you continue to be faithful stewards of the talents He has given to you!