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  2. Wonderful!!

  3. This a great song.

  4. WOW!! Brian lets hope that goes #1 on the charts, that as powerful as “For God So Loved’ as we’ve told you many times you have a wonderful voice. We Love You.

  5. Love this song! America definitely needs more men who will stand up for Jesus. Thanks BFA for being a blessing! 🙂

  6. This is such a BFA song, if you know what I mean.

  7. Hey, Daniel!
    Can you print the words to that song, please? Thanks! Hope you had a good Turkey Day! I did whatever I wanted to do all by myself! Happy Holidays! Later, Me

    • Jane, so sorry, but it would be a copyright violation if I posted those here. 🙁 If you contact the group via their website, they might be able to help you.

  8. I like this song a lot. Very much progressive tho. Not a bad thing necessarily, just all in what you like. They almost sound like a CCM group here called Phillips Craig & Dean.

  9. “That Man” sure does look like my long time friend, Alan Godsey. I see his son Scott produced this, could it be?

    • According to the video’s comments, it is.

  10. No wonder why I have been a listemer to anything Brian and company have done for YEARS! What a powerful and meaningful song for the days we live in.

  11. Great song & great vi
    deo!! Go for more!!

  12. So Brian Free wants to be Alan Godsey of the Northmen? Just kidding.

  13. I listen to a significant amount of CCM, and they don’t sound anything like most modern CCM acts. TobyMac, Mandissa, Group 1 Crew, Family Force 5? Not even close. I love their sound, and that’s because they deliver harmonies and vocals that no one in CCM can touch. Their songs are also stellar and meaningful, unlike nearly all CCM acts. A professional, fresh sound does not make them CCM – it just makes them more appealing to many people than a tired quartet resinging worn-out songs in a predictable fashion.

    • They sound more like CCM of twenty years ago, e.g. 4HIM. Whatever else you say about 90s CCM, 4HIM also had untouchable harmonies.

      • 4Him also drew on a lot of secular harmony influences to make their sound. 🙂