Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases, December 2012

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon, Sonlite, Vine, Gaither Music Group, Stow Town, New Haven, Song Garden, Mansion, and major independent group releases where known.

December 2012

  • 12/1: Jubilee Christmas, Legacy Five, Greater Vision, Booth Brothers (? on date)
  • 12/16: Hymns: Wonderful Words of Life, Revelation (Skyland/Crossroads)
  • 12/16: NQC Live Volume 12, CD/DVD (Crossroads)

January 2013

  • January: What the World Doesn’t Know, Soul’d Out (re-release)
  • January: Soulace 2, Soul’d Out (custom)
  • January: Re-Soul’d Out 1, Soul’d Out (custom)
  • January: Re-Soul’d Out 2, Soul’d Out (custom)

Is this list missing anything significant, especially among major independent releases? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I believe the Jubilee Christmas recording is supposed to be released on Dec. 1st.

  2. The 2 new GVB dvds release the last Tuesday in January, January 29. According to EMI, they are tentatively titled, “Pure and Simple, Volumes 1 & 2.”

    • EMI’s website seems to be listing them as February releases right now.

      • Even the dates I posted were delayed. I did notice that, as usual, the dvds include talent aside from the Gaither Vocal Band.

        On a side note, I received an email from your employer, Crossroads, about the NQC dvd set. Are the Hoppers and Karen Peck & New River songs on the cd format or just the dvd. There is an audio-only option on the website which includes each of the tunes, but the dvd listing only shows hymns & Christmas features – not labeled by song titles.

      • I believe the Hoppers sang a hymn, “I Sing the Mighty Power,” and I believe Karen Peck and New River sang a Christmas song. However, I actually haven’t heard the DVD version yet.

  3. According to Soul’d Out Quartet’s Facebook page, they will have four cds out in January featuring the new vocal line-up with Ian Owens singing bass! Ian was in the studio recording the bass part on the What the World Doesn’t cd recently. In additon, they will be releasing Soulace 2 and two projects of classic Soul’d Out songs called Re-Soul’d Volumes 1 &2.

    • *What the World Doesn’t Know

    • Thanks, Justin! I had seen that, but I had forgotten about it in this context.

      • I’m looking forward to hearing Ian on some older Soul’d Out songs!! Also the Soulace 2 project song list has been released on Soul’d Out’s Facebook as well. The project includes: “Old Gospel Ship”, “How Marvelous”, “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before”, “I Can Tell You Now The Time”, “Standing On The Solid Rock”, “Jesus Is Coming Soon”, “Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus), “Say A Prayer”, “I’d Rather Have Jesus” and “I Will Serve Thee.”

  4. Bet that you will be in the line waiting to get those CDs now won’t you Daniel?! I can picture you doing that!

  5. I saw the Jubilee Christmas concert last night in Winston-Salem NC. It was amazing! But for those who are interested in the Jubilee Christmas cd, it is only available on the three groups websites or in the Jubilee Christmas Concerts. It will not be available in stores and will not be available on itunes. Gerald Wolfe said this himself.

    • Interesting. I wonder if Gerald will put it on iTunes eventually, or if this is a permanent restricted availability.

      • None of the other Jubilee projects are available, to my knowledge, for digital download.

  6. I am not sure what he will do but it sounded like it was permanently restricted. I didn’t buy it but I heard the songs live. The songs are definitely fresh. Its not the same old same old Christmas album. Good stuff

  7. Also I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but Legacy Five has a new table project out call Count Your Blessings. It features a lot of bass songs to introduce Matt Fouch. The song that caught my attention is Blood Washed Band. I’m glad this song is being brought back. One more thing about Christmas Jubilee. All 10 men singing the Cathedrals acapella arrangement of God Rest YE Merry Gentlemen is worth the price of the cd IMO