Saturday News Roundup #148

Worth Knowing

  • Jodi Hosterman has left the Inspirations.
  • Singing News has prepared their year-end annual radio chart of the most-played Southern Gospel songs of the year. Occupying the #1 spot on the chart, which will appear in the January 2013 Singing News issue, is the Mark Trammell Quartet’s “I Want to Know.”ย 
  • HisSong manager Dennis Humphries is marrying Angel Ricketts this afternoon in Red Bay, Alabama.

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  1. Congrats, Dennis. We’re both getting married today!

    • Congratulations, Josh! (And what on earth are you doing on on the morning of your wedding? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      • Waiting to get dressed and playing with my phone, lol. Thanks for the congratulations, everyone, gotta go!

      • Well, duh, I keep forgetting that people carry smartphones everywhere with them these days! Including their weddings! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Congratulations, Josh!!!

  2. Can a singer in a well established gospel quartet make a decent living? Enough to provide for his /her family? And how do people get into big groups when they are in a group already? Are they ever approached? Thanks Daniel!

    • (1&2) Yes, but it’s not terribly common; most singers in most groups don’t make all that much above minimum wage.

      (3&4) Occasionally, but often they will seek out the owner of a group that has a vacancy and express their interest.

      • and seek out the owner of a group to express interest in singing full time sometime in the near or distant future.
        Other words, it is known as an indirect way of asking to be placed on the waiting or on call list.
        Some owners has those kind of lists in the real world, not a Facebook list.

      • Daniel: I’m curious what hours worked you used to determine the hourly wage of an SGM singer (to compare with minimum wage). Did you use hours actually working — setting up, rehearsing, selling CDs, performing on stage? Or did you use hours away from home on say a Thursday through Sunday tour? Or some combination of both?

      • I was going based on total monthly income, since it would be quite hard to measure what = working and what doesn’t.

  3. Interesting that Jodi has left the Inspirations… I have long had tremendous respect for the Inspirations but never enjoyed their music. However, with Archie gone; I felt the group progressed tremendously from an artistic point of view and I have purchased their last two projects.

    Jodi was such a change for the group. It will be easier for them to replace Jodi than to find another Archie. I wish them luck in the transition.


  4. On Jodi leavng the Inspirations, is he going to another group or what’s his plans?

    • I’m sorry; I do not know.

    • Jodi is with Holy City and doing Great ๐Ÿ™‚ [EDIT. Editor’s comment: Read the comment rules!]

  5. I am really surprised to learn that Jodi has left the Inspirations. I thought he added greatly to their group. I will miss him.

  6. Hope Jodi lands in another big name group. I’ve been a fan of his since his days with the Kingdom Heirs.

  7. Has anyone heard that Jodi left the Inspirations because of vocal problems? I seem to remember he had some problems with the Kingdom Heirs but was hoping the reduced number of performances would help. I, too, had enjoyed the blend of this group of Inspirations and hate to see him go. From what I can see, the Inspirations have not made an official statement or changed their online sites to reflect the change yet.

    • The Inspirations don’t issue press releases when a member leaves.

      • Smart move by the Inspirations. Means they never have to fib or make up a story to put a spin on why someone left.

      • That’s the up side. The down side is that fewer potential applicants will hear about the vacancy.

      • I didn’t necessarily mean a press release but their official website still has Jodi as a member of the group, and their (fairly-active) facebook page has mentioned nothing.

      • :shrugs shoulders:

        When it comes to things of this nature, many group Facebook pages still won’t confirm/release news until the press release is out. Of course, in this case, that last part won’t happen!

  8. I must say I’m really sorry to hear about Jodi leaving the inspirations. ๐Ÿ™ I’ve always loved high tenors, and I’ve also loved the inspirations. So I adored hearing the two together. Jodi in particular is one of my favorites, and I’ve really enjoyed the inspiration’s sound for the past three years. I’ll miss his singing with them and I wish him the best wherever he goes.

  9. Looks like Jodi landed with a regional group from Charleston, SC called the Holy City Quartet. I was doing some searching today to see if I could find out where he ended up after leaving the Inspirations. Found several videos on Youtube of him singing with this group. Interesting thing was these videos were recorded on December 2nd. And Daniel only broke this news the day before. Anyway, maybe somebody else knows more….

    • [EDIT. Editor’s note: Sorry, you need to read the comment rules.] All Jodi said was he wanted a change plus he will be singing closer to home ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW Anyone know how we can find out where and when Matt Dibler, Mike Clark and Melton Campbell will be singing at???

  10. This is a really good song. But my favorite from the album and from NQC has to be Homesick Angel. That’s a song that can take them places, IMHO.