Do you purchase single songs?

Fifteen years ago, a CD review’s job was to help the reader determine if the CD, as a whole, was worth purchasing. To what extent is that still true in Southern Gospel? That depends, of course, on the extent to which you all have shifted to only purchasing an album’s strongest songs. So let’s do a poll:

[polldaddy poll=6740362]

If you answered “yes,” what percentage of the time do you only purchase an album’s strongest songs?

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  1. I voted no, because that is generally the case. But there are times when I’ll get individual songs, if I’m not as interested in the artist in general as I am in a particular song. But that’s rare these days for me.

    • For some reason, if I had to guess what you would reply, my guess would be very, very close to what you just said. 🙂

  2. I voted yes, even though I get complete projects somewhere around 90% of the time. There are exceptions, though, where I’ll get a single track; for example, in my quest to gather a complete collection of Dianne Wilkinson’s songs, I’ve purchased probably 15-20 individual songs.

  3. I usually get a whole project, but sometimes I go get iTunes copies of songs from albums I used to have, and when that happens I usually just pick my favorites.

  4. I tend to acquire individual songs more frequently than whole albums.

  5. I always buy CDs, because I don’t like to listen with headphones or earbuds. Partly because I wear hearing aids in my ears, now, but I really never did get into the iPod thing……

  6. I don’t buy very many albums in a year because it’s hard for me to justify the cost of buying much of anything for entertainment or other reasons. For the most part I will buy old records from Goodwill or yard sales or the like, unless there’s a really good deal on something on eBay.

    But I buy even fewer single songs for three main reasons: the cost of buying a whole MP3 project is typically cheaper than buying each individual song separately; and I’m a collector of sorts of songs. The third reason is that not having a physical copy of something makes me feel like I actually don’t own that copy of the song, particularly if something happens to the file or the DRM.

  7. I now have over 450 southern gospel group CD’s and I am realizing that I haven’t listened to more than a couple of songs on any particular one at best. So I am now buying individual songs, except for my most favorite three or four artists, wherein I buy the CD more to support them than needing the other ten or so songs. The savings is minimal due to the time to download and etc. But, my I tunes library is more concise than plowing through all of my CD’s by any particular group.

  8. I do purchase single songs but the majority of the time its not in the southern gospel genre. When I do purchase southern gospel, I would say that 95% of the time it is the complete projects. I think the last singles (in SG) i purchased were some select cuts off of a gaither homecoming.

  9. I generally don’t buy CDs or concert videos unless I’m at an event, and then it’s more for direct support of the artist/group than because I want it. I’m trying to get away from physical media to save space and for convenience’s sake. I can fit a ton more stuff on a single hard drive than I can in a cabinet full of discs, and I can play it from anywhere in the house or over the phone at home, in the car, or on the go.

  10. I got my first IPhone a year ago; since that time, I have bought over 90 individually-chosen songs. And since that time, I have only bought 2 complete CD’s- Canton Junction’s incredible 2-CD set, and a CD of the Ball Brothers at a recent concert. Interestingly, I have purchased single songs from 50 different artists/groups/quartets.