Major Anchormen shake-up has a story that all of the current Anchormen members except for Bryan Elliott, who is headed for the Palmetto State Quartet bus have left to start their own group. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.] Jason Funderburk, who was the road manager for the Anchormen, will evidently manage the group. He will be joined by Chad Smith, Will Lane, and Alex Woolard.

The article’s source also stated that the Chapter IV quartet members have all been hired by the Anchormen management, and that Chapter IV will essentially become the Anchormen. Chapter IV was formed out of the remnants of Heavenbound a few years ago, so this would not be the first name change in that group’s history.

More will be posted when more is known.

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  1. oh my, hate to hear this, but i understand,i will miss that wonderful piano player,bryan,but at least the other four will be together and i will follow them,will, with his dynamic deep voice will bless hearts and souls around the world,he is dynamite,never heard anyone like him or better,wishing and praying for all of them,l. judy,julie and adonna we’ll be seeing you!!!!