Saturday News Roundup #150

Worth Knowing

  • Brian Free & Assurance announced on Facebook that “I Want to Be That Man” will be the #1 radio single on the Singing News charts in February 2012.
  • The Booth Brothers are requesting prayer for Jim Brady’s older sister Debbie, who is in the advanced stages of ovarian cancer.
  • The Collingsworth Family’s Feel Like Christmas DVD will be featured as a Christmas special on TBN next week. The special will air three times: Tuesday 12/18 at 12:30 P.M. Eastern, an airing for the early birds on Thursday 12/20 at 3:30 A.M. Eastern, and an airing for the night owls on Saturday 12/22 at 12:30 A.M. Eastern.
  • Some time back, Spring Hill launched an official Gaither Vevo Channel on YouTube. Though they have had some content for the last eight months, they have posted hundreds of complete songs from Homecoming videos over the last few weeks. This is particularly notable because, due to the label’s backing, these are officially sanctioned videos. (With the possible exception of a number of songs posted to official artist channels, most Homecoming songs previously posted were posted illegally, in violation of copyright law.)

Worth Watching

It looks like Gerald Wolfe’s son Avery might just end up a bass singer (hat tip, Josh). Might a quartet configuration yet lie within Greater Vision’s future?


Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturdayโ€”you decide!

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  1. Wow! Avery can really sing! Will there eventually be a Greater Vision Qt., or will Avery eventually sing bass for L5?

  2. Avery has a good voice and I am sure this is a name we will be seeing in the future,linked with some of the best groups in Southern Gospel music.

  3. BIG hat tip to Josh. That was a super clip with the “new bass” for GV!

  4. The Southern Gospel Yankee got featured on Tim Challies’ blog and the Gospel Coalition page this week! Even though its not southern-gospel-related, I thought this was a cool story:

  5. Oh My Goodness I do beleive that kid has it.

  6. How old is young Avery? Following in Dad’s foosteps…

    • Avery is 17.

  7. Whoa Avery is good! Like, seriously, VERY good! His voice could definitely be useful in many ways!

  8. A question about the Gaither VEVO YouTube page. In the past, you’ve been hesitant to post clips from Gaither videos because of the legality (which I agree with, and was a big part of why I took down all the ones I uploaded). Are you more willing to post clips if they’re on that page now?

    • Yes, I’m willing to embed clips from that channel, since they should be fully legal.

  9. I need to ask a very uninformed question.

    How can a group declare their hit is number one in February, even with the blessing of SN?!? Growing up I listened to American Top 40 on the radio, I realize charting criteria is different in pop/rock, but listening for the number one each week was half the fun.

    Does the Singing News work so far out as to have their songs seemingly past their prime by the time they are technically number one? I honestly ask, how popular will this song be in February considering how much airplay/performance time it is already getting? Is this a bi-product of a monthly-only chart?

    This is not a criticism of their methods or an artist, just a guy trying to figure out how things are done in this genre.

    Thanks for any help/explanation anyone can provide. I appreciate it in advance.

    • Yes, Tony’s explanation below is correct. Because it is a monthly chart printed in a print magazine, it is based on airplay a month and a half before the stated month. Here’s how the calendar works, working backward from release:

      * February 2013 – Singing News publishes Top 80 chart in February 2012 issue and calls it the February 2012 chart because that’s the month it is in
      * January 1, 2013 – February 2012 chart gets posted to
      * December 15, 2013 – Points are totaled and finalized for February 2012 chart and the chart is revealed to radio promoters. Before the age of social media, promoters had to promise to keep the numbers under wraps until January 1.

      • Doesn’t this seem a little antiquated in our digital world? Or am I missing something? Seriously, I hope I am not beating a dead horse on your forum.

      • :shrugs shoulders:

        Just think of it by its digital release date, then. That’s what I do. When I hear “February 2012 chart,” I think, “Chart posted January 1.”

        When you know what it means, it’s just a matter of terminology – nothing more, nothing less.

      • Fair enough, thanks.

      • No problem!

  10. The SN chart is done that way because of production deadlines. January issue already mailed and February issue will be mailed in early-mid January.

  11. Looks like Gerald may have to reevaluate his stance on bass singers and why Greater Vision doesn’t have one! Great job by Avery.

  12. I believe he has what it takes, if singing is what he chooses to do. His low range is quite impressive for a 17-yr. old. Of course, I’m speaking from a purely unbiased perspective. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gerald, you should pay attention to those young singers because you never know when one may declare, “when I grow up i’m going to be a bass singer” LOL

    • Not only did he get his singing from his daddy, but it looks like he got his height from him too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. It was announced on the Facebook page of a group called Holy City that former Inspirations tenor Jodi Hosterman has joined the group to fill the same role. Announcement:

    Jodi posted this comment on the post at 5:25 pm ct on Sunday: “Thank you all very much. I am excited to be a part of Holy City. These guys are great and I can say this…I have never been treated any better by anyone. I’m actually having fun singing which hasn’t been the case for some time. I know you will enjoy Holy City so check our schedule and make plans now to be with us in 2013. Thanks guys!”

    • Just when I thought that the SG world may begin to stabilize, another “odd” personnel change. Going from the Inspirations to a largely unknown, part-time, regional group would seem to be a major step down… I certainly enjoyed Jodi’s tenure with the Inspirations and wish him, and them, the best.

      • The SG world will never stabilize! There will be personnel changes as long as we have a genre! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Except for Triumphant!!!

    • Here is a video of Jodi singing w/ Holy City…..

  14. I actually saw a video of Jodi singing with them on December 3rd. Didn’t say anything because I didn’t know if be was just filling in or what. Maybe that group will grow in popularity now. I know I’ll be paying attention. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I saw Jodi with them last week in Columbia, SC. They were awesome and had a great blend. You could tell all four of them were having a great time singing together. I’m hoping to catch them again in the next few months.