What do angels sing like?

Several months ago, a co-worker dropped by my office. He was telling me about a young singer he had heard for the first time, encouraging me to check her music out. “She sings like an angel,” he commented.

I’m not sure precisely what I was expecting. But whatever it was, it sure wasn’t what I found when I heard her hard-driving power bluegrass vocals for the first time!

Ever since, I have been wondering, “What, exactly, does an angel sing like?” 

Do angels sound like sopranos? Altos? Tenors? Basses?

We might not know, but we sure can guess. And Christmas Eve is as good a day as any!

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  1. Well, pretty sure they aren’t sopranos or altos, because I believe there’s no such thing as a “female” angel. Every single time an angel appears in the Bible, it is “male”.

    • That was indeed one of the thought processes underlying this post. There is a cultural assumption that a lady who sings very well sings like an angel. That’s why I tossed Pat Barker and Steve Green into the mix. 🙂

      • Yes, some people get their theology from Hallmark cards. 🙂

        This is interesting to think about. I have no idea what an angel’s singing sounds like, but I know it’s very, very good.

      • I know. And I love to mildly and gently poke fun at Hallmark theology from time to time. 🙂

    • I’d look at Zechariah 5:9 before I made that judgment final.

      • @ Nick,

        Context, context, context… it is always important in Scripture. The passage in Zechariah is prophetic. It is about the punishment of the nation Israel. The two women with the wings of storks are not angels but represent the agents (nations) that God would use to disperse the Jews as part of their judgement.

        There are no female angels referenced in the Bible.

  2. Ha! Interesting!
    I too believe angels are male, however I think their vocal range is not restricted, they can sing low as well as they can sing high, hey they have supernatural abilities, what better way to use them than in singing praises to the Lord. However they sound like we may not know, but this we know for sure, it is the sweetest singing there is.

    • Yes, there’s no reason why angels, at least theoretically, couldn’t sing into a range that we normally associate with the ladies.

      I’ll also note, though, that just because something is supernatural doesn’t necessarily mean it is infinite. 🙂

      • Yes. However, the angels are perfect, there is no note of discord in their singing. Unlike humans, they need no vocal training to perfect their singing for God created them with a perfect ability to sing, such that no human voice can, with decade upon decade of training, sing like an angel for our race has experienced degeneration and dilapidation because of sin.

  3. I think they sing like heavenly voices from Heaven.
    This link tells me the angels can sing most parts and all styles.
    Now, we all can be happy.
    If the internet says it, I believe it.
    The next thing I would do is check my Bible for a review of the internet call.

  4. Sorry to burst your bubble (this is coming from a guy who has written songs about singing Angels) but there is not a single singing angel in scripture. I challenge anyone and everyone to give a scripture reference about a singing Angel. Merry Christmas!

    • That particular combination of words doesn’t appear next to one another. But passages like Revelation 5:9 suggest scenes of worship in Heaven that many respected commentators through the generations have believed include angels.

    • You may have a point…but we know one of their primary functions is to worship God. Gotta think there’s singing involved there, just like there is with our worship.

    • Woody, I think I found a verse: Ezekiel 28:13. Sure, it doesn’t use the word “singing,” but it makes “created to make music” pretty clear. 🙂

    • Well, there is the account in Isaiah where he saw the vision of God on the throne with the seraphims crying “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.” The word cried in the Scriptures could be a synonym to singing in this case.

    • Well, there is the account in Isaiah where he saw the vision of God on the throne with the seraphims crying “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.” The word cried in the Scriptures could be a synonym to singing in this case.

  5. Commenting in a blog’s or forumn setting with a wide range of diverse theological viewpoints beyond salvation
    necessitates a leeway in our thought or communication process.

    Case in point would be a statement I hold dear to my heart but would not make it here for discussion purposes for the unity of the saints here!

    “I believe that the word “praising” by the angel is like what pentecostals do in conjunction with singing unto the Lord using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the fullest tense of the Word.”

    Then some of my other friends would use the Book of I Corinthians to express their viewpoints.

    I love these kind of discussions but not in a large and diverse settings.
    You wouldn’t know what is coming next!

    • Some discussions are less controversial than others. I think this one is one that everyone can enjoy, and nobody gets too worked up over!

      • Think again. 😉

  6. Well Luke 2:13-14 mentions angels singing but I think angels sing like Tim Riley and Brooklyn Collingsworth IMO. Just because there are no female angels mentioned doesn’t mean there are none. But no one knows for sure.

  7. Angels may not sing, but they certainly rap! They are chanting “Holy Holy Holy” around the throne. 😉 that was a joke! Do not take seriously. 🙂
    Personally I hope angels sound like tenors that can sing bass and soprano. 🙂

  8. I can’t wait to tell my family that I was brought up in a discussion about Angel’s and it wasn’t the fallen ones!! Great discussion as always. Have a wonderful Christmas my friends.

    • Thanks, and you have a wonderful Christmas, too! 🙂

  9. My theory is they sound like David Phelps

    • Amen! I think the angels stop to listen when David sings…

  10. As far as I know, there is NO place in the entire Bible where it is recorded that angels sing. In Luke 2, they were “praising God, and saying…”. They are not recorded anywhere in Revelation as singing. The only place that possibly could be, is Job 38:7- “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” But even here if the “sons of God” are the angels, they only shouted. Amazing, isn’t it? So many Christmas carols tell of the angels singing, but I don’t think you’ll find it in Scripture!

    • Normally, even when I think this, I don’t say it. But this time I will say it: I do wish you had read the other comments before commenting.

  11. So I text my Dad and ask him. He is a Bible scholar and I figured he would have an answer that we could live with here so here it is.
    I said “hey Dad do Angels sing and is there anywhere in the Bible that specifically states that Angels are singing or sang a song ect? He said on his usual humor “Only after Dottie Rambo wrote that song that says Momma’s Teaching Angels How To Sing”. I fell off the couch. I said “I don’t believe that one is gonna work for me on this subject”. Lol!

  12. I will say this and that is when we all get to Heaven and gather around the throne I believe that everyone including the Angels will be Singing and Praising our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I get the chills just thinking about it now. Merry Christmas To All Of You!!

    Love In Christ,

    Joe Lane

  13. Not sound weird but there have been times while singing in a worship team that Ive heard singing that was far superior to anything we were capable of. Dont know if it was angels or His anointing. Its not something I sought or asked for. Maybe on occasion He lifts the veil a little just to bless us when we are totally focused on Him.

  14. I have heard a few messages from Dr. David Jeremiah on angels and he used several scriptures to show that it was never recorded where angels actually sang. They “say” but never “sing.” However, on that same note, he did say that the angels speaking is probably going to more beautiful than any human’s singing here on this Earth. 🙂 Love this type of discussion! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!

    • Arguments from silence are always interesting. 🙂 The absence of specific mentions of angels singing does not, of course, prove that they do not sing (especially when a couple of the passages mentioned above do seem to imply singing!) 🙂

      • Agreed completely. 🙂 My wife’s entire family is Church of Christ and I sing in a southern gospel quartet and they are very strict about not singing with any musical accompaniment and when I ask them why they believe that, they use the “In the New Testament, God does not say anything about using instruments when singing and worshiping so we don’t do it because of the absence of Him saying it.” So I know all too well about the argument of silence. LOL! Needless to say, we do not speak theology very much together. I have always thought that angels would sing and have always thought they were all male based on scripture that I have read. However, I have been wrong so many times before, and history shows that I will be wrong many times more. 🙂

      • Yes, that’s a perfect example of an argument from silence! Of course, it’s more than a little funny to have this double play on words going on right now, with arguments from silence discussing angels and churches singing. 😛

  15. Touche!

  16. I like to think that angels sing. It seems they have been known to sing, because we know that one day the saved will sing a song they CANNOT sing!! My opinion: Angels sing like Terry Franklin. I can’t count the times I’ve said to him, and to others, that he “sang that song like an angel”. In fact, on a demo, he can make himself sound like a CHOIR of angels. Terry, if you’re reading this…you’re the SHINING best!!! 🙂

    • As great of a singer as Terry is (and he is), what makes Terry great is his heart and lack of ego. He is unassuming and quick to point to others’ talents while taking the focus off of himself. There are others who could learn some things from Terry. –

  17. There is no scripture from the King James Bible A.V.1611 that states Angels sang in the shepards fields at Christ’s
    birth……..(See Luke 2:13) “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace,goodwill toward men.” Read it…….

  18. This thread reminds me of straining at gnats and swallowing camels. It’s amazing so many people feel the need to point out their interperetation of the validity of angels singing. I hope we all focus as much on obeying the important doctrines of Christ as we do a discussion about whether angels sing.

    • Its amazing to understand that some people can’t understand plain kings english.Its not my interpretation Mr.JR its
      what God’s Holy preserved Word says.Do you ever study God’s Holy word.Have a happy New Year……

      • I do indeed study God’s word, daily. However, whether or not angels sing has nothing to do with how I live my life. Things like, loving God with all my heart, loving my neighbor as myself, making sure I’m obedient to the commands of Christ, and being ready to face God at the judgment, those seem important. I’m not sure I see the point in arguing over whether or not angels sing…it’s probably not going to get you in or keep you out of heaven…unless of course one becomes conceited and proud over their opinion….

  19. Sandi Patty and David Phelps…..I know Sandi isn’t Southern Gospel, but hey, she has an incredible voice. 🙂