Sony’s Thoughts: Lessons from the Psalmists

I’m reading through the Psalms again. I’m struck by how honest the psalmists were. Sometimes they were up, sometimes down, but they almost always praised God regardless of what was happening in their lives. What a testimony! Would you like to be a person who praises God regardless of what’s happening in life? No matter how dark or lonely things appear, to have that constant assurance that God is still by your side? This is possible, Brothers and Sisters. Sometimes it’s in the dark times that faith truly comes into play. This is where we learn that God’s Word is true. Not just because it says it is but because we’ve experienced it.

I recently watched the children of a dear friend whose mother went to be with Jesus. To see the tremendous grace God gave her was amazing but it was so evident. I’m grateful for God. I’m grateful for His love and His mercy. I’m thankful that He truly never leaves us. His word really is true. I know that, for a lot of people, the holidays are bittersweet but I pray that you are finding life more sweet than bitter. Walking with God doesn’t promise a life without trials but, with Jesus, there is grace and strength to get through them.

I hope you’re having a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Thank-you for your thoughts.Yes,God is good all the time,even when we don’t feel that.Hard times come,but through it all God is carrying us.Praise be to Him.

    • Amen! Thank you for your comment. I hope you have a very blessed week!