Saturday News Roundup #152

Worth Knowing

  • The Melody Boys (Gerald Williams’ group) will hold their Final (Retirement) Concert on Monday, December 31, in Little Rock, Arkansas. More information is on their Facebook page.
  • Paul’s Journey has hired a new tenor, Stan Watson. He previously sang with the Mystery Men Quartet and, most recently, with a group he founded, (ironically) entitled Faith’s Journey.
  • The LeFevre Quartet has a new tenor singer, Thomas Nalley (hat tip, Aaron).

Worth Watching

Here’s some cool archival footage of the Rebels Quartet:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturdayโ€”you decide!

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  1. Better late than never! Was wondering where your post was today.

    • This was finished last night and scheduled to go up this morning, and the schedule feature failed (for once)! That was odd!

      • I figured that was the case.

  2. Heard Mark Blackwoods new bass on utube, very nice! Does LeFevre have a new bass yet? And what’s your opinion on all the new hires and changes this year ? Basses but others too. Any you are particularly excited about?

    • Who is Mark’s new bass? I’ve not seen an announcement.

  3. I’m excited about Matt Fouch with Legacy Five.

  4. I could be wrong , but I did see a utube of Brad Smith , used to be with Songfellows singing with Mark Blackwood quartet. It was very resent. Sounded good! And I agree Daniel about Matt Fouch. Looking forward to what’s coming. Actually all the hires and changes everywhere seem really good.

    • I’m almost positive that Pakwa is just filling in. He sang with the Blackwood Quartet (when it was still called the Blackwood Gospel Quartet) and is old friends with Mark. He is now employed by Fee/Hendrick Entertainment and that’s a pretty steady paying gig. I seriously doubt he would come back unless Mark could match or better his current paycheck and I don’t think he could.

      • Which theater is he going to be singing at? I go to PF every year and I’ve been to a few of Fee Fedrick’s places.

  5. Do you know who any of the singers are in that Rebels clip?

    • Sorry about that Josh. Still, sounded good! Thanks for clearing that up.

  6. The singers with the Rebels are Horace Parrish, Lee Kitchens, John Matthews, and Norman Allman. That’s about as close to the original Rebels as you can get. Allman was their bass singer before Jim Waits and London Parris.

    • The Rebels were wonderful men and became close friends of my parents in the ’50’s. My father met them in FL, and introduced them to New York State where people fell in love with them and their music! Fond memoroies of many late nights in the front row of a Rebels concert. “Life was so simpler then……..”

  7. So why are there no comments regarding Harold Reed’s departure of the LeFevres? Is this a commentary of the unstability of this quartet or what’s up with Harold? I always thought he was a good tenor, why so many changes the last few years?

    • Jimmy – I think people haven’t been commenting because they’re not too concerned over it. In Southern Gospel, tenors come and go all the time. Look at the Florida Boys for a good example of turnover even faster than Mike has had. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Mike’s had plenty of stability at the baritone spot (his) and the lead spot (only one change, and that was bringing his son onto the road – his son, who had already been a group member in the band). He’s also had periods of multi-year stability at the tenor and bass positions, too, and a number of the changes there are easily explainable. Gus Gaches and Paul Harkey both accepted calls up to prestigious, Cathedrals-alumni groups. There’s nothing dishonorable about being a solid, professional group, but not being quite as prestigious as Legacy Five or Signature Sound. So, honestly, it doesn’t concern me.

  8. Im jus glad im kinda an after thought…lol

    • No, you’re not! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just don’t know whatever may have gone on here, and so I was only speaking about what I did know about. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Harold, I will miss seeing you with the LeFevres. Hope to see you somewhere on the SG trail… Also hope everything is well with the LeFevre Duo…

      Maybe 2013 will be a year of regrouping and stability in the quartet world.

  9. Harold, I’ve been searching for any news about you! Hope you are staying in SG music because I love both your singing and your humor!!

  10. Sooner or later, almost all quartets hit a rough spot in the road. Sometimes the timing is especially bad (Dixie Echoes, earler this year). Yes, Glenn would be a HUGE boost to the LeFevres. I would like to see Brandon Barry back with them. Didn’t the Inspirations tenor leave them recently to join a part-time regional group? Jodi??? Good tenors are hard to find these days…

    • Yes, Jodi Hosterman joined the Holy City Quartet. I don’t know if they’re full time or moving in that direction.

  11. Thomas Nalley was a great hire. I know him and respect him greatly as a singer and a man. Glad I could be with the LeFevers right before the Christmas break. Good to see and hear Harold on one of his final performances!!

  12. Am I the only one who didn’t know that former MTQ tenor Joel Wood rejoined Daybreak Quartet, the group he was with before joining the Mark Trammell Trio? Saw a video captioning him in the group, and I was like “this name sounds familiar.”

    • I did know that, but if I’m not mistaken, Daybreak performed its final concert and disbanded some months back.

  13. Hey, over here now.

    Yeah, we had some theological discussions, lol. I respected you as a man of principle, even if we didn’t see eye to eye on that particular issue.

    Anyway, I’m older now (one week away from 35) and wiser, I hope. I was still kind of a kid back then. Not in age but in mentality.

    As for sghistory, the “Songfellows” page links to the short-lived group that Cecil Blackwood and Jim Hamill formed that Elvis tried out for (which position, I wonder? Tenor? Jim Hamill would have been lead and Cecil baritone, I’m sure. If Elvis tried out for tenor, no wonder they turned him down!).

    There is no entry for Bob Jones’s group, and there should be.

    • I read that Elvis tried out for baritone.

      I’m not sure why the one group is covered and not the other. I think that, generally, David has set a policy of only covering the most significant group by a given name, and I can see why he would have picked that one.

      Could it be that Elvis tried out for baritone after Cecil left for the Blackwood Brothers, to replace R.W.?

      • Well, we’re talking about the group that gave Shaun Neilsen his start, not to mention has been home to Gary Shepherd, Nick Bruno, Tony Peace, Harold Gilley, Butch Owens, Brad Smith, etc. for a while, not mention it currently includes Rick Strickland and Ed Hill.

        Got some huge holes in my entry for them. I’d love to see them filled.

      • Would you be up for writing an article on them and preparing an initial member list? If so, I can email David Bruce Murray to see if he’d be open to adding them should you write that article.

    • Oh, and on the Harry Potter discussions: Thanks! Some things stay in my mind for a long time, but there just isn’t room for everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Umm…wow. I’m not that knowledgable about that group. That’s part of the problem. I know names that were with the group but not years active with them and for a few, not even the positions they sang.

      • That’s the other problem. I’m also not knowledgeable enough about the group to pull off an article. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. There’s an article up now. Looks like it’s been there a couple of months. Guess I spoke too late.

    It’s really, really informative.