Promise hires Matt Baker

This morning, David Mann’s trio Promise announced that they have found a new baritone and piano player, Matt Baker. Current baritone David Mann will move to lead, and current lead singer T.J. Evans will move to tenor.

Matt is married to Ashley Baker; they have one daughter, Bella, and another child on the way. 

David Mann commented: “When Matt first stepped on stage with us, something clicked. His pleasing voice and great personality make him a joy to have with us. And we found out that he’s not a bad piano player either!”

T.J. Evans added: “We’re gaining both a great singer and a good friend in Matt.  We’ve gotten to know him well over the last few months. He’ll bring a lot to our concert experience, and we’re very excited to see what the future holds.”

Matt is frequently seen online joining in the discussions on Southern Gospel news websites, including this one. So, Matt, congratulations on moving to the other side of the microphone!

Left to Right: T.J. Evans, David Mann, Matt Baker

Left to Right: T.J. Evans, David Mann, Matt Baker

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  1. Thanks, Daniel! Looking forward to what the Lord will do in 2013 through Promise!

    • You’re welcome, and I’m with you in looking forward to what this year will hold for Promise!

  2. Who left the group?

    • Michael Helwig, to join the Blackwood Brothers. That part’s old enough news that it didn’t even occur to me to mention it.

      • Ah yes! It was old enough news that I forgot about it.

      • Well, we’re kind of in the same boat, then! I hadn’t forgotten who it was, but I had forgotten that it was possibly newsworthy or relevant.

  3. The amount of time since Mike left us surpasses the amount of time he was actually here. That being the case, I didn’t see the reason in mentioning his departure again. Unfortunately, because of the editing process, the Singing News Magazine actually came out with the news of his hire a month after his departure.

    Oh well.

    I’m very excited about bringing Matt on. The sound hasn’t blended this well since we started the group. In addition, his piano playing skills broadens the scope of our program greatly. The possibilities are very exciting!

    • Congrats on the good find, Dave…and congrats on the new position, Matt! Hope to see you guys in my area some time soon!

  4. Congratulations guys! I’m anxious to hear the new “sound”.

  5. Thanks, Gerald! I appreciate it!

  6. The wife and I had the most wonderful opportunity last night, 1/7, to hear the Promise Trio at my church, Stone Memorial Christian Church in Collinsville, Virginia. They were fantastic, wonderful, truly an inspiration to say the least. Beautiful voices making a joyful noise to the LORD. I hope they’ll come back soon. May GOD bless their wonderful ministry for years to come !!! We feel blessed to have been a witness to their wonderful messages in song. Thanks Dave, T.J, and Matt for coming and sharing with us.

    • Ben,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! We loved being there, and you all were a great crowd to sing to. Hope to come back there some time.