The “Not What You Think” Table Project

Southern Gospel projects are often quite predictable—too predictable, many say. Some of Southern Gospel’s most popular songs are recorded so often that when I compiled a list of Southern Gospel’s 200 most frequently recorded songs, several were on 10% or more of all table projects!

With that in mind, I have often thought it would be quite amusing if a Southern Gospel group with a sense of humor were to release a table project whose songs had ten very familiar titles—but weren’t the songs we were most accustomed to hearing with those titles!

Here are some songs that could find their way onto a table project which, for the sake of the discussion, we’ll entitle Not What You Think:

  • It is Well: Isaacs, from Eye of the Storm (2002)
  • Jesus Saves: Most listeners would expect one of three songs: The hymn, the Roger Bennett/Cathedrals song, or the Talley Trio song. Instead, one could record the Travis Cottrell praise song that has been recorded by Wes Hampton and the LeFevre Quartet
  • Oh, What a Savior: Poet Voices’ uptempo quartet song
  • Just As I Am: From Lauren Talley’s most recent solo project
  • Somebody Touched Me: The uptempo quartet song popularized by the Blue Ridge Quartet and others in the ’70s
  • Walk With Me: From Legacy Five’s 2001 Heroes of the Faith project
  • When The Saints Go Marching In: Uptempo song from Freedom’s debut CD
  • When We All Get to Heaven: Orchestrated uptempo song from Brian Free & Assurance’s 2002 project So Close to Home
  • Without Him: McKameys, from Something More (2008)
  • Won’t it Be Wonderful There: Uptempo Mark Trammell Trio song from Once Upon a Cross (2008)

What are other songs that could find their way onto such a project?

And with all the thousands of table projects that Southern Gospel groups have done, can anyone think of one that actually did use this theme?

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  1. Some of the table CDs I bought could have been called “Scraps from the Table”

  2. “Who Am I?” — by Casting Crowns

    “Wish You Were Here” — by Mark Harris

    “O For a Thousand Tongues” — the hymn, not the Nelons song

    “When the Saints” — by Sara Groves

    “There Is a Fountain” — by Soul’d Out

    • Great suggestions! I would say, though, that you might be able to do the Nelons song instead of the hymn – I know it surprised me in that fashion the first time I heard it!

    • I always thought Sara Groves’ “When the Saints” could translate very well in to the SG market by the right group.

  3. You could also call it the “Gotcha” project. 🙂

    • Yeah. But you’d have to have an emcee with the right sense of humor – a Gerald Wolfe – to pull it off.

  4. Brilliant idea! You’d just have to have the right group to do it. It would also probably make better sense if a younger group did this kind of record, but that’s just a personal opinion.

    • Agreed! Soul’d Out or Taylors, yes. Inspirations or McKameys, no. A few too many of their fans wouldn’t get the joke and would bring the CDs back for refunds! 🙂

  5. Allison Speer did a great cover of “When The Saints.”

  6. A couple more that would qualify for this “project”:
    “All Hail The Power” – by Palmetto State Quartet
    “Kneel at the Cross” – by the Inspirations

  7. Gentle Savior- David Phelps. I know he did it in the contemporary feel but if Jesus Saves fits this one would too!

  8. Jesus Saves – The Hoppers
    Jesus Saves – written by Joel Hemphill

    Just As I Am – David Phelps

  9. Just thought of another great one, even though the title isn’t a precise match: On the Banks of the Promised Land (Karen Peck & New River), if seen in a table project’s title listing, would get the reader thinking it was the song “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks” / “I am Bound for the Promised Land”! 🙂