It’s official: All current members have left the Anchormen

Jason Funderburk has issued this press release:

Written By: Jason Funderburk
Effective immediately my resignation with Anchormen Quartet has been delivered. I have enjoyed my almost 3 year tenure with this group and at this time it saddens me to acknowledge this event. I feel that what I set to accomplish here could not be obtained, but I feel that through uncontrollable circumstance God has directed me to a different path. The fact that I am driven to continue what God has called me to do has brought me to a situation with some some of my dearest friends. Along with Will Lane, Chad Smith and Alex Woolard, I will continue my Ministry efforts in a full time Quartet. I wish the best for the Anchormen and hope that Prayers and support will be given for both ministries. Our new ministry is called “Driven” , for that is how we feel since the calling has been applied to our lives. Not only were the nails driven for the greatest sacrifice, so are we to continue what “He” has called us to do! Be looking for the next related news to our new ministry “DRIVEN”, and know that “He” is still in control.

In Christ,
Jason Funderburk

Of course, the only Anchormen member not mentioned, pianist Bryan Elliott, will not be joining “Driven” because he already announced he will be joining the Palmetto State Quartet at the end of the year.

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