Saturday News Roundup #154

Worth Knowing

  • Mark Lowry slipped on a tile in his house and broke a femur. He will not be able to put any weight on that leg for 6-8 weeks, necessitating a rescheduling of all of his January concerts. In classic Lowry style, he added: “And, yes, it is the same leg I broke in the motorcycle wreck in 2005. I still have one good leg left.”
  • Debra Talley announced the upcoming release of her first book, God Moments in an Ordinary Life.

Worth Reading

  • Danny Jones’ post on “new” groups in Southern Gospel is a must-read!
  • Via Musicscribe [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed], here’s a post from successful CCM songwriter Regie Hamm about whether it is even possible to make a living at writing songs anymore. Readers here have a fairly consistent interest in how the financial side of Christian music works; this post pulls back the curtain more than most.

Worth Watching

Lauren’s SG Blog was present to blog and take videos at the final concert by Gerald Williams’ Melody Boys Quartet on December 31. Here’s her blog post; here are two videos:

This is the final song of the night; current and past members gathered on stage for these final moments:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Danny was dead on. I had someone ask me the other day if the Cathedrals were still traveling!! That same night, someone asked me if I had talked to J.D. lately, and how he was doing. He also asked me if the Master’s V were still traveling!!! it happens all the time! By the way, I have not talked to J.D. but I’m sure he’s fine was my answer. lol

    • I’m laughing as I read this; I could totally see you pulling that answer off! 🙂

    • You should have said “I have not heard from JD, but if I do, I sure will let you know.”

  2. Hey, in promoting concerts in the past we have had our audiences fill out cards with general info (where they are from, etc). Also, there was a section on the cards on what artist(s) would they like to see come to the area. You would be surprised at the some of the suggestions we received… but the absolute #1 suggestion is…you guess it “The Cathedrals”. I wish I could make that happen….

  3. Hidee Daniel,
    Thanks so much for adding the videos of the final / retirement concert of Gerald Williams and The Melody Boys Quartet! I was honored to meet Lauren at the concert. It was a marvelous evening honoring an incredible gentleman and the legacy of the Quartet that he has dedicated his life to in so many ways. It was amazing to look down that line of men and realize that Gerald Williams trained them all. If you will click on one of the videos, I’m sure you can find the video she did that evening of the classic Joe Roper composition “Pray”. It was breathtaking to see that many gentlemen perform a song a capella with those harmonies!

    • I featured the hymn instead because I love the power and simplicity of just four voices, one per part. 🙂 I also featured “Give the World a Smile” because, since the final moment was caught on film, of course I had to pass it along! But “Pray” was very well done indeed.

  4. Have a little Brain game for you…If Daniel alows…How many Songs can you name that were written or co-written by George Younce?

    • Sure, and go for it!

      Just for everyone’s reference, and so you have a target to aim for, I have 80 tracks written or co-written by Younce, representing forty separate songs, in my personal collection.

    • Off the top of my head, the only one I can remember is “Yesterday”. Need a bigger brain…

      • I could probably name ten off the top of my head. No way I could name all forty! My current favorite is “My Only Hope,” a Blue Ridge Quartet song where he also had the feature. Sure wish someone would bring that one back! 🙂