National Quartet Convention posts 2013 Schedule

The National Quartet Convention has posted their 2013 mainstage schedule, here.

They have added seven artists who weren’t on last year’s program. The Inspirations and The Torchmen return, and there are five new artists: 11th Hour, Keepers of the Faith, Old Paths, Providence Quartet, Wilburn & Wilburn. Two of the five (Wilburn & Wilburn and Old Paths) have an established national profile; 11th Hour is quickly building one. Providence Quartet primarily tours regionally in South Carolina. Keepers of the Faith, easily the most unique-looking group to have a mainstage slot this year, is a group of American Samoans based in Washington State. My West Coast sources have pointed them out as a rising and unique quartet.

Meanwhile, ten artists on the 2012 program won’t be returning to the mainstage: Bowlings, Browders, Chuck Wagon Gang, Down East Boys, Naomi & the Segos, Nelons, Paul’s Journey, Pfeifers, Sisters, Skyline Boys.

NQC has also posted a preliminary showcase schedule. There will be the familiar Song of a Lifetime, Bluegrass Jamboree, Gaither Sing-a-long, and Parade of Pianos showcases, as well as a Red-back Hymnal sing-along showcase and a Gaither Vocal Band / Gatlin Brothers showcase.

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  1. Great additions!!!

    • Wow. I don’t think this post had been up 15 seconds before you read it and commented! 🙂

  2. I’m a little surprised that the Bowlings, Nelons and Sisters all lost their spot, especially in light of some of the groups being added. Wilburn & Wilburn and the Old Paths are no-brainer additions, but the others are regional groups with lower profiles that the three I mentioned being that are being dropped.

  3. Once again, Wednesday through Friday looks extremely tempting…

  4. Some of these decisions are baffling to me….. The Down East Boys, Bowlings, Nelons and Sisters are all better than the regional groups added. The addition of the The Inspirations, 11th Hour and Old Paths are good additions. Folks will probably not remember, but I said well before the NQC last year that the Inspirations would not be there [edit]. It is good to see that they will be back for 2 nights, they have a large following.

    • Phil, I’m sorry, but I had to edit a portion of a sentence. Contracts not being followed by one party or another are, as I understand, technically legal allegations which, if proven false, could put you and me (since it’s my site) at risk for a libel lawsuit. When it comes to lawsuits, better safe than sorry!

    • Phil, I think it sad that you say some national groups are better than some regional groups. I’ve actually heard Providence and would prefer them over the Bowlings or Nelons any day of the week. The only thing the regional groups are guilty of (in my humble opinion) is not feeding the industry with enough money to have the national profile. As far as talent and ministry goes there are plenty of regional groups leaps and bounds ahead of some national groups.

      • There’s a lot more to it than money, and a lot more to it than just vocal talent. To say it’s one of the other is somewhat of a false dichotomy. Both are factors, but there are also factors like touring outside of your area and having strong, original songs.

      • I said THESE national groups are better than the regional groups. I have heard the Bowlings and the Nelons in person within the last month and they are both top notch groups. The Bowlings are the best they have sounded in years. They have added a drummer to their lineup(that had a top notch piano player already) which gives them a live band feel. The Providence Qt is very good, I will likely hear them later this month, but they have just lost their excellent tenor. (As you may know, tenors are hard to find) 🙂 I think the Providence Quartet is deserving of a NQC spot, just not at the expense of the groups I mentioned.

  5. It’s a shame that the Chuck Wagon Gang will not be appearing. Seems like I heard that they have sold more recordings than any other group in SG. Maybe I’m late in noticing, but no Blackwood Brothers??? Driven Quartet would have been on my list…

    • The Chuck Wagon Gang may have indeed sold more recordings than any other group in SG (not sure how close the Blackwood Brothers come). But I would suspect that the last ten years haven’t found them in the top twenty top-selling SG groups.

      The Blackwood Brothers had a major personnel change this year with Jimmy Blackwood’s departure. If Billy Blackwood can keep a stable lineup together for a couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back eventually.

      • Also noticed that the Dove Brothers Band is not on the program. Maybe they are too secular these days. I would like to see the Oak Ridge Boys make an appearance to liven things up a bit. Seems odd that the Crist Family got a Saturday night slot. I would have swapped them with Triumphant’s Monday night billing. A Gold City reunion would be great as would the Florida Boys. I hear that Gerald Williams is currently “unemployed.” I wish some trio would feature him…

  6. Let’s keep in mind, as we must every year, that both parties have to agree on these appearances at NQC. The groups must be invited, and the groups must accept the invitation. A group not appearing does not necessarily mean they were not invited. Groups must weight the cost of participating, with the benifits they receive from it. Some groups decide it is not in their best interest.

    • Sorry for a couple of spelling errors in there.

  7. Good to see the Wilburn and Wilburn, the Old Paths and 11th Hour added. I’m not familiar with the other two groups. Definitely surprised and sad to see the Bowling Family, the Nelons and Sisters not on the schedule! Thought the Bowling Family and the Nelons both had standout sets with their appearances last year!

    • As Brian noted, it could well be that any of the three were invited but decided not to come. I’d especially guess that to be more likely with the Bowlings than not; I would be quite surprised if they weren’t even invited.

  8. The head Dove has commented about why they won’t be there. I will let you find it. Just look for “a very fine line.” It’s a terrible shame they won’t be there. They have been a great part of NQC’s run in Louisville, which is unfortunately ending.

  9. What, no Blackwood Brothers?

  10. “Sisters” is, in my opinion, one of if not THE most talented vocal groups involved with SG music today. Not on NQC main stage? Wow – just… WOW.

    • Agreeded. Who can sing better than them?
      I’d say that there’s not much contest in Christian music, if there’s any at all…
      But, you never know who’s out there that’s “undiscovered”.

  11. History shows that some of those groups from last year that aren’t listed at the moment could return.

    The initial posting of the schedule at this point in the year is rarely, if ever, the final schedule.

  12. Question? The Dove Brothers Band are More secular than the Gatlin Brothers , Ricky Skaggs , news Anchors , politicians ? Man I tell ya we haven’t even recorded a secular project we don’t have a secular hit we haven’t performed in a Bar or night club haven’t open for a secular act ! You think that the NQC thinks we are to secular ? The Dove Brothers have power I didnt know we had !

    The bottom line I gave them a price they decided they didn’t want to pay it ! Trust me my price was not too high for an event like NQC ! I got a call from a board member asked me what would the DBB come for, for two nights . I told him then he talked to me after the NQC had there meeting and said they would just keep the line up the way it is ! I can’t come for nothing I have 9 guys to pay most of the artist have three to five to pay !

    Now you have a few artist with just two to pay ! Or a soloist. We don’t use any tracks of any kind . I guess they can’t afford us or the NQC is upset with us because we didn’t come last year for what they wanted to pay us! But when the NQC just tells fans and friends that they invited the Dove Brothers but we decided not to come is only half the story so remember that ! Now I don’t send out emails asking fans and friends to call and send letters but I will tell our side when folks ask why or state false reasons why we are not on the NQC !

    • Where is the like button???

    • Amen! God Bless the Dove Brothers!

    • McCray, I respect you and what you do, however, I disagree with your method of handling this.

      Yes, you’re right, you have a budget of what you need for the 9 guys you have to pay, and I’m sure it’s not easy to do sometimes. But guess what…NQC also has a budget for the many artists they need to pay as well. I’m confident that they are not doing this just because they don’t want you there.

      Yes, you gave them a price and they didn’t want to pay it, but don’t forget that they gave you a price that you didn’t want to take either. It’s a two-way street.

      All I know is, coming on this blog like you did makes NQC look bad and it makes DBB look bad. That’s why I didn’t agree with how you handled this.

      (Daniel, I hope you keep this up. I tried to be as respectful as possible.)

      • I haven’t been sure if I should leave the whole exchange up or not. I prefer for all the comments to be happy and positive. So I’ll keep thinking this one over for a bit.

      • Leave the comment up. It’s a reasonable, respectable reply to McCray. If it’s a big deal to defend the “why’s” DBB is not coming to NQC, the most effective thing to do would be to make a public statement on the website, rather than thoughts from a blog. Too many proposed “straw man” arguments. That being said, I wish DBB would come to NQC so I could see that live band. The live segments on mainstage are some of my favorite moments. It’s tough to make a living doing this and I respect the sacrifices McCray has made to make it more authentic. The ones who will pay to see good music are missing out on more good music.

      • @FNR – I wasn’t speaking just of Josh’s comment. I will confess to preferring that everyone had been happy and that there had been no occasion for the discussion to appear in the first place!

      • I am not sure why you would say that this makes NQC or the Dove Brothers look bad? The cost of doing business is the cost of doing business….NQC’s Board of Directors need to run a profitable event and McCray needs to run a profitable group. If negotiations to meet both those needs did not end in an agreement, so be it. It makes NEITHER organization look bad.

    • That’s telling ’em

    • I don’t think money issues are the TOTAL reason the Dove Bros will not be at the NQC. I don’t know either the NQC’s offer as compared to comparable groups, but my perception is that the Dove Bros are not as popular with the overall NQC crowd as before. The reason I say that is because of the style change from what made the Dove Bros popular to begin with, traditional Southern gospel music, to the Country sound. My observations the last time I saw the Dove Bros at NQC is that the people sat on their hands through the country sounding songs, but thoroughly enjoyed what they came for, traditional Southern Gospel songs like Didn’t it rain, Get away Jordan, I can Pray, etc. The Dove Bros are a quality group, with a great band that has left their traditional Southern gospel base for more of a Country music listener. The NQC MAY have offered more if the Dove Bros were the Dove Bros that the traditional quartet listener knew before the style change.

      • The Dove Brothers not there because of a country sound? As opposed to the completely Southern Gospel and non-country sounds of music produced by the Crabb Family, Bowlings, and so many more that have modern country flavor?

  13. First of all, I want to congratulate those who will have a mainstage slot for the first time.

    The Old Paths: VERY VERY well deserving. One of my favorites!
    Wilburn and Wilburn: VERY well deserved.
    Keepers of the Faith: I remember these guys as a showcase winner last year. They were very good!
    The other three I’m not as familiar with, but I’m sure they are well-deserving.

    As for those not returning, Sisters and Nelons were technically under the Gaither time slot last year, so that could happen again. Down East Boys and Paul’s Journey (and Skyline Boys?) were only on Quartet Night, and they probably want to circulate new blood in every year.

    One group that I wish would return is EHSS, but I’m not going to complain if my favorites aren’t there, because its still a great lineup.

    • Daniel,

      I LOVE your blog. Please, PLEASE leave up the comments on this issue and other, so called, controversial issues.

      While I respect your efforts to keep this forum positive (and you do a great job of it) our genre has warts that need to be addressed. Your even handed way of “managing the give and take” is polite, firm , balanced and respectful. You are “in the know” at a much higher level than the average Gospel Music lover, so you can filter user comments with authority and accuracy.

      Fan/artists/promoters need a form to express their frustrations and work toward common effective solutions. Part of that process is discusion. No need to be or get ugly or rude, but I believe frank disussions is needed.

      Daniel, thank you for the time you spend putting this blog together. Like everyone in the ministy/industry, you too have to assess the ROI.

      Keep up the GREAT work!

      God Bless,

    • Thanks, and I will leave this discussion up. Sometimes I say what I say simply to keep discussions from getting more heated, and I think my comment that I was contemplating taking the whole portion of the discussion down had its intended effect. Things didn’t get any more heated from where they stood when I made the comment. 🙂

      I do understand the thought that there needs to be a place for concerns to be addressed. More often than not, the best place for that is by contacting the involved parties directly. But sometimes there is a time and a place for concerns to be addressed in a blog comments area.

      • We have been through this before and as the blog owner, you are of course free to do as you will. Unfortunately, some people do need to be reigned in. You have been successful in discouraging those who go too far from generally trying so that the comments don’t have to be approved before displaying unless they are by a new poster (which I appreciate) so that conversations can happen more quickly and easier. I suppose that is helpful too since you post everyday.

        But the “positive” thing might be just a bit too difficult in some ways. Some would call it whitewashing or sticking ones head in the sand. Life isn’t always pleasant or perfect, and the Bible itself is not always a “positive” book with what I think the definition would be here. As long as people are respectful here and motivations are good (meaning not to humiliate or insult someone or gossip) talking about such things as both sides not being able to come to an agreement due to money is honest and a lot better than the gossip that would probably happen to explain their absence. Sometimes getting the truth out there is best as long as it is respectful. Personnel changes so often use the same old chestnuts that people think there is more to the story when sometimes it might really just be wanting to get off of the road or be at home more. The Weatherfords being honest about the reasons coming off the road was nice too. Too many people want to hint around or tell half truths thinking it is being nice. I am not saying to say that X member cheated on their wives and is now gone or something like that, but at least don’t say something that isn’t so.

      • Well, more specifically, I try to use the Philippians 4:8 test. (“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”) Positive/constructive isn’t a precise equivalent for what I look for, but it generally communicates enough of the idea.

        Part of my objective is, as you guessed, to keep comments from going so far that (like certain other sites) I have to manually approve every comment. I figure discussions are enhanced if they can continue when I’m away from the computer – e.g. Michael Booth’s and McCray Dove’s tremendously enlightening conversation last night, when I was long asleep.

        I certainly let some comments stay up that I wouldn’t make myself, some that go a little farther than I would like. Certainly, sometimes, it comes down to grey area, and almost requires a sixth sense to decide if, to keep things from going out of grey area into unacceptable territory, I have to (a) delete a comment, (b) delete a portion of a comment, or (c) post a word of warning in the comments not to go any further. The decisions sure aren’t easy sometimes!

  14. I answer when questions or folks begin to come up with there own conclusions why ! I have nothing against the NQC I’m not talking bad about them but I don’t want something told that is not true ! NQC has the right to book who they want and the right to decide how much to pay ! We as artist have the right to say yes or No to there offer ! It’s nothing personal at all !

    • That’s reasonable. Sorry if my previous post was too harsh. I appreciate you standing up for your group, just wanted to make sure it was only that and not anything more.

  15. It is interesting that two of the biggest names not listed here are two groups with live bands (DBB, EHSS), which means more people to pay.

    I wonder, and I hope this discussion is allowed too, if the price is the same for a group with soundtracks as it is for a group with a band? If it is the same, should it be? Or should a higher premium be placed on groups that travel with live musicians?

  16. Now that would be a good topic to talk about ! In my opinion the fans would be getting more as well and the NQC would get what they paid for ! I’ve always thought they should have a no track night myself and promote it that way !

    • A no-track night would be great.

      I’d like to see them have live music every night with every act. It could be done, too. There are enough musicians in the building. I’m not saying they should entirely do away with tracks, but they could have live musicians playing with every group.

    • Hi McCray…just a followup question for you on the money thing. (You’ll remember backing me up in Penn Run PA, several years ago, just after David joined you, on “When He Reached Down His Hand For Me”). I always thought one of the reasons groups went to the NQC for the week, was for the incredible amount of product they sell. Is this true? And even with a 9-man group, would this not help offset the performance fee in a significant way? Thanks in advance, and best regards!

  17. They could have a no track night, with as many musicians and artists are circulating the building (and often jump onstage to help anyway).

    I agree with Daniel that the Bowlings were definitely invited. The only questions are whether the Bowlings had conflicts, or whether NQC did not pay their requested flat. Either way, it is disappointing. They are dynamic.

    The Dove Brothers were always one of the top performing groups at NQC when they were there. They were electric, and the crowd loved them. Now with the biggest band of any quartet, they would be fun to watch. I appreciate McCray clarifying that it was not music related. NQC did invite them. I assumed as much, but I respect the fact that he communicates instead of allowing rumors to go wild. Someone already suggested the secular idea and he was just responding.

    I hope the NQC does not dwindle down into the Pigeon Forge building. NQC’s marketing & branding strategy in the past has been to promote the event as Gospel Music’s largest event with all of the artists you can imagine. Now, more and more artists are not appearing for financial reasons and attendance wanes as a result. In order to maintain momentum at Pigeon Forge, they must bring in the big names. Without them, people will skip the drive and go to closer venues with the same artists. Just some suggestions, not trying to be Eeyore.

    • Freedom Hall was simply not practical anymore. You can market it as SGs Largest Event, but once you get there and see the place at maybe 50-60% capacity most nights, it makes it less appealing. The building was simply too big.

      Two of the big differences we will see in Pigeon Forge are the acoustics and accessibility. Acoustics at Pigeon Forge were poor, from everything I’ve heard. And the accessibility was even worse! At the LeConte, accessibility will be a non-issue with everything on one level, and acoustics should be better in a smaller, more controlled setting.

      Sure, it’s nice to have a large exhibit hall, but from what I heard, many of the booths were either empty or not directly related to SG. A smaller space will help weed a lot of that unnecessary stuff out.

  18. Maybe with the rent being less for the Leconte Center in Pigeon Forge, NQC will be able to pay the artist more. I know The Expo center is extremely expensive and honestly Freedom Hall is not Senior Friendly, and we all know that is the largest demographic at NQC. And honestly whether one or two groups aren’t on the mainstage that I feel should be will not influence my decision to attend or not. And when groups are on stage more than once it seems like they do practically the same set so it is redundant. To me this is the climax of the year for Southern Gospel music and just having the ability to reach the thousands there with the groups music and maybe stir up some interest in your group would be worth whatever amount of money the group felt like they were being shorted. I know there are some unfortunate negatives when business and ministry collide, but there could be hundreds if not thousands that are exposed to your group for the first time. That has to count for something.

    • From everything I have both observed and heard, attendance at NQC is roughly 25% 0-39, 25% 40-49, and 50% 50 and up.

      Also, as far as exposure goes, there are a lot of people there, but I think a very high percentage of them are repeat attendees. So groups probably get a huge burst of exposure from their first mainstage set, a little less from the next one, and so forth.

  19. This issue of some name groups not appearing at the NQC every year is nothing new. Going way back, the Imperials were not at the 72 NQC but got 30 minutes one night the next year. The Oaks and Downings were prominent at the 72 event but not there the next year. The Inspirations, who were quite popular at the time, were not there either year. There were no tracks then but musicians were added to back up groups without a band. At this year’s Grand Ole Gospel Reunion, Randy and Scott Shelnut backed up almost all the groups so I don’t see why NQC these days couldn’t hire quality musicians to back every group.

    • Norm, can you tell me the dates of the ’72 and ’73 conventions? I am curious. Oaks bass singer, Richard Sterban joined in late October ’72 and Oaks tenor, Joe Bonsall joined in October ’73 (I want to say the third or something). So, I wondered if the personnel change in the tenor slot might have had something to do with it. I am not sure when Willie quit on the tenor (as in if there were space between). Also, was Noel Fox still on bass at the ’72 NQC?

      • The NQC in 72 and 73 was held in first week of October. Noel Fox was the basss at the 72 NQC. A few months later I saw the Oaks at a Toronto church and was surprised to see Richard walk in as their bass singer (no internet to spread the news in those days). Willie showed up one night at the 73 NQC and talked to fans (didn’t perform as Oaks were not on the lineup that year). Willie was still their tenor at the time. I wrote to the Oaks to find out why they did not perform that year and was told it was some kind of issue between NQC and their booking agency (who also booked the Downings who were not there).

  20. You might be right dj Phil except that was the case since the beginning with Didnt Rain and Getaway Jordan . It didnt matter what we did the crowd was waiting for those two songs ! But I also remember when we recorded I can Pray the Rain and Getaway crowd All said we were changing our style ! So to me your opinion doesn’t hold water why have Jeff and Sheri , you telling me the Crabb family was not Country ? They are gonna have the Gatlin Brothers ? So because we do both styles they don’t want us if so the NQC is talking out both sides of there month !

    • Both sides of there mouth ! Sorry about the misspell .

  21. Lindsay Parks you use to could but sales for everybody are not like it use to be ! Artist have to pay for those booth spaces you see and they are not cheap ! Pay for electric for your lights etc ! So you don’t just walk in and set up your table !

  22. We have 9 on payroll.

    My Mother and Father who run our website store and respond to virtually every email.
    Sound man
    Product man
    Bus driver

    I volunteer to play drums on “no-track” night!!!!

    Michael Booth

    • As another add on the no track night idea, the Dixie Melody Boys set was one of my favorites last year, and I wouldn’t even consider me a big fan of the group (I like them, but just haven’t heard em much), but the set with the mix n match allstar band was AWESOME, and Ed in the middle of it made it even better!

      If there’s a need for proof that groups who normally use tracks can get by without em for a set, that right there was your proof! That’s the type of thing that NQC should embrace more of!

  23. There you go sports fans !

    • Hey MCCRAY

      I’m serious man. I would play all night for folks and I’m sure many other players would too. I think it’s an exciting idea and would like to see such a thing happen somewhere sometime.

      Will need some help from your boys on our set!!

      We sang a couple songs at GOGR with Stuart and Scoot…… It was so much fun!!!

      • For years Charlie Waller had a night when groups had to use live music and no tracks. I remember Michael’s trepidation (or his pretended fear) of singing without his “band in a box.” He, Ronnie and Jim did a great job with Stuart & Scoot.

  24. Mike it would be fun maybe one day it could happen but I don’t think it would happen for us at the NQC !

    • I’d go to NQC to see that!

    • Well… I Can Pray!! Blessings MCCRAY. Y’all keep plowin!!!

      I do appreciate the passion that is represented by all the posts on this forum. It’s easy to get into a spiderweb of reasoning, facts, reality, misinformation, speculation and desire when it comes to how we all feel about events. My own personal feelings are, that MCCRAY and the NQC came to a very civil and biblical understanding that the terms just won’t work for each other. Nobody is wrong! Is it disappointing? Yes! I’m confident the fans would love to see the DBB and the Boys love the fans and the fellowship during the week.

      I considered purchasing stock in the NQC knowing that there might be the possibility of a board position one day down the road. However, after learning of the demands of such a position, I decided that the money was not worth the mental effort and stress of dealing with so many difficult and challenging decisions. I’ve grown to really appreciate the men on the NQC board and the work they produce. It’s more than I could offer.

      I also, as a manager like MCCRAY , understand his dilemma. On one hand, as I’ve said, he obviously loves the people, event and fellowship. Yet he must consider the amount of capital it takes to operate his ministry AND he must accomplish that within a set number of days on the road. They could work every day of the year, but they have families! MCCRAY must consider the wear and tear on the bodies and voices also. I know a few days at NQC can look minimal, but we must understand that managers face multiple opportunities that would compromise their family and health demands. If they gave into all of them it could have catastrophic consequences.

      Bottom line is, let’s trust the managers like MCCRAY and the NQC board members that they have taken ALL factors into consideration and ultimately made a decision of what was best for them both.

      I have much respect for both parties!

      Michael Booth

      PS I hope MD and NQC didn’t mind me speaking out about this.

      • Michael, that’s a fascinating perspective. I’ve told quite a few people that a career aspiration was to become an NQC Board Member. But the more I realize the sorts of situations (like this one) I’d have to end up in the middle of, the more I realize that the route you took is probably the better part of wisdom!

  25. Well said Micheal ! I didn’t mind at all !

  26. @McCray-was it just me or did you guys have a low response to your booth the last year you performed at NQC (’11)? It was in a new location and it seemed it was out of the way and no one was visiting it. Would be interested if this had anything to do with your decisions?

    • It was a bad spot but that didn’t have anything to do with my decision . All the artist said there sales were way down when I talked to them and believe me they would tell you if they were good ! Lol

  27. Maybe you have not heard The Dove Brothers since the return of Johnathan Price, and the addition of Andy King on the keyboards, Mike Sallie on the steel, and Bub White on the lead, these guys are “Back in Black” full steam Southern Gospel and an few country style tunes in the program much like Gold City did on their first live project with Brian Free. I have nothing against The NQC and wish them well however, I stopped going when they started featuring Country Artist. I have nothing Against Country bands but when I attend a show that highlights Gospel Groups that is exactly what I want to hear. I would not walk across the street to hear a politician much less pay to hear one speak. Everyone must make a business decision that benefits their business whether it is the NCQ or a group. Business is business I do not think the Dove’s future depends on The NQC or The NCQs future depends on “The Doves” with that said keep on rolling and keep on singing.

    • That last sentence says it all perfectly.

    • Yes they are Dale!!

  28. I might just be getting old but in my own honest opinion they need to change the name from National Quartet Convention to National Southern Gospel Showcase or some such. I’ve attended almost all of them, except this year I won’t be. Instead I’m going to the Memphis Quartet Show. When you have such fine groups like DBB, Chuck Wagon Gang, Down East Boys, Paul’s Journey, Skyline Boys not attending. Yet you have things like: Gaither Sing-a-long, a Gaither Vocal Band / Gatlin Brothers showcase. It makes me think, if I wanted to hear the Gaither’s I’d attend a Homecoming, but no I come to hear the GREAT QUARTETS! I’m just not interested anymore with the NQC it was a good run but for me its over.

    • Those two Gaither showcases will take up just 4 hours of roughly 50 hours of gospel music. Not sure why the Gaithers are focus of why you’re not attending.

      • I rather suspect that most people who cite it as a primary factor are really saying, in an indirect way, that there isn’t a marquee showcase like the Cathedrals or Gold City reunions in that time slot that would draw them in.

        Nothing against that one, but I have to confess that between the three I just named, I’d personally more excited about the other two!

    • I’m right there with you Basssinger54! I suggested the name change too I think on Daniel’s Facebook post. See you in Memphis!

    • I, on the other hand, after years of wanting to go to NQC, but never getting it done, came the last two years BECAUSE of the GVB reunion which is different than a typical Homecoming thing. For that matter, the Gather Homecomings added SG artists that I already knew and loved (like the Cathedrals) and helped introduce them and other artists to a bigger audience (some of the artists to me at a time where we had no SG station and the one that used to play on Sunday mornings hadn’t for probably somewhat close to a decade). If anything, I don’t know that SG would even be where it is now had he not done so. The artists themselves have to put out the material, but they need to be heard and Gaither helped raise the bar with some I think.

      I am looking forward to hearing the Gatlins too and something else needed done to make this year’s reunion different than the previous two years’. There were some differences in personnel and some differences in material between the two years, but I think overall the first year was better. After this year, I am not sure what else they can do to keep it fresh unless they get Franklin, Pierce and or Lemuel there. Even if they don’t, they need to change out the material more. They have a huge catalog and there should have been enough time to get some new ones being worked on. I do also wish they wouldn’t worry so much about solo stuff, but I think that was maybe to help the artists who showed up, and maybe give them something they already knew instead of having to relearn GVB stuff or to sing so much high stuff.

      As far as Cathedrals reunion, it is nice to see the people get back together, but George, Glen, and Roger’s absences are hugely felt. I certainly don’t mean to diminish the other members contributions at all and in fact, I Glen and George aren’t who first drew me to the Cathedrals, but you lose the only lead and bass of the group’s history and you are pretty much surely going to have holes to fill. I still would enjoy seeing it, but between that and the fact that these concerts have been done mostly more often and recently makes them less of an “event” perhaps.

      Then we have Gold City. A reunion would be great, but one problem with reunions is that some members have lost voices and range to some degree and even including some versions of the GVB and Cats aren’t what they once were (although some like Trammell has gotten even better). This is understandable and natural, but it sort of is trying to recapture “magic” that isn’t really possible to do as what they had in their prime. The Singing Americans were cool to see together too, but it is the same deal. I believe the Stamps would be too (and of course J.D. is long gone). I wouldn’t mind seeing any though, but they won’t stack up to the way things were back in the day.

  29. Great discussion! I am praying that the DBB and NQC Board can somehow get together before September. It would be so disappointing for me if the Dove Brothers are not at the last NQC in Louisville. I loved the Doves in their original style but I love the current DBB style as well. I understand the economics but I’m just praying they can get together. I think both organizations would mutually benefit. God bless!

  30. What happened to adam Harmon who was with the dove brothers and kingdom heirs

  31. For purposes of clarification, The NQC Board did not schedule The Gatlins for this year’s NQC. They were scheduled by Bill Gaither, as a part of his Showcase.

  32. For the purpose of clarification…The NQC Board did not schedule The Gatlins for this year’s NQC. They were scheduled by Bill Gaither, as a part of his Showcase.

  33. I don’t mean to bring the money arguement up again but I just want throw my two cents in. I see both sides of the situation. The school of thought that groups should want to come without worrying about money because it is the biggest event of the year. I also see that you can’t continue to spread the word if you can’t afford to travel anywhere. Not really taking sides just throwing a thought out.

  34. Just a thought if people would make donations to nqc or dove brothers maybe doves could afford to come

  35. Any one heard of Holy City quratet out of Charleston,Sc

    • Is that the one Jodi Hosterman joined?

      • Yes we saw them with dove brothers in Feb. they are really good group.

  36. I went to one of the first NQCs as a kid, I loved it. I went for many years after that until my career interfered with my free time.
    Now that I once again have free time, I’m going to NQC! But, reading some of these comments have brought back some reservations. I always thought that performing at the NQC was an honor. Sounds like it may be more of a business decision. Money to support the groups is important. But it seems to have taken on a stronger focus with some. I know the problems of covering expenses and applaud those who do it well. Yet, my business background brings me to this one statement. If you produce a good product with good marketing, your profits will come. Whether or not that marketing strategy includes NQC is irrelevant.
    This is religous music with the purpose of presenting Christ. To do it well involves both the head and the heart. To dwell too much on either aspect will produce an unbalanced endeavor with increased risk of failure.
    I applaud those who succeed and support them in every way that I can.
    Looking forward to NQC and all of the great music. Thanks to all of you who work so hard and risk so much to keep this genre alive and well!

  37. A crying shame that one of singing Legends of Gospel music will not be performing on stage. Sis. Naomi ( Sego ) Reader. One of our last legends that can still flat-out sing… A shame too that others won’t be returning this yr.. Maybe it is by choice.. These people will be missed.

    • Is she still regularly touring?

      • Daniel,
        Back in May, she announced another return to gospel music touring.

        Naomi was scheduled at NQC in 2012 and had to cancel due to illness. She then announced she was retiring. She only recently resumed touring, so it’s not quite fair to imply that NQC doesn’t want her there.

      • And in case this wouldn’t be immediately obvious: Linda, NQC had already set their mainstage schedule several months before the May announcement of her return to touring. So she was considered to be retired at the time they set the schedule this time around.

  38. I hope my comments will not be taken in a negative way because I want them to have a positive impact to whatever extent they can have. If I understood what I have read the NQC is supposedly moving to Pigeon Forge because its audience is getting older and cannot handle the stairs at Freedom Hall? Here is where you might think negative…. It would appear to me that if this is the case eventually the audience will eventually become extinct as they die off…. So it appears to me the real need isn’t for a place to have all of us individuals up in years to come too, but to gain a younger audience to eliminate the idea of extinction…I think the drop in attendance is caused by various problems. For instance I had heard a few years ago that a certain group was using tracks that had their full vocals on them and they were just singing along with them… maybe it isn’t true I really don’t know but I would suppose it could be possible? But I think the tracks definitely take away from the excitement of the performance…. For instance I went to here Asleep at the Wheel at the Country Tonight theater in Pigeon Forge and I found their music to be quite exciting as they carried a full band with them. The Oak Ridge Boys carry a full Band with as well as does Sawyer Brown and John Anderson all of these groups are entertainers the same as our gospel groups want to be and claim to be….. and in a lot of ways they are entertaining… maybe I am wrong but I believe that the groups at the top of the Gospel music industry are just as talented as many singers in other genres… but the other genres are bringing the fullness of a live band not a fancy mp3 player… lets bring back the musicians and see what affect that might have… maybe we’ll have to get a building bigger than Freedom Hall?