Tracy Stuffle suffers stroke [#1 of 5]

This post does not have the latest updates on Tracy’s condition; for the latest, click here.

Tracy Stuffle, bass singer and emcee for The Perrys, suffered a stroke last night. Libbi Perry Stuffle posted this: [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

Update on my precious Sweet Tracy. He has had a stroke. It’s not from a clot but from bleeding. He has no movement on the right side. His speech you cannot understand. He however does understand us. He’s in ICU and will be here several days. He will have another CT this morning around 8am or a little after. Here’s what I am BEGGING you to help me pray: that the bleeding stops and his brain doesn’t swell any more than what it is. He has minimal swelling now. And pray God will restore him 100%.

Tracy had just dropped me off at hospital so I could stay the night with our friend Nancy who had breast cancer surgery today. He got about a mile from hospital and whatever this is happened and he wrecked. Thank The Lord he was only a mile from the hospital. He tried to call EMTs himself, but somehow call Bill Bailey. Friends, I am really trying to stay strong I really am, but I really need a whole bunch of God’s strength right now!!! All I know is to be totally honest with you! I am standing on God’s Word that by HIS stripes we ARE healed, in the precious name of Jesus!!!

Please keep Libbi and Tracy in your prayers!

UPDATE, 9 AM: Libbi posted to Facebook: “New CT scan showed increased bleeding. Concerned they may have to put him on vent if this starts effecting his breathing. Dr will be in in a little bit to update me more. His blood pressure is down by medicine.”

UPDATE, 3 PM: Libbi posted another update: 

I just seen the neuro surgeon. The second bleed out in Tracy’s brain is filling up the fluid cavities in his brain. Basically this is like having a stopped up sink with the water still running. The blood left in there is gonna cause pressure on the brain. So the dr is fixin to put a drainage cath in his brain to let the fluids drain out of the fluid cavities. This will only take about 15 mins and is done bedside. Problems that could happen: once in the brain could cause another bleed. 2nd is infection setting up which could go straight to the brain. If this is not done, he will continue to get sleepier and sleepier until he falls into a coma. He’s almost been weaned off Meds to lower his blood pressure. He is stable on the blood pressure.

At 7pm eastern time 6 cst a mass of churches across the United States are gathering to have a prayer vigil on Tracy’s behalf. We would be so honored to have you join with them and my family. Thank you to everyone who has and is praying!!!!

UPDATE, 6 PM: Jared, Tracy’s son, posted: “Tube is in and draining blood off of dads brain which is good, they have him knocked out right now but hopefully we will get to see him awake tonight”

UPDATE, 7:45 PM: Quite a few people, discussing Tracy’s condition on Facebook and elsewhere, have agreed to focus on prayers for Tracy in the 7:00 hour Eastern Time (6:00 Central). So is it any coincidence that this is the hour we get the first favorable update? Jared Stuffle posts: “Last time a few went in dad was wiggling his toes and moving his shoulder on his right side so hopefully he is getting some of it back!” (I think not!)

UPDATE, 1/31/2013: The latest updates on Tracy’s condition are here.

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  1. Praying for Tracy!!!!!!! Daniel, I realize it’s an early morning news story, but don’t think his maiden name is perry 🙂

  2. I am lifting this couple up to God in prayer. He alone is the one Who can do miracles.May God grant healing and peace.

  3. Praying that the bleeding stops, even at this very moment, and praying that Tracy’s functions will be fully restored. Praying for grace, comfort, and strength for family and friends.

  4. Praying for Tracy and all the Stuffles!

  5. Definitely keeping the Stuffles and the Perrys in prayer. Tracy is such a sweet man. May God grant him a full and speedy recovery.

  6. !! Praying for Tracy and the Stuffles! I understand the situation they are going through…

  7. Praying for the whol family!

  8. Praying for Tracy and all of The Perrys.

  9. Praying for all of you…God’s healing touch and His hedge of protection around you and those who are in special need of His strength and mercy. God bless <

  10. The Perry’s are a class act and Tracy and Libby are the salt of the earth. I am joining everyone in prayers for them!

  11. Will keep your sweet husband in our prayers. Had the wonderful chance to meet Libbi and Tracy at RS Central High School in Rutherfordton ,NC on Jan. 17. God is an Almighty God and He will hear each prayer. God bless.

  12. Praying now

  13. praying the bleeding stops and no more swelling occurs.

  14. My prayers for the family in this time of need.

  15. The quartet community here in Brazil is praying for Tracy Stuffle !!

  16. Praying for Tracy, Libby and family. Will never forget Libby singing, “He walks the dark hills”. Trusting for God’s healing hand in Tracy’s life.

  17. Praying for Tracy up here in Canada!, that the GREAT PHYSICIAN ,,the Lord Jesus Christ will put his healing hand upon him. God is in control and no matter what happens he will take care of all circumstances…so Lord, let thy will be done!!…”The Potter Knows The Clay”…

  18. We are praying for the Stuffles. May God oversee and listen to the prayers of the saints interceding on Tracy’s behalf. We trust in our Lord and His infinite will.


  19. This all just really saddens me…I feel so bad for the whole family and the quartet. I am praying that God restores Tracy quickly and that he will allow their ministry to continue. God bless you, Tracy!

  20. Just seen u guys in white pine earlier this year. So so saddened to hear this news. I’ve been praying since 11:00 last night. My heart is heavy.
    Morristown TN

  21. Just heard and putting Tracy and family on our prayer chain. God is still the healer and we are still blessed!

  22. Praying for Tracy and the family in this trying time, just saw The Perry’s last Thursday in Rutherfordton, NC

  23. Praying for healing N for Lib for gods peace, Dr wisdom. Plus. Friends in STL Mo. N. Calif

  24. praying for a true man of god praise the lord coming with giving thanks and devine healing. praying Ezikiel 16-6 when thy was polluted in thy own blood, god brought healing amen, GOD IS THE HEALER OF ALL THINGS and Tracy and Lib pray this god is gonna see your through this amen, and amen

  25. The latest updates on Tracy’s condition are here:

    Now that we have four posts with updates, things could get a little too confusing. So to cut down on the confusion, I’m going to close comments on this post. Please post your thoughts and prayers for Tracy’s recovery on the post with the latest update (or, of course, on the Perrys’ Facebook pages). Thanks!