Greg Day, Stan Shuman, and David Walker launch Midnight Cry

Three Gospel Music veterans have decided to join forces and launch a new trio, Midnight Cry. Tenor David Walker has performed with the Anchormen, the Singing Americans, and the Kingdom Heirs, and was a five-time nominee for Favorite Tenor in the Singing News Fan Awards. In the years since his time on the road, he has been operating a mechanical contracting business and serving (alongside his wife RenĂ©) as a facilitator for the Lampo Group, which includes Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University.” He is the father of current Perrys baritone Bryan Walker. Lead singer Greg Day and baritone Stan Shuman have both toured as members of Danny Funderburk and Mercy’s Way. Baritone Stan Shuman has been involved in Southern Gospel for over forty years, first hitting the road in 1970. He has also been a member of the Roger Horne Trio, Jerry & the Singing Goffs, and Naomi & the Segos.

All three members are songwriters. Stan Shuman has written over 100 songs, including “Somebody Touched Heaven For Me,” and had cuts by The Kingsmen, Gold City, and the Dixie Melody Boys. David Walker has written two charting Southern Gospel radio singles. And, of course, among Greg Day’s many songs is the Gold City mega-hit “Midnight Cry,” written with his brother, Chuck.

Their website and Facebook pages will be announced shortly.

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  1. Folks in the Smoky Mountains area are in for a real treat this weekend.
    Inside Facebook, go here:
    Outside Facebook, go here:

    • A little bit more clarification is in order for the non-Facebook user:
      From the Midnight Cry public event page created by Stan Shuman comes the details for the three concerts this weekend ending 01/27.13.


      January 26th Sat. Sevierville Church of God in Sevierville, TN 7:00 pm (same as above)

      January 27th Sun. am Leadville Baptist Church in White Pine, TN 10:30 am
      Leadvale Baptist Church,Street: 874 Leadvale Church Road
      White Pine, TN, 37890-4615, (865) 674-0048
      January 27th Sun. pm

      Boyds Creek Baptist in Seymour, TN 7:00 pm

  2. first let me say i just found.the updates on Tracy have been appricated. now the two new groups MIDNIGHT CRY JORDAN’S BRIDGE JUST MADE MY DAY. IWOULD LIKE TO GO ON YOUR E MAIL LIST AND ALSO HOW TO ON midnight crys. thank you.

  3. FYI- Midnight Cry’s website can be found at

  4. Dave, really excited about hearing you guys sing. Heard you are going to be at Cornerstone Baptist Church. What are the dates when you will be up? Thanks and God Bless!! Chuck