Tracy Stuffle stroke update (3): Urgent Prayer Requested [#3 of 5]

This post does not have the latest updates on Tracy’s condition; for the latest, click here.

Tracy Stuffle, bass singer for The Perrys, had a stroke on Monday. We have posted a number of updates here and here. Libbi Perry Stuffle, his wife, marked the latest update “urgent”: 

Urgent prayers needed!!!! Tracy has a 103 degree Neurological infection/fever!!! They have ice on him in areas and they are putting a cooling blanket under him. 

UPDATE, 10:15 AM: Libbi posts: “Temp is down to 99.3 from 103.5, but they are doing a chest ex ray to check lungs. They seem to think there is bacteria somewhere. But even their highest acting antibiotics have not worked. His vitals are a little higher than has been. But, this could be happening due to the part of brain that controls the body temp being effected from bleed out! Just don’t know right now.”

UPDATE, 1/26, 7 AM: Perrys lead singer Joseph Habedank posts: “Tracy is doing good tonight!!! Praise The Lord!!!!!! Vitals have returned to their normal state. He still has a temperature of 100.7 tho. Waiting on blood culture results to come back concerning where the infection is. He’s heavily sedated to let his body and brain rest after a bad morning!”

UPDATE, 1/26, 8 AM: A more detailed update from Libbi:

Tracy done good through the night. Was off the blood pressure medicine all night! And his blood pressure stayed in area of 117 / 64. They turned it back on just now because it went up while they were changing his sheets and bathing him. Temp is 101. Praise God, Praise God, Thank You Jesus!!!

Waiting on blood culture results to come back on infection. Chest X-ray showed chest congestion & fluid. Gave him lasiks to remove fluid. They have him almost fully sedated in order to let his body and brain rest from yesterday morning being so bad.

And I was able to sleep 4 hrs!!! Plan on slipping in some cat naps through out the day!!!

Thank you to TaRanda Greene for being there for me yesterday!!
Please know I cherish every prayer you pray for us!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE, 1/26, 7 PM: Libbi updates: “Tracy’s blood pressure is spiking and his temp is 102. They have ice packs around him and cooling blanket on him. Blood cultures preliminary came back that there was no infection in the blood. Doctor seems to think it’s coming from lungs.”

UPDATE, 1/27, 8 AM: Libbi updates: 

Yesterday was a rough day for Tracy. Last night his blood pressure and temp started rising. From 6 to 8 am & pm we have to leave ICU. I take the evening time to go to motel to shower and get refreshed. I admit I was a little down, well truth is a lot down! Before we left the motel to come back to hospital, my family gathered around me and prayed. When finished, I sat there for a few minutes gathering myself off the floor. When I stood up I said let’s go fight! All the way to the hospital something was rising up inside me! Walked into Tracy’s ICU room and all his vital signs were good. TaRanda Greene has been a great support to me the past couple days. We were texting and somewhere out of the blue it hit me like lightening!! The devil has got to turn loose of Tracy’s body and turn loose from trying to defeat us in our minds! I put my foot down and declared war on the devil! We are warriors!! We have the greatest ammo on earth and it’s called prayer! I texted all of my family that “war was declared on satan!” I told them to suit up and let’s fight! I got permission from Tracy’s nurse to have all my family members who were at the hospital to come into his room and have a old fashion “come to Jesus prayer meeting!” I told them what things we were gonna pray about and told them if anyone in that room had any doubts to leave the room. No one left! I can’t tell you everything that happened, but God was in the room!! We prayed and sang!! That’s been almost 11 hours ago, all of Tracy’s vitals have been sitting on normal!!! Most of these without any help medically! I read healing scriptures over him and prayed over every area of his body!!! No, it’s not about what did, but it’s about what God did!! I am expecting a great miracle to take place!!! This is war!! Put on the whole Armour of God, and let’s send the devil packing back to hell where he came from!!!!! And in the mean time I want to kick his teeth clear out of his body and bruise his ole lying, no truth in him’s head!!!!!!!! If you don’t believe or agree with this, step away!

UPDATE, 1/28: Libbi updates: “Tracy had a good night and half day yesterday. Yesterday afternoon temp started creeping back up. Then the blood pressure started elevating. As of right now nothing has changed. Temp is still 100.1. They have ice packs and fan on him. Looks as tho he may have start of pneumonia. It’s a roller coaster ride, but with this type of brain injury and trauma, this stuff goes with the territory. Dr said yesterday, it’s just gonna take time. ” 

UPDATE, 1/29, 9 AM: Libbi posts: “Tracy had a pretty good night last night. Temp stayed between 99 & 100. Blood pressure stayed stable. Looking for new miracles today!! No matter the size we will take them!! Thank you to Matt Hagee, Aaron & Amanda Crabb, Jeff LaBorg for coming and praying over Sweet T!!! Means more than you will know!! Thank you to Candy Christmas, Linda DeVault, Alisa Grubb, Norman Holland, Carolyn Minick, and Jamie & Kristi Jamie Bramlett , Mike Gibson for food, snacks and drinks!!”

UPDATE, 1/29, 9:30 AM: Another post from Libbi: “Tracy Stuffle will be having a CT scan sometime today to check to see if there’s been any improvement in the brain where the two hemorrhages were. Please pray the scan will show improvement!! Not sure what time, but will give an update as soon as I have results.”

UPDATE, 1/31/2013: The latest updates on Tracy’s condition are here.

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  1. Have been praying and will continue to do so.

  2. Praying hard that his temp will go down!

  3. I am in tears about this…our prayers now continue to lift up Tracy!

  4. My heart and prayers are with you
    I am glad the Lord never leaves us nor forsakes us
    He is good all the time and you are precious in His sight

  5. We have seen the Perrys many times, many places and always appreciate their music. We watched Tracy lose weight as well. So did we this past year – both 70 pounds each.
    I also had two styrokes in 2006. I was open9ing a ministers conference in Milwaukee and, obviously couldn’t attend myself. I have very little residual affect and most people wouldn’t know I’d ever been sick, so there IS life after a stroke!
    A bit of imbalance especially in the dark and a bit of difficulty going down a set of stairs is about all I have to deal with.
    We’re praying and believing with you! Lord, especially strengthen Libbi, in Jesus’ Name!

  6. GOD had allready laid yaw upon my heart before i heard about this and now i know why GOD laid yaw upon my heart and ill tell you that we are praying for you guys . we love to hear yaw sing . were still praying for him

  7. We were on the Inspiration cruise to the Bahamas when we heard the news about Tracy. We have all been praying for him and for Libby. We believe God will answer our prayers and he will make a full recovery. Contact us if we can help in any way.

  8. Praying for Libby and Tracy. And their family. As remember God is the Great Healer and Physician.
    Lost a paternal grandma to this two years ago nearly. Really know the feeling. 🙁

  9. We have been praying for Tracy since the stroke. I was so uplifted when I read that Libby Took a Stand” against the devil. I agree!!! Devil get thee behind and I demand you take your hands off of Tracy in Jesus Name!!!! Prayers are goin up for this “whole family””!

  10. Standing with you in prayer today for that miracle!

  11. In Jesus’ name we bind you Satan. You are defeated. This dear man is a child of the King. You have no right to be in that hospital room. We command you in Jesus’ name to leave and go back to the Pitt frm whence you came. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.

  12. Amen! Lib! God is on your said, and satan needs to take a hike!

    • Well that was supposed to say “God is on your side” THAT IS HOW MAD SATAN MAKES ME!

  13. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit I lift up Tracy and his entire family to You Almighty Father for You are The Great Physician and Healer. So I pray Your will be done for this holy man and his family. Give them Your healing and strength. Amen

  14. We are all still praying!

  15. Wow! Still praying Lib!

  16. Love the Perry’s praying for a quick healing and God grace to be with the family

  17. The latest updates on Tracy’s condition are here:

    Now that we have four posts with updates, things could get a little too confusing. So to cut down on the confusion, I’m going to close comments on this post. Please post your thoughts and prayers for Tracy’s recovery on the post with the latest update (or, of course, on the Perrys’ Facebook pages). Thanks!