Saturday News Roundup #156

Worth Knowing

  • The Hoskins Family has returned to the road on what, according to dates listed on their schedule, appears to be a part-time basis. They were a nationally prominent group, on the Daywind roster, until lead singer Angie Hoskins Aldridge tore a vocal cord in 2006, forcing the group off the road (open letter here). This week, their booking company (Patterson Promotions) announced that they have again joined the Daywind roster.
  • Several weeks ago, we reported that former HisSong tenor Adam Elrod had launched his own group, Adam’s Call. It appears that he has now left the group. The group issued a press release yesterday announcing a new alto singer, Melissa Duvall. Even though their namesake has left the building, the group will still retain the name Adam’s Call.

Worth Watching

We’ve spent the week praying for Tracy Stuffle. Here’s a blast from the past, where he takes a lead on a convention song twenty-three years ago!

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Loved seeing this old video. I remember seeing them all those years ago, too.

    Who’s the guy playing the piano for them? Anyone know??


    • Libbi’s brother-in-law Chuck Trivette played for them in the 90’s. i believe that is him.

  2. Adam Elrod to Gold City maybe? Or maybe mark trammell qt?

    • Perhaps, but I’d be surprised. He’s not within the range of vocal types that either group has historically hired.

  3. Ernie Haase and SS are live-streaming a concert RIGHT NOW. Watch here: