Update on Tracy Stuffle [#4 of 5]

This post does not have the latest updates on Tracy’s condition; for the latest, click here.

Ten days ago, Tracy Stuffle, bass singer for The Perrys, suffered a massive stroke. We’ve posted three posts with updates, here, here, and here. Those are now deep enough in the archives that it’s time for a new one. Libbi Perry Stuffle, his wife, posted an extensive update last night:

I want to first apologize for not updating sooner. I had all intentions to do it this afternoon and I fell asleep in the waiting room and slept for 2 hours!!!

The CT scan showed no new bleeds and the brain shows signs of healing! Whoop, whoop!!! Praise The Lord. The blood that is coming thru the drainage cath has turned dark red which is a sign of old blood. So it’s on it’s way to clearing up. Praise The Lord!!!

They will be inserting a temporary trach so they can remove air vent from the mouth. When this is done, they will be able to start waking him up gradually. At this point we will be able to see how he responds.

Lungs: the culture from the lungs came back and it showed there’s staph/pneumonia. We will know tomorrow if its MRSA. He’s been on 2 different antibiotics, so we will be a little ahead of the game. Temp is staying around 100 to 101. Blood pressure has been stable all day!!! Praise The Lord again!!!!

Please, stop right now and just Praise God and give Him all the glory for this HE has done!!! I am closer to getting to see those beautiful green eyes that I fell in love with over 25 yrs ago!!!!!!!

UPDATE, 2/1, 6:30 A.M.: Libbi posts: 

The past couple of days and nights have been really good days for Tracy. Praise The Lord!!!!! He seems to be resting really well. He’s off all medication except for IV fluids and sedation medicine. His vitals seem to be staying stable.
His results from lung culture showed no signs of MRSA!!! Another Praise The Lord!!!! All he has is staph pneumonia in lungs. Please pray that will completely heal! Also, the preliminary results of infection in brain came back negative!! The final report should be back in about 4 days. Triple Praise The Lord!!!
Here’s where I need you to help me prayer! Today 2/1/13 @ 3 pm cst, Tracy’s air tube in his mouth will be removed and a temporary trach will replace it. Please pray:
1: The doctor (Dr. Wilcox) will trace God’s hands during this surgery to place the trach in without any complications.
2: He will tolerate the surgery which will be done bedside in the ICU room.
3. Pray there will be NO complications afterwards!

Thanks again to everyone who have brought hot meals, care baskets, gift cards, motel rooms and love gifts! I have been so overwhelmed and grateful for your out pouring of love toward Tracy Stuffle! I have always been a giver and times like this is hard for me, because someone else is being the giver and we are the receivers. Thank you all for loving us!!!

For those wanting to send cards to Tracy, please send to:
Tracy Stuffle / 1774 Shagbark Way / Gallatin, TN / 37066

Gotta get some sleep now!! Don’t forget the special prayer request above!!

Love ya!!!

UPDATE, 2/1, 3:30 P.M.: Libbi writes: “Urgent Prayer: Tracy’s drainage cath in the brain is not putting out like it should be, so they are wanting to remove drain and replace with new one. Thinking the one that is in is stopped up. With this procedure we risk another bleed as it did with the present drainage cath. They will be doing this in the next few minutes. Please pray!!!!!!!”

UPDATE, 2/1, 7 PM: An update from Barbara Huffman: “Tracy’s brain cath replacement was a success. God is good!”

UPDATE, 2/1, 8:15 PM: An update from Libbi:

What a day! Been a day of mixed emotions. We knew Tracy was gonna have to have the trach inserted so they could remove the breathing tube through the mouth. Early afternoon I was told that the drainage cath. going into his brain was stopped up and wasn’t draining. I had to sign the papers to ok for the Neuro Surgeon to replace the old drainage cath with a new one. With that, you have the risk of a new bleed, infection and other severe things. We prayed and then Randy (my brother) and I had prayer with the surgeon. Yes, the surgeon is a Christian and welcomed the prayer. Tracy’s neuro surgeon is Dr. Arthur Ulm. God has undoubtable placed him in our pathway for this appointed time!!!!! The surgery was a success!!! The minute the new drain was in place it started draining!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! The cranial pressure in the brain started dropping, which is what we needed to happen!
Shortly after the replacement of the drainage cath, Dr. Wilcox removed breathing tube from mouth and put a trach in. Everything with that procedure went good.
Earlier in the day they put a Peg feeding tube into Tracy’s stomach. So needless to say, it’s been a very busy and stressful day, but God is so good and we praise Him for His grace and mercies !!!
Tracy has had one of the sweetest, Godly nurses the past three days!! Her name is Ms Kay! She has rejoiced with us and cried with us. Today after the drainage tube was in place and working properly sweet Ms Kay raised her hands toward heaven with tears in her eyes and said ohhh, Thank You Jesus!!!!! It was truly a moment!!!!! Now, they will let Tracy rest over the weekend and next week if all goes well, will start slowly weaning him off the sedation to wake him up. This will be a very slow process, as to not raise the blood pressure.
We request that he has no visitors this weekend except immediate family members only so his body and brain can rest and heal.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my Sweet T!!! I will never, ever be able to thank you enough for standing with me and my family during this journey that God has chosen for us to travel. I wish I could take my heart out and show you my gratitude for everything that has been done for the past week and a half!!! Please DON’T stop praying!!!!!
I love you all!!!

UPDATE, 2/2, 9:45 AM: An update from Libbi:

A new obstacle this morning! I have to leave Tracy’s ICU room from 6 to 8 am & pm. I came back in Tracy’s room at 8 am. Nurses were bathing him. The nurse tells me that Tracy is having some skin break down, mainly on his right side. She then shows me and I am shocked. Mainly under his arm and on his hip on right side. Then another place under his arm on left side. We do NOT need this in the Name of Jesus, God’s Son be gone!!!!

Haven’t seen the doctor yet to see what the plan of attack is. Blood pressure started elevating about 5am, which seems to be a pattern. Giving him Meds for that. Temp is still rocking between 99.8 to 101.8.

Can I just say I am holding on to faith, but my brain and mind are worn out!!! Praying today will bring new mercies and new miracles, in the name of Jesus Christ, God’s son!!

UPDATE, 2/3, 7 AM: An update from Libbi:

Sitting here in chair in Teacy’s ICU room fixin to go to sleep. Today started out rough, but God is faithful to turn the day around. We didn’t stay in his room much today because we wanted him to rest and his brain to rest. His vitals all stayed good. I was so upset after seeing the spots of skin breakdowns on him, so I decided to take a nap to try to settle down. I slept about 4 hrs and it felt good!! Needless to say I voiced my opinion to the nurse today about why someone wasn’t watching for this stuff! I tried not to get in the flesh and hurt my testimony!!

Watched the guys a little online tonight in Lakeland, FL. They did a great job!!! Leah Leah Melissa Page my fill in is doing incredible!! Been hearing great things about them from people who are continuing to support them. I trust them and know they will give 110%!

Tracy is resting well. Temp is stay about 99.8 to 102. Blood pressure wants to climb here and there.

Today started off rough, but God turned it all around.

Looking for new mercies and new miracles!!!!

UPDATE, 2/4, 7 AM: Libbi updates: “Today has been a pretty quiet day. Praise The Lord!! We’ve just took the past couple of days to let Tracy rest without any visitors. I even stayed in waiting room most of time, except in the morning hours. Everything has pretty well been stable all day. His temp has these crazy spells of going up, but most time will come down with Tylenol. Drainage from his brain is beginning to be more clear, which is a good thing! As soon as his cranial pressure drops some more they will start slowly trying to wake him up some. Praying that comes this week! I sure do miss looking into his eyes!!”

UPDATE, 2/5, 7 AM: Libbi updates: “Today was another good day. Rather quiet, but good. Tracy had another CT scan today and I will know the results in the morning. If everything looks good and his cranial pressure looks good, they will gradually bring him out of coma. I am trusting God for a miracle! That Tracy’s mental and physical capacities will return 100%! Please pray and believe this with me!”

UPDATE, 2/5, 12 Noon: Libbi updates: “The Neuro team gave a thumbs up for the sedation to be decreased gradually. As of an hour ago the first turn back began! They will watch all his vitals and cranial pressure to make for sure nothing gets out of whack.”

UPDATE, 2/6. 6 AM: Libbi updates: “Drs have begun to wean Tracy off of sedation. Today was the first day and vitals stayed within normal range all day. When I returned from motel cleaning up tonight his blood pressure was a little elevated. Don’t know if they will turn back sedation again tomorrow or not. Guess it will depend on vitals in the morning. I will update in the morning.  Thank you to my brother Randy and sister in love Mary Brown Perry for being here this past week! Gonna sleep now! Please join me in praying for a new day of miracles!!!!”

UPDATE, 2/6, 12:30 PM: Libbi updates:

Tracy is doing good this morning other than having a little issue with his blood pressure wanting to go up. They have taken him down a little more on his sedation this morning. Temp has been down to 99 all night. PTL!!! The trach he has is gonna have to be replaced due to a leak in it. He’s getting the oxygen he needs, but it’s making awful sound.
Nurses and Drs are amazed at the cards he has received! Even more amazed when I tell them I couldn’t get them all up!
The love that has been shown to my family during this time has been incredible!!! My heart along with my family is grateful and thankful!!!!! Please know this!!!!!!!! This is day 16 and God is Good!!!
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. (Philippians 4:8 KJV)

Thinking on God’s mercy, grace and love today!!! He’s the lifter of my head!!!!!

UPDATE, 2/7, 6:11 AM: Libbi updates: “Wow, I am so wound up I don’t know where to begin! Tracy was taken totally off all sedation meds Weds about lunch. I have stayed in his room just about all day to see if he would show signs of waking up. I started noticing some movement under his eyelids. Then he started yawning. I would sing to him and he would scrunch his forehead up and would move his mouth for a bit. I went to clean up at motel this evening and came back and started putting up his 91 cards he got today. After my sister Debra and I finished hanging the cards we started talking to him. I lifted his eyelid and he looked over to where I was. Then, I ask him to hold my hand or squeeze it. He squeezed it pretty good. He also moved his left foot and leg on command! I am sitting here by his bed watching his hand move!!! I will take this miracle!!! Thank You Sweet Jesus!!!!!! All praise, glory and honor belongs to Him!!!!! I will take these small miracles any day!! Even tho small they will add up! Need to try to sleep, but I’m afraid I will miss something!! Will update later?”

UPDATE, 2/10: Things seem to have turned a corner. On Friday, his wife, Libbi Perrry Stuffle, posted:

Just saw the lady neuro dr and she’s excited that she seen movement this morning from Tracy squeezing her hand on command, moving his arm. Moving his left leg and wait for it…….his right leg! It’s a little weaker but it moved! She said he is working really hard on opening his eyes! Her words were, KEEP PRAYING!!!! And she was smiling from ear to ear!! I said oh, we are still praying and not giving up!!! 
When I was straightening his fingers out on right hand just now, he moved that hand! So, GO GOD GO!!!!!!!!! 
Blood pressure is still being controlled with med and hoping at some point to be able to take him off, but it’s still too high for that right now! Preliminary blood cultures came back no growth in any of the cultures that were taken including the brain!!!! GO GOD GO!!!!!

Yesterday morning, she added: “WELL GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tracy just opened his eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prettiest sight I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!! Thank You sweet Jesus for another miracle!!!!!! GO GOD GO!!!!!!!! About to have a shoutin fit right here in this ICU room!!!!!!!!”

She added this yesterday evening: “Tracy’s had a lot of movement w/ his left side & slight movement on right side. Trying to talk, can’t because of trach. Opened eyes twice.”

UPDATE, 2/10, 2:39 PM: A new update and prayer request: 

Dr Ulm, Tracy’s neurological Dr just came in to let me know that they have detected an early bacteria infection in the brain where the drainage cath is at. They started Tracy on a couple different antibiotics yesterday when they felt like this was the case. They are being very aggressive with treatment for this. A disease doctor will come in in the morning to make sure it’s being treated with the right antibiotics. Prayer #1 is PRAY the antibiotics they have him on now will kill this bacteria. This is cause from the cath being in so long.

Prayer #2 
Dr. Ulm is gonna start this week clamping off the drainage cath to see if the ICP (inter cranial pressure) will stay low or go up. If the pressure stays low where it should be, they can remove the cath. If not, this will require a permanent shunt in the brain going down and being wrapped around the stomach so the fluid can re-absorb back into the body. This will require surgery to do this. Please help me prayer that the ICP will stay low where it should so we don’t have to go through this process.

Dr. Ulm said this bacteria infection could be what’s causing him to not fully wake up.

This is where we are at at this time. Please help me pray!!!!

UPDATE, 2/10, 11:00 PM: A new update:

Been a great day! Tracy has opened his eyes about 7 or 8 times. He’s smiled some. We’ve held hands a lot. He tries talking but, we can’t hear him because of the trach. 
We are still fighting and making progress! May not be the progress we would like to see but at least it’s progress! 
If tomorrow comes, we will rise up and fight again, one day at a time!!! 
Please continue to pray the antibiotics will kill the bacterial infection in the brain around the catheter quick! Also, for ICP to be normal when they clamp it off so Tracy will not have to have surgery to insert permanent shunt.
Thank You Sweet Jesus for being true to Your Word!!! I love You!!!!

UPDATE, 2/13, 5 AM: An update from Libbi:

I know some of y’all are wondering what’s up with no updates in the last 24 hours. I don’t won’t to inundate you with too many updates, especially when nothing has really changed. 
We are in a holding pattern right now waiting to see how the bacterial infection around the drainage cath in brain is reacting to the two different kinds of antibiotics. The temperature started going up last night and has stayed around 100.7 to 101. 
They were hoping to wean him off the breathing machine, but with the body fighting hard to fight off the infection, it’s not allowing for that to happen just yet. 
ICP fluid is looking really good. Almost totally clear!! Haven’t heard when they will start clamping the tube to see if pressure will stay normal. 
Tracy was actually awake last night for almost an hour and half! I talked a lot to him and he would respond with hand gestures or nodding head. I exercise his arms, legs, ankles, fingers and arms. I sing to him, play music for him and my last nightly thing is to anoint him and pray over him. Usually Randy, my brother will be on speaker phone and we pray together. And, usually there’s one of my family members with me. Then I have my own prayer time on my knees in front of my recliner! This is our nightly routine. God’s been sooo good!!! Even in the valley He IS good!!
Please keep praying!!!!

UPDATE, 2/14: An update from Libbi:

They have turned off the ventilator for a while for Tracy’s breathing. Trying him breathing on his own(CPap). He’s been off since 10:30am and so far so good!!!!!! His nurse today said he’s never seen a patient pull the volume that Tracy is doing on his own. The nurse is so excited! another miracle!!! GO GOD GO!!!!!! Thank You Sweet Jesus!!!! Keep praying!!!

UPDATE, 2/15, 5 AM: An update from Libbi:

This morning started out to be a rough one. I was not made aware of the neurologist raising the ICP scale for Tracy’s brain drainage cath yesterday. I knew yesterday evening, last night and this morning he was unresponsive, but didn’t know why. Until I expressed my concerns with his nurse this morning and she told me about the neuro dr trying to see how Tracy’s brain would do by raising the ICP scale. Needless to say they had to move the scale back down where it was. Within a few minutes he was back to responding, opening his eyes and moving his left arm and leg. His blood pressure dropped to 97/67 which also alerted me something wasn’t right. After all this, things turned around quickly which I really believe was God working!! Tracy however did great through the night being off the vent and on CPap! And he’s still doing great! 
He was very much alert this afternoon and tonight when friends came by to see him, by opening his eyes, giving thumbs up, or smiling. TaRanda Greene even got him to stick his tongue out at her! 
Thanks to David McCray Dove, The Hoppers, the Dillmans, The Grubbs for coming by today and tonight. Night before last Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, Jonathan Allen Wilburn, Jordan Wilburn and Kyle Underwood came by. So many of Tracy’s friends have went above and beyond by coming by, bringing snacks, drinks and just offering their help!! My family has been incredible to come and be with me every day. They have a schedule of when they are suppose to be here!! I love them for all their sacrifices to come and rally around me!!!! That’s true family!!!! 
Well, God gave me my miracle I ask for today!!! All I wanted for Valentines Day was for him to open his eyes and he did and then some!!!! God how merciful 
You are to me, when I don’t even deserve it I love You!!!

UPDATE, 2/16, 6 AM: Perrys manager Bill Bailey has issued an open letter encouraging fans to support the Perrys by attending their concerts and continuing to book them for concerts.

UPDATE, 2/16, 2 PM: Libbi posts:

Tracy has had two great days! Dr. Ulm his neurologist said yesterday evening that the progress that Tracy has made in the past 24 almost 48 hrs has been miraculous!!! Well, GLORY!!!

Tracy did excellent on the trach collar yesterday! He stayed on from 7 to 7! They took it off at 7pm to let him rest thru the night. They put him back on at 7am this morning and is gonna try him til 10pm tonight.

He had a great night resting! Temp has remained normal for 24 hrs!! He’s staying awake and opening his eyes a lot more! He’s smiling a lot. Our little friend Gracie came to see him yesterday and he lit up like a Christmas tree! He held her hand and smiled at her! She was kissing his hand and loving on him. I think that was good medicine for him!

Saints, I can’t thank y’all enough for bombarding the throne room daily on Tracy’s behalf!!!! Today is day 26 and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all y’all’s prayers, love and support!!!! Please don’t let up!!! We love you all!!!

Thank You Jesus for Your touch to Tracy’s body!!! I thank You for this valley and journey that You have chosen for us. May we stay faithful and true to You!!! I love You!!!!

UPDATE, 2/18, 9 PM: This afternoon, Libbi posted: “When it rains, it pours! Sport our poodle ran out of the house today and ran behind a car in drive way as the car was backing out! JK is at vet hospital with him now. Vet said he knew one back leg was paralyzed, but gonna have to knock him out so they can X-ray him to see if anything else is wrong. Sport is 13, so this probably ain’t gonna be good for him! He was also Tracy’s lap dog.” This evening, she posted that she left the (human) hospital for the first time in twenty-eight days, to go to the vet hospital as Sport was put down.

UPDATE, 2/19, 7:45 PM: Libbi posted:

The neurologist will be replacing Tracy’s EVD drainage cath sometime in the morning. This one will be coated with antibiotics and placed in the same path as the one in now. As I have stated before there are risks when reinserting the cath. Risks are: more infection and it could cause another brain bleed. I am not fond of having to sign the release papers for this procedure, but as I signed it a few moments ago I just had to place this in God’s hands. 
I know I have ask y’all to pray so much before, but I know it works! So I am asking you again to please pray that The doctor performing this procedure with trace God’s hands. Pray there will be no infection and no bleed out! In Jesus’ Name, amen!!!!

UPDATE, 2/20, noon: Libbi posted: “Ok so this procedure of replacing drainage cath will not be done in his room as before today. Chris his nurse said this is gonna be a CT guided procedure. So they will be doing this In the OR. Dr Ulm will be doing this procedure! Will let y’all know more when they let me know something. Don’t have a time yet. “

UPDATE, 2/20, 5:45 PM: Libbi posted: “Just went back to see Tracy. They are preparing him now to go to the OR to perform the procedure of replacing drainage cath in the brain. The DR performing the surgery is Dr Arthur Ulm. Please pray for Dr Ulm to trace God’s hand with this procedure. Tracy was wide awake when I just went back, so he’s aware of what’s going on! I will update as soon as they update me!! God he’s in Your Hands!”

UPDATE, 2/20, 8:23 PM: Libbi posted: “Tracy’s out and everything went great. He will be out of it most of the night. But surgeon seems to think this will be a step forward! We just have to pray no more infection!!! Thank you for praying!! Please don’t stop!!!!!”

UPDATE, 2/22, 4:30 PM: Libbi posted: “What a great morning!!!!! Tracy has been very alert, very responsive in the past 72 hours!! This morning the nurses were able to get Tracy up and sit him in a special chair!!!!! This has been the first time in 32 days he’s been able to sit up. His vital signs stayed great the whole time he was up!! You want to talk about a shoutin fit!! Praise God from whom all blessings and miracles flow!!!!!!!!!!! Go GOD GO!!!!!!! “

UPDATE, 2/23, 1:15 PM: Libbi posted: “Devil trying his best to still the joy of yesterday today. The drainage cath has stopped draining. This morning instead of fluid coming off brain being clear like it has had a little bit of blood in it. All his numbers look good is the strange thing. The neuro dr is on his way in to check him out.”

UPDATE, 2/24/13, 7:27 AM: Last night, Libbi posted: “Tracy is having a CT scan done right now. We will know shortly if drainage cath will have to be replaced or not. Will update as soon as I find out more.”

UPDATE, 2/25/13, 1:30 PM: Things have taken a turn in the wrong direction. Here’s the latest from Libbi:

I know it’s been a day or so since I’ve had an update, but it’s been one of those situations of waiting to see what happens. As I posted Saturday morning I woke up to the fluid from Tracy’s EVD drain in the brain having a little blood in it after being clear for over a week. I wanted to vomit when I seen it! Because this would indicate another brain bleed. At 10am the drain stopped draining altogether!! This was even more concerning because the drain is what keeps the fluid and pressure off the brain. The neurologist was called in and a CT was done. The CT scan results showed no new bleed, but showed the EVD drainage cath had slid out a little. The blood they figured had came from incision. During this whole process of events Tracy was still awake and responsive. The neuro dr said they would watch him over night to see how he did and would decide later if the EVD would need to be replaced or not by how alert and responsive he continued to be. That evening I was trimming Tracy’s nails back and noticed blood underneath two of his fingernails. Are you seeing the picture here? After seeing this we decided that he had messed with the incision area during the night. After being monitored every hour for the past couple days the neuro dr has decided maybe everything is working the way it should be. So they removed the EVD this morning. Shortly after removing the drain all of Tracy’s numbers started going crazy. They immediately did a CT scan, which show when they removed the cath it caused another bleed. They are trying to get his numbers stable. They will be replacing drainage cath here shortly. We will see what happens from there. Please pray!!!

UPDATE, 2/25/13, 7 PM: Libbi updates: “A new drainage cath was inserted at 1pm and it did not drain anything at all. Neuro dr said blood must be so thick it’s clogged the new cath. So, they are replacing it. This will be #5. With each replacement you have more risk. Will update as soon as we know something on the new one.”

UPDATE, 2/25/13, 9 PM: Libbi updates: “The new EVD drainage cath IS draining!!!!! It’s already put out 22 cc of fluid!!!! Hallelujah Praise the Lamb of God!!!!!!!!!! To God be all the glory, praise and honor!!!!”

UPDATE, 2/26/13: Libbi updates:

Tracy did well through the night. His vital signs held their own. After breathing on his on last week and the weekend after yesterday’s events was put back on the ventilator. He is under sedation again to let the body and brain rest and heal. The important thing right now is keeping the ICP (cranial pressure down.) So far it’s been within reason. The nurse said he responded some this morning with thumbs up, but they are trying not to stimulate the brain too much. So, once again I am asking that he receive no visitors at this time other than immediate family members.
I deeply appreciate all prayers love and concern!!! I wish I could respond to every email, messages and post, but at this time it’s just not possible.
Please keep praying!!!! God has blessed us with a new day, new mercies and new miracles!!!
I will try to update this evening or if anything changes.
We love each of you!!!!!
Go GOD Go!!!!

UPDATE, 2/26/13, 6 AM: Libbi posts:

Just left the hospital and came to the hotel to sleep. The night nurses are having to watch Tracy more closely and checking on him more frequently, so they have suggested for me to come to motel the past 4 nights to sleep. I felt guilty the first couple of nights, but I’m only two streets over from hospital and the nurses have promises to call me if anything changes.

Tracy rested well today. He’s still sedated and probably will be for a few more days. His cranial pressure has come down from 15 to rocking between 7 & 10. A good pressure reading is 0-5. The EVD is still draining well pulling about 10 to 15 cc of fluid off the brain every hour. The fluid doesn’t seem to have as much blood as this morning, but still more than what we want to see.

Tracy’s situation is still very, very critical! We are still asking for no visitors at this time. I have to protect him and make sure that he is getting the rest and quietness that his body and brain needs to heal from this 4th bleed. I myself will be spending more time in the waiting room than before. Just because I don’t wont his pressure to go up if he can hear us in the room.

I am grateful for another day of life with my Sweet T! I am standing still waiting to see the mighty move of God’s hands in this situation! I have to give thanks to God for entrusting us with this journey of the unknown for us. I don’t understand it, but I don’t have to, all I have to do is trust Him and His all sufficient Grace to sustain us during this time!

UPDATE, 2/26/13, 8 AM: Libbi posts: “Just received a call from hospital and they are taking Tracy for a CT scan. His cranial pressure in the past couple hours has been 28. This is way high! This could mean several different things. I will update as soon as I get there and see what the CT scan shows.”

UPDATE, 2/26/13, 2 PM: Libbi posts: “CT scan shows no change. They have put him into a medically induced coma and will be for a week. Drainage cath is draining properly and where it’s suppose to be. Ventricles are the same, no change in size. Fluid from drainage seems to be lighter. All his vitals are doing good. He’s back on the ventilator. If anything changes I will update.”

UPDATE, 2/28/13, 7 AM: Libbi posts: “Just got back to hotel from hospital. Not much change other than the cranial pressure going up and down. Finally this afternoon they gave him a high dose of sodium to try to help flush some of the fluid build up in the ventricles out thru the kidneys. That brought pressure down from 22 to 17. Praying it doesn’t rise anymore. His heart rate to me was a wee bit up before I left, but I think it was close to med time.  I will post updates if anything changes. If I don’t post then you know things are still the same. Again I can’t say thank you enough to all you prayer warriors!!!! My heart swells thinking about the love you all have for my precious Sweet T!!!”

UPDATE, 2/28/13, 12 M: Libbi posts: “Tracy’s ICP is 27. They are gonna keep room completely silent today and not stimulate him at all to see if this will help bring the ICP down. They have him on a 3% sodium drip. Everything else is about the same. I have not seen the neurologist yet, so I don’t know what other plans they may have for him today.”

UPDATE, 2/28/13, 1 PM: Libbi posts: “Just talked to Neuro Dr Darice and Tracy’s ICP is 13!! Down from 27!!! Gonna increase the sodium IV treatment to try to absorb more fluid. She said he is very sensitive to any lights and sounds. But, they have him sedated as much as the blood pressure will allow.”

UPDATE, 2/28/13, 4 PM: Libbi posts: “Just went back to check on Sweet T and his ICP cranial pressure has fell from 13 to 11 in the past 3 hrs!!!! Praise The Lord!!!!!!”

UPDATE, 3/1/13, 5 AM: Libbi posts: “Fixin to leave the hospital going back to hotel for the night. Tracy’s ICP cranial pressure is 10. That’s a big improvement from 27 this morning! All his vital signs are good. Thank You Sweet Jesus!!! He’s still in a coma. EVD is still draining good. I’ve stayed out of the room all day til tonight. Just been sitting in the chair watching him. Anointed and prayed over him a few minutes ago. I hate leaving him but there’s nothing I can do while he’s in a coma.”

UPDATE, 3/2/13, 7 AM: Libbi posts: “Just got in from hospital. Today has been a rather quiet day. No big changes other than ICP cranial pressure has come down and rocked between 8 and 13 and even got down to 5 at one time. Normal is 0-5. The fluid draining out of the brain still has blood in it. Hoping this will start to clear in a day or so. All his vital signs and temp is staying in the normal range. We stayed out of the room as much as possible today to keep pressure from going up.”

UPDATE, 3/3/13, 6:45 AM: Libbi posted at 2:30 AM this morning: “I am staying at the hospital tonight due to Tracy’s vitals being high. He’s had a temp of 101. Blood pressure & heart rate is elevated. Chest X-ray shows either bilateral pneumonia or congestive heart failure. They have been giving him lasiks to move fluid out of the body. ICP cranial pressure is between 13 & 18. I went home this evening for a little while and it was kinda depressing not having Tracy there. Had supper with our friends the Dillmans, my brother Randy & wife Mary and my niece Brittany. Nancy Dillman will have her first Chemo treatment Monday for breast cancer. Please pray for her!! After we ate supper, we came back to the hospital to everything being out of whack!! The nurse tonight has worked hard to get some of the levels down to normal. It’s gonna be a long night!!! Please pray!!!”

UPDATE, 3/3/13, 3 PM: Libbi posted: “Everything seems to be settled down now. Tracy’s heart rate is still 88 to 92. At one point last night it reached 152. They did some more labs this morning. He’s having a little blood in his secretions when they suction him. He’s at 40% oxygen. His ICP was 10. JK got in this morning from the road so he is with Tracy in the room. I just came to motel to get some sleep for a few hours.”

UPDATE, 3/3/13, 6:30 PM: Libbi posted: “Got back to the hospital about 3:15pm today. Had a pretty good sleep. Needed it after the night we had last night. All the vitals are still looking good. ICP is around 15 to 17. Would love to see it lower, but at least it’s NOT 28!! Thank You Jesus! There’s been a lot of blood work and cultures done today, so maybe we will have some preliminary results tomorrow. Tracy’s body has been thru soooo much, but he’s still got some fight in him! Plus, I am fighting tooth and nail for him. Last night was one of those nights of fighting to get things done NOW and not six hours later!!! But, that’s why I am here!! For better or for worst, in sickness and in health!!! 25 yrs of being married to this man and he’s still worth the fight!!!! NEVER give up til the last breath has left this body!!!”

UPDATE, 3/5/13, 7 AM: Libbi posted: “Today was another quiet day for Tracy. All his vital signs stayed stable. The ICP cranial pressure was a little high for most part of the day, between 13 to 20. Not sure why it’s been elevated. The EVD drainage cath is still doing its job. His electrolytes are a little high. That’s caused from lasiks and sodium. They are trying to get those leveled out. He had a new CT scan and it was better than the last one done last week. We haven’t gotten the results of the blood work and culture samples back yet, maybe tomorrow. Dr. Ulm said he wanted to give him a couple more days and then try to slowly bring him out of sedation. As soon as blood clears we will talk about putting in a shunt.”

UPDATE, 3/5/13, 1 PM: Libbi posted: “Tracy is doing good today. Looks like blood is clearing out and we have more clear fluid coming out of brain. So, we are on the right track! Thank You Jesus!!! We still have traces of blood but not as much as has been. Keep prayin, while God keeps working!!!! Go GOD Go!!!!!”

UPDATE, 3/6/13, 6 AM: Libbi posted: “Tracy has had another rather quiet day. Blood pressure and ICP were a little elevated some throughout the day. ICP is still draining good. Dr. Ulm said it would take several more days to drain all the blood in the ventricles. We are seeing more clear fluid but then there will be traces of dark blood. It’s a waiting game for it to completely clear out. They will be doing some test to check Tracy’s body out to see if any other places is easy to bleed. Thinking they are wanting to know before talking about putting the shunt in. I guess they are wanting to find out if he’s a free bleeder. Results should take two days. Still no word on blood work or cultures results. Temp has been 97 most of the day.”

UPDATE, 3/8/13, 6:30 AM: Libbi posted: “Another pretty quiet day for Sweet T. Only issue we are having is his blood pressure being a little elevated. Other than that everything is pretty calm. His ICP cranial pressure was 6 when we left. It will rock between 6 and 12. So we are beginning to see daylight with his numbers. He’s got some fluid build up from not being mobile for 45 days. The Dr gave him LASIK again today and pulled of a lot of fluid with that, but not nearly enough. The blood coming through the drainage cath is thinning and we are seeing more clear fluid than yesterday. We need it to be clear as water!”

UPDATE, 3/8/13, 9 AM: Libbi posted: “Dr Darice just came in and is very pleased with where Tracy is at at this point and time. She said they will do a CT on Monday to see where we stand with the swelling in the brain and to see if there’s any more bleeding. If CT scan shows good (and I am naming it “normal” ) then they will began reducing the sedation!! He will be given more LASIK today to remove more swelling and fluid! Jesus I am speaking to it to be healed in Your precious name!! Amen.”

UPDATE, 3/10/13, 8 AM: Libbi posted: “Just left hospital. Not much change today. Been kinda quiet. Fluid is moving out. Blood pressure not as elevated as yesterday. Bowels are still not working properly. But, believing they will! ICP cranial pressure mainly stayed about 7 to 10, occasionally going up to 14. Dr. Ulm came by this morning and said they would be doing a CT scan and a MRI both Monday. He seems to be pleased with where we’re at at this time. Please pray specifically with me for the CT scan and MRI both to show great improvements and be normal!!! Nothing, no nothing is too big for God!!!!!”

UPDATE, 3/11/13, 7 AM: Libbi posted: “Today was a good day. Fluid has went down a lot. They pulled a gallon off of him in a 24 hr period of time yesterday. He still has more, but it’s flushing out!! Praise The Lord!!! His ICP level today was more between 6 & 8. A couple times it hit 16 but came right back down. The blood in the drainage tube looks almost a clear brownish red color, which is a great sign the blood is clearing out!!! another Praise the Lord praise!!!!!”

UPDATE, 3/11/13, 12 noon: Libbi posted: “Just got the call that they are taking him down for CT and MRI. They will do both. Will take about 45 mins to an hour. Believing for excellent reports!!! Believe and pray with me!!!”

UPDATE, 3/11/13, 7 PM: Libbi posted: “Hallelujah Praise the Lamb!!!!! Great results from test!!!! Over 80% of blood is OUT of the ventricles!!! So we start the process of weaning him off the sedation which will take about a week. He said main concern is the ICP pressure staying stable during this. Dr. Ulm was very pleased with results of the test!!!”

UPDATE, 3/11/13, 8 AM: Libbi posted: “I had to go do an interview tonight with Solidgospel.com during my 6 to 8 break. I had waited all day for the doctor to come in the Tracy’s results from the CT and MRI. I waited up til 6:05pm and he never came. I was disappointed when I left the room. We were almost to the elevators when we met Dr Ulm. He explained the excellent news to us. He said this latest thing that happened two weeks ago, showed NO sign of a stroke!! Praise The Lord!!!!!! They will start the weaning process from sedation in the morning (Tuesday). They will also up the scale on the EVD. The picture below is the EVD. That’s what’s being drained from the ventricles. The color is one step closer to being clear!!! He said we may see some issues with blood pressure going up and heart rate due to the weaning process because he’s been on the sedation Meds for so long. They will be able to control with Meds if this happens. But, I am praying for God to touch both BP and HR and also the ICP pressure to keep them normal during this process of weaning.”

UPDATE, 3/11/13, 12 noon: Libbi posted:

Tracy just opened his eyes a little on his own!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! He’s on his way back!!!!!!!!!!!

Swelling has went down tremendously!!!Praise The Lord!!!

They have moved his scale on the EVD from 0 to 10! This is where we were at before this last incident two weeks ago!!! Another BIG Praise The Lord!!!!

They have cut the propofol sedation off and lightened up on the other two to half of what they were giving him!

Wow!!!! I am sooo excited I can hardly contain myself!!!!!

UPDATE, 3/11/13, 6 AM: Libbi posted:

Tracy has had a good day!! Been kinda quiet which is a good thing. Trying to let him rest and not make a lot noise while he’s coming off the sedation. His blood pressure and heart rate is up. But, Dr. Ulm told us to expect that with as long as he’s been sedated, he’s gonna have with drawals from the medicines. They are trying a different type of BP medicine to keep it. And it may be that he will have to be put on the cardene drip for a couple of days. Just keep praying about this in particular.

He has opened his eyes on his own a couple more times this evening. He’s not fully awake. It may take him several more days to totally wake up. But, that’s fine, we will anxiously wait for him!

The ICP pressure has been good throughout the day.

The fluid is still being flushed out of the body.

Been a great day full of miracles!!!! God’s hand is at work in every area in this situation! We can never thank Him or praise Him enough for all he’s done and all He’s gonna do!!!!

Thank you a million times a million for praying and lifting Tracy up in prayer!!! That means the world to me!!!

UPDATE, 3/11/13, noon: Libbi posted:

Tracy had a good night. Came in his room this morning and he had his eyes opened. The nurse was talking to him. You can tell he’s still pretty sleepy, but he’s trying to wake up. The Drs have taken him off of another sedation medicine this morning, so the only one he’s on is Fentanyl and it’s been reduced also.
He has lost 20 lbs since last Sunday from fluid flushing out of the body! He’s 25 lbs away from what he weighed when he came in on Jan 21. So that’s how much more fluid he has to drain off.
His blood pressure and heart rate are both down some this morning.
The fluid draining from the brain is a lot clearer this morning. His ICP numbers are still good!
We have soooo much to be thankful for!!!!! God is working, working, working!!!!!!

UPDATE, 3/15/13, 7 AM: Libbi posted:

Tracy has had a great 36 hrs. No big issues other than his blood pressure and heart rate being elevated from time to time. But, it’s being controlled with Meds.

The fluid is continuing to flush out of the body by help of lasiks. He still has a bit to go before it’s all flushed.

The ICP cranial pressure has been good, from 5 to 11. The fluid from the brain is continuing to clear up. It’s now a light brownish yellow color. That means its almost clear!!! And, it’s slowed down, so that could mean no shunt!! Please pray specifically about this!

He’s opening his eyes more, but still has a dazed look. Dr. Darice says it will take several more days before he’s wide awake. He’s been off ALL sedation since Wednesday at 4pm and know it will take time to get out of his body. So we will gladly wait! Matthew Holt came by last night before leaving out on Gaither bus to see Tracy and he got a smile from Tracy plus he opened his eyes for him!!! I guess he thinks he’s special now! :0)

UPDATE, 3/15/13, 11:30 AM: Libbi posted:

Tracy has got movement on both sides of his body this morning!!! I came in this morning and his right leg was moving back and forth. The right side before this last episode two weeks ago had no movement! Since he’s off the sedation the nurses are allowing me to work his arms, hands, legs and feet out several times during the day. I was working with his right hand this morning and it was moving. So I ask him to squeeze my hand and he tried. His fingers and hand still has a lot of swelling in them which makes it hard to squeeze too much. Then I ask him to push down on my hand with his right hand and he did!! Praise The Lord!!!! Whoop, whoop!!!! Go GOD GO!!!!! Dr. Darice on of his neuro drs came in and she was soooo excited!!! She said, Tracy you are gonna pull through this!! We just have to pray for no more bleeds, in the name of Jesus!!!!

Makes me want to run through this whole hospital shouting, PRAISE the LORD!!!!

Saints keep praying!!!!!!!

UPDATE, 3/17/13, 7 AM: Libbi posted:

Tracy has been doing good. He’s slowly waking up more and more every day. He’s trying to squeeze our hands. He still has a lot if swelling in his hands so it’s a little difficult for him to bend his fingers, but bless his heart he tries!

His eyes are starting to align back to normal. Dr said this was normal for someone who has been sedated so long. I started back this evening playing music again for him. I was playing the Cathedrals tonight and George came on singing “This Ole House” and I said, is that ole George? He just smiled! 

Dr this morning said they would probably start Wednesday upping the scale on his EVD to see how the cranial pressure reacted. Upping the scale means that they will be clamping off the drainage tube into the brain. If this is successful then this will put him closer to having EVD removed. And possibly no shunt. Please pray specifically for this to be successful. He still has a fair amount of fluid still that needs to come off. They are continuing to give him lasiks to help with this. 

They’ve upped his blood pressure Meds to keep his BP in a safe range. Seems to be working. He is on CPap again. If he continues to do good on this he will graduate back to the trach collar in a day or so. Well, I think I have covered about all their is to cover tonight. I pray that each one of you will have a very blessed Lord’s day tomorrow (Sunday)! Hung your family and tell them you love them!!!

UPDATE, 3/18/2013, 7 AM: Libbi posted:

Tracy had another good day! Kinda quiet, but good.

Fluid has went down a lot and he’s starting to look like himself again. Still has some, but nothing like what he did have.

His ICP cranial pressure stayed between 5 & 7 all day!! Drainage is continuing getting clearer!! Neuro Dr said this morning that we didn’t have to worry about pressure in the brain with readings like those numbers were. Go GOD Go!!!!

Blood pressure and heart rate were pretty close to normal just about all day.

Tracy sleeps more on the mornings than he does in the evenings. I talked to him a lot tonight and even skyped JK and let JK talk to him. His eyes are still trying to adjust but he’s looking around a lot more.

He’s still on the CPAP breathing!!! May transfer over to trach collar this week. I would love for him to be totally off the trach altogether!!! I miss his voice!!!

Specific things to pray for:
Tracy’s brain to handle the drainage cath being clamped this week without any problems.
When drain is ready to be removed that there will NOT be any bleeds but will come out with NO problems!!!
If a shunt has to be put in that there will be NO issues with bleeds. These are all important!!
That he will soon be off trach altogether!!
Healing 100% mental, physical, vision and talking capacity!!

Thanks for being soooo gracious to continue praying!!!! Please don’t stop praying just because he’s showing signs of improving!!! We must keep fighting and praying the devil away!!!! In Jesus’ name!!! Amen!

Lord, You are the lifter of our heads!!!!!! You made these bodies, and You can fix them!!! We THANK You for Your healing touch on Tracy!!!!!! Please Lord keep Your miracles coming!!! We will praise Your name for it all!!!!!!
I love You!!!!

UPDATE, 3/19/13, 6:30 AM: Libbi posted:

Tracy has done great today. He’s been awake a little more and looking around the room. I have been shaving his face every day with his electric razor and he has a goatee!! ;0) That’s what happens when your wife gets to shave you!! Any ways, he’s been rolling his lower lip in his mouth feeling the hair on his lower lip like I’ve seen him do sooo many times before when he wore a goatee! Good to see this!!

He’s probably not too happy with me today, because I have given him therapy 3 times today!! He doesn’t seem to mind too much til I start stretching his legs and working them out. He makes faces most of the time! I guess I better tell him about a thing called “tough love” :0)

Lord we bless Your name!!! You are worthy to be praised for great things you have done!!! I love You!!!

UPDATE, 3/20/13, 7 AM: Libbi posted:

Just got to hotel room from hospital. Stayed for the entire benefit concert for Tracy tonight. What an incredible night!!! About 10 people accepted Jesus into their hearts and about 25 re-dedicated their hearts to Jesus!!!! To God be all the glory!!!!!

I went back by hospital on the way back from concert for a couple of hours. Tracy was awake and I told him all about the concert!! I just wish he could talk! Praying they will be able to take trach out soon!!! He also kissed me twice before I left!!!! Praise God!!

I promise I will write more tomorrow about concert. I am sooo tired! Gotta be a hospital by 8 am. Tracy will be having a CT scan done and then they will start clamping the drainage cath a little at a time to see how he tolerates it. Please pray his brain will tolerate the clamping totally!! I will explain more tomorrow about a fast I am calling for from Thursday to Monday morning, and about shunt.

Thank You God for a incredible night with family and friends!!!!!! I sure do love You Jesus!!!!!!

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  1. Bro. Tracy has a long road ahead of him, but that road is starting to come into view. We rejoice in God’s magnificent work in this situation so far, and pray for his continued work in the lives of the Stuffles and the Perrys.

  2. Hello Libbi,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I know that feeling to a point. I am Delton Hanley’s mom, not sure if you remember him from Golden Harmony in Back Bay, but he was in a bad car accident in 2010 and is in a wheelchair now, but is still improving. They gave us no hope for him, he was on life support for a full month, but God has different plans. God will and is seeing you through these rough days, at some point you will look back and see just how He did it. Just remember when you are at your weak points there are people out there all over Canad and the US praying for you both and your families. God Bless you.

    • Amen!

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  4. Praise the Lord! As the Legacy Five’s song says “While I’m waiting, God is working, He is working while I’m waiting”

  5. Praise God, Libbi! We know that God can bring Tracy out of this! Continued prayers coming your way!

  6. Praise the Lord!!! God really does answer prayer in ways we never imagined! Lots of love and continual prayers to Tracy and Libbi! 🙂

  7. We are here with you Libbi! God is good! Prayers continue!

  8. Libbi, Praise God for the good report. I continue to stand with in believing that God will give total and complete healing to Tracy. Also praying for you, Libbi, that he will give you the spiritual and physical strength you need to get through each day. I cared for my very sick precious mother for four years before she went home to be the Lord. I know how it feels to see someone you love suffer so much. Trust in Him, His love and grace will see you both through this difficult time.

  9. Still praying hard for you and Tracy!

  10. The latest updates on Tracy’s condition are here: http://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/18653

    Now that we have four posts with updates, things could get a little too confusing. So to cut down on the confusion, I’m going to close comments on this post. Please post your thoughts and prayers for Tracy’s recovery on the post with the latest update (or, of course, on the Perrys’ Facebook pages). Thanks!