Video: The Collingsworth Family in 2000

Here’s a blast from the past: The Collingsworth Family singing “Then Came the Morning” in 2000.

Well before anyone ever heard of them (well, Troy and Keith, I guess you’re exceptions!), they already had that special touch that would make them a household name in Gospel music. Though, I must say, their stage presence has improved just a little: Phil doesn’t stand behind the mixer anymore!

The video notes say April 22, 2008, but based on two other videos the same user posted, the date is correct but the year is 2000.

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  1. I can remember them in 2000 🙂 I am from a cousin church of theirs. I can remember seeing them sing in local church’s around Madison IN for camp meetings and such. I am so happy for them all.

  2. I might as well chime in aso. 🙂

    I’ve known Phil & Kim for the better part of 25 years, and even stayed in their home before they even had children, and lived in Anderson, IN. Wow, that dates me, but they’re very good.

    I too, think their stage presence has improved greatly! I’ve had them at my church twice, and it always annoyed me the way Phil would constantly mess w/ the sound!!

    I’d say they have a big future in SG. (at least as long as their kids stick with them)

  3. I’m the one who filmed this in my home church and posted it on youtube. What a total shock to see it here. I’ve got hours of home video of the Collingsworths and have known Kim since she was 13 years old and had just released her first solo recording, Kimberly Keaton at the Keyboard #1, with two more to follow. I have been their biggest fan well before they ever “hit the bigtime” and will always be their biggest fan. And yes, the year of this should have read 2000, not 2008. Yeah, Go Collingsworths !!!

  4. Very neat!