Saturday News Roundup #160

Worth Knowing

  • Singing News is removing the Horizon Individual and Horizon Group categories from the Singing News Fan Awards. (Hat tip, DBM). [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.] They are adding five categories: Non-Performing Songwriter, New Traditional Quartet, New Mixed Quartet, New Trio, and New Soloist. Two observations: First, last year’s Horizon Award winners, Wilburn & Wilburn, wouldn’t be eligible in any of the four categories. Second, it is rather interesting to see the award sub-divided this many ways; just taking the least competitive category, how often does our genre see a new high-profile soloist? If you define high profile as someone who you would expect to see as a top five nominee for the overall Favorite Soloist award within a decade, we might have one high-profile new soloist every five years. 
  • Michael Lott is the new piano player for the Mike LeFevre Quartet. (Former fellow Diplomats band member Corey Pearson congratulated him on Facebook yesterday.)
  • Difference Media has signed a distribution deal with EMI CMG. Artists recording under the deal will include Canton Junction, The Hagees, and Aaron & Amanda Crabb.
  • Drummer Zak Shumate is leaving Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, to join the Isaacs.
  • Legacy Five posted a video preview of their new band. Lead singer Scott Fowler will pull double duty, also playing bass guitar.

Worth Watching

Several Southern Gospel concerts will be streaming online this weekend:

Any others?

Legacy Five bass singer Matt Fouch recently interviewed Legacy Five tenor Gus Gaches. This interview includes a couple of questions I submitted:

Also worth watching: Several videos of the Cathedrals’ 1999 Singing News Fan Awards acceptance speeches have been posted to YouTube: Ernie Haase for Favorite Tenor, Glen Payne for Favorite Lead, Scott Fowler for Favorite Baritone, George Younce for Favorite Bass, Roger Bennett for Anthony Burger Award (Favorite Pianist), and Favorite Male Quartet.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I loved this version of On the Couch with Fouch! No wonder SG artists get tired of SG fans!! We create challenges that we know not of! When you add all the conversations we want to have with you, it’s a wonder SG artists are so kind to SG fans! 🙂

    • Yes – it takes a special caliber of person to fully enjoy that life!

  2. Hi Daniel, I am kind of new to gospel music. Absolutely love! For new artist , do they have to be under a certain age? I know I must drive you crazy with all the questions. But as you may remember my husband just got his first job singing bass professionally. However he is not in his 20’s or early 30’s. BTW, Loved this take with Fouch on The Couch- especially how they interacted with the unexpected guests !

    • No, new artists don’t have to be a certain age. It’s just that salaries for first-timers in our genre are often low enough that a man in his 40s can’t leave a day job for the road!

      • That is true! Hanging in there though. Ray Only just got out of college , and this is what he went to school for .Can’t stop now!! Most importantly , at least for now we feel this is where God wants him. Can’t say no to that! Thanks again!!

      • Well, when it’s God’s calling on your life, I suppose you make the sacrifices you have to make!

  3. “How often does our genre see a new high profile soloist?”

    Good question. I think that award will tend to go to people who have been with well-known groups and then leave to start a solo ministry. The first name that came to my mind was Billy Hodges, for example, but he has yet to see any chart exposure or appearances on major concert programs as a soloist.

    I had a difficult time thinking of any major new mixed groups either. I voted for the Milby Family, since they recently began to show up on the charts, but they’ve already been singing for a while. I guess they’d qualify since they haven’t won Horizon Group before.

    On trios, there were several good options. I voted for Red Roots in this first round. I’ll be surprised if Beyond The Ashes doesn’t win.

    Did you notice that in the major categories, there’s one called Male Quartet, but in the new categories, they went back to calling it Traditional Quartet? That one was the easiest choice: Canton Junction. Although I can think of several other potential nominees, I think Canton Junction should win it easily.

    I also thought the instructions for the categories on the Singing News website page where you vote were a bit humorous under the new categories. Every one says the qualifications are for a “Group/Individual, etc.” If we took that literally, a soloist could be nominated for Traditional Quartet and a trio could be nominated for “soloist.”

    • Very interesting! Were the Old Paths eligible for New Traditional Quartet again? They’ve gained enough momentum that they could feasibly make a run for it.

      • This is very much a do about nothing. The Singing News awards are voted on by such a small number of actual people that listen to and attend SG Concerts. [EDIT: Sorry, but this part doesn’t fit within our comment guidelines. Whether true or false, the allegations would fall outside of what we would discuss here. ~Editorial staff.] So, bottom line, go see and support YOUR favorite and don’t worry about awards.

      • I saw the rest of Promoter Paul’s comment before the edit, and it is an interesting question. But I for one would need to see better proof than “People think this is how it is.”

    • For the new Quartets, don’t forget about Union Street!

  4. I agree with you Daniel, these Singing News changes don’t seem very well thought out. It might work for the first year (or 2), but doesn’t seem sustainable.

  5. Do you know if Ehss will be getting a new drummer right away. Wanting to take my kids to see them soon to experience a full band. Want to j ow if there will BE a band.

  6. My son is a drummer and wanted to see a band . Was going to catch them in florida. Trying their office but no answer. He won’t be interested in a track date.

  7. Thanks, Daniel, for the videos you posted from the ’99 Singing News Fan Awards of the GREAT Cathedrals. I so appreciate it!

  8. Great move on the part of the LeFevre Quartet! As I predicted, they are the quartet to watch for 2013. They have the right guys, the right sound and the right look for a classy quartet. You pastors and promoters need to book this group. I can’t wait to see them with someone on piano. It will really enhance their retro set using the two old style microphones. Best wishes to the LeFevres!

  9. We were perusing our new Singing News and finding the new award categories fascinating. Danny Jones’ editorial sounded vaguely familiar, so we went back and read old issues until we found the same one in January of 2013. It is a good topic–about how to bring more fans in.

    Also, the ad for the Dianne Wilkinson book said it would make a good Christmas gift! 🙂 It does! We actually got our own copies for Christmas!

  10. I was wondering if anybody knew about the Taylors. I saw them on youtube a little while ago and I’m confused. I know they aren’t two brothers and two sisters anymore but are they a trio now since their website only has 3 people in the pictures?

    • One of the sisters got married, I believe.

      • Apparently, their sister, Leslie, left the group before she married this past year. Lindsey Graham filled her position. However, for unexplained reasons, she is no longer with the group. I suppose that they decided to remain a family ensemble and travel as a trio.

      • Correct, Leslie Taylor became Leslie Perkins when she married Aaron Perkins, bass singer for the Perkins Quartet out of Cincinnati. As the poster below me said, Lindsey Graham filled that spot for the last year, but it has been confirmed that she is no longer singing with the group for unknown reasons. She will continue to pursue a career as a soloist.

  11. Legacy 5 listened to those of us who like “live”..
    Live was the only option for all gospel groups for almost 90 years. It worked then, and it can still work now

  12. I didn’t know Lindsey Graham sang SG! Wait, not the Senator. 😛