12 Days of Christmas, #2: Gold City

If I had the power to give anyone any Christmas gift, my second gift would go to Gold City.

Beyond question, they’ve had to struggle as a group over the last several years. They lost a star tenor, a favorite baritone, the best drummer in the industry, and their emcee, Tim Riley, who was also the foundation of their sound.

If I could, I’d bring back the vocalists that made them famous, but that won’t happen.But it wasn’t just the vocalists that attracted people to Gold City concerts. There was another way in which they were, for a time at least, the best Southern Gospel music.

After twenty years of consistently having some of the best vocalists backed by the best band in the genre, fans come to a Gold City concert expecting top-quality live music. So to give them the present I have in mind would put them in a position where many more would be inclined to give the new vocalists a chance. If I could, I would give Gold City a band.

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  1. That’s such a wonderful thought. I do miss the band, but still love Gold City.