Post #1000

With this post, reaches a significant milestone: Its 1000th post.

I’ve written 978 of the posts; 22 have been contributed by my friend and co-worker, Sony Elise. So my personal 1000th post is a week or two out. (The post number found in a direct link is higher since since WordPress counts drafts I deleted.)

The website currently averages about 2000 unique visits and 5000 page views per day. To date, since the site’s launch it has been visited 985,342 times and had 1,954,597 page views. I was curious the other day, and checked HubSpot: [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.] Thanks to your repeat visits, it looks like you have put a Southern Gospel blog among the top 1% (0.68%, to be precise) of most-visited blogs online.

Thank you to every one of you who either posts here or tells me at concerts that you read the site. Statistics are one thing, but it’s quite another to put names and faces with the readers. You are the reason I’ve kept going.

But enough of the past—let’s look toward the future. I considered doing a reader survey, but in the end, I decided there was really only one I wanted to ask: What do you see as the future of Southern Gospel news reporting? There are any number of possibilities Southern Gospel news and commentary in general, and this site in particular, could take:

  • Blogs. The most recent post, no matter the category, is on top.
  • News Website. The main page links to the most recent stories in several categories, so that the most recent reviews, news items, and commentary would all be linked to from the front page.
  • Email newsletter. A daily email newsletter with the headlines / commentary from the day.
  • e-Magazine. This would probably be in addition to a daily-updated format, but how many of you would prefer reading this site’s feature stories, news, reviews, commentary in an e-Magazine format? Probably the two most common formats would be PDF and an e-paper format like Issuu.
  • Print Magazine. I think cost would prevent this site’s content ever shifting into print, but who knows what the future holds?

What direction(s) would you like to see this site go?

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  1. Congratulations on your 1000th post – I am one who has been reading your blog since the beginning.

    In all honesty, I do like the way your blog is now. If it would go in any direction, maybe it would include more of my favorite types of posts – interviews with artists, news roundups, writeups of NQC, etc. I do not like e-magazines, so I would not want your blog to go that direction.

    For what it is worth, that is my opinion!

  2. #1 – Thanks!

    The biggest problem with the blog format is that if I post a number of stories in the same day, some of them are only on top for a couple of minutes and could easily get ignored. That’s why switching formats to a news website format like Singing News or SoGospelNews uses is something I’ve considered.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, DANIEL!!! I, too, have enjoyed your Blog since Day 1!

    Since you asked, I would like to see the News website format since it would give us a listing of all the days’ news/articles/blogs/commentaries by category rather than the “latest post on top” version.

    PLEASE no e-mails! I get a gazillion of them daily and have stopped subscribing to most artist’s mailing lists! As for e-magazine or printed magazine, you’d have to give a LOT more time into the making than I think you’re willing to spend. I am very satisfied with daily stuff on a website!

    Thank You, Daniel, for all the hard work you put into this website. And Thank You, Sony, for the wonderful inspirational messages!

  4. CONGRATS!!! 🙂 😀 I really enjoy the site the way it is—like #1 and #2 said. The “most recent post on top” would work, too….and I’d love more interveiws. But, really, your site is great! Again….congrats and thanks!

  5. Congratulations, Daniel! What an exciting thing! I love your site. It’s wonderful and very informative.

    I also like it the way it is now. Although, more interviews are always welcomed.

    I can understand why you’re considering a format more akin to the Singing News site, because you do often post several times a day. But honestly, I think part of the appeal of this site is that it is smaller-scale and more modest. So we have to scroll down a bit to check to see if there are more entries. Not a big deal. This site is a little more “homey” than other sites such as Singing News.

    Congratulations, again!

  6. Daniel:

    Congratulations on 1000.
    I like the blog. If you decided to go in another direction I believe the
    News Website would be the best. Like someone has already commented e-mails are getting more & more each day. A lot of them I don’t read and I’m sure that a lot of other folks don’t read them either.

    Sometimes when we get news items from other news websites the news is not new news it’s old news. I believe you have the connections that your news site would be current.

    Bless you in whichever way the Lord leads.

  7. Thanks to everyone who has offered feedback so far!

    Based on the comments so far, I think I’m going to be either sticking with the blog format or trying the news website format.

    The advantage of the news website format is that I could cover a lot more stories that I have to pass up right now. I could maybe even add categories, like perhaps a highlighted YouTube video of the day. (Who knows? The possibilities aren’t endless, but at any rate they would be expanded.)

    The advantage of the blog is…well, that’s what I’m doing right now, and it’s the easiest choice since it wouldn’t involve changing anything. 🙂

    Any changes probably wouldn’t take place for at least a month. I’d really want to polish everything before I launched it.

  8. i like to come by and visit. my vote…..keep em on your site.

  9. i like the blog just the way it is…it’s easy to use and very practical…but if there are to be changes in the future i welcome them with open eyes… is the best SG blog there is, bar none…i read it very often as it is usually how i keep up with the industry…keep up the good work daniel!

  10. Well, Tanner just said what I was going to say!! Thanks for your hard work, Daniel.

  11. Thanks!

  12. I agree with Tanner as well.. I check this site daily, and no mater what, I’ll keep reading it!

    If you were to change from the current layout, I suggest going to the news format. But I like it the way it is! As long as you keep the comments, you have great involvement here!

    Thanks Daniel for the work you put into this blog!

  13. Congratulations Daniel on reaching this milestone. As others have said, you are on my daily reading list. I love your blog, but I’m open to things that are new and more exciting for you too! After all, if you are not happy, we won’t be either! I remember when you changed this format, we thought we could never get used to something new, but here we are!!! As I’ve said before, it’s your blog, you do what you want and I will still be here.

  14. I guess my suggestion would be to have a little feed maybe in the upper right like you have for comments … just headlines.

    That would help make sure we don’t miss multiple postings. Yahoo mail discontinued their feeds feature. 🙁 I use the live-feed-bookmark-toolbar thingie in Firefox now so I can keep up with comments and posts.

    While on the subject, I’d like for the comments feed to include more like the last 20 … if I’m off-line most of the day, I miss some. (Oh, horrors!)

  15. Amy,

    I guess great minds think alike! I had been thinking that maybe the easiest way to incorporate the most recent headlines in multiple categories would be to stick an rss feed for each category in the sidebar.

    Here’s the problem: Doing that and expanding the comments, retaining other current features, and leaving a design with the main post on the current page would create an incredibly full main page.

    The main advantage of a news website format is that it would let me post more. That’s the only thing I get out of that format that I can’t get in a WordPress format, no matter how customized.

    I’ll have to give it more thought—and certainly, keep the feedback coming!

  16. Could you expand the comments feed w/o expanding what was on the main page?

    I’m looking and thinking … maybe move the categories down? or some things to another page.

    I don’t really have a problem with a news website format. I do think it ought to be changed as minimally as possible, because I think most of us just don’t like change – especially irregular readers, IMO.

  17. I don’t like change either but I know whatever Daniel does will be well thought out and done well. Congratulations on so many posts, Daniel. It’s too bad I’ve prevented you from totally making 1000 but it’s still a milestone for your site and you’ll have your personal 1000 real soon!

  18. Sony! 😮

    That’s entirely the wrong way of thinking about it. You didn’t prevent me from totally making 1,000—you helped me get there faster!

    Thanks, sister! 🙂

  19. congrats on the blogging. continue the blog or going news… doesn’t matter… i’ll continue reading just like everyone else… thanks for the thought & effort you put in to it…

  20. Ha! That’s nothing! Hey, 2008 versions of ourselves! We’re doing a contest for the 10,000th comment!


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