12 Days of Christmas, #3: The Mark Trammell Trio

If I had the power to give anyone any Christmas gift, my third gift would go to the Mark Trammell Trio. I would give them a mega-hit.

The story has it that back when the Oak Ridge Boys were trying to make it in country music, someone told them that they were three minutes away from the big leagues. In other words, they had everything they needed to put them at the top of their field, except a big hit.

The Mark Trammell Trio is also three minutes away from the top. They have one of the three best tenors on the road, one of the three best baritones on the road, and a top-quality lead singer and pianist. They have the smoothest group blend of any major trio going.

So, if I had the power, I’d give them a mega-hit.

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  1. Another good one!! Thanks, Daniel.

  2. Well THere last radio song got to number 9. I think with there new CD coming in FEB. IF they pick the right song. I think they could have a hit song.

  3. I’d love to see them have a mega-hit that would lift them higher! Great Group! And I have a lot of respect for Mark.