Saturday News Roundup #163

Worth Knowing

  • The Akins have found a booking agent, joining the Dominion Agency.
  • Noted songwriter Belinda Smith has signed with Daywind Music Publishing.
  • Worth Reading: Don’t miss Danny Jones’ recounting of the one and only time the Booth Brothers and the Cathedrals appeared together in concert.
  • Worth Reading: Fuson’s Findings’ in-depth review of a classic The Sound project.

Worth Watching

At a recent concert date in Texas, a ladies’ choreography group opening for the Perrys did a choreography routine to one of their songs. The Perrys hear their song being done, come out, and epic spontaneous choreography ensues. (Even a moonwalk.)

At a recent Kingsmen concert, former tenor Johnny Parrack—the original tenor on the 1973 Big & Live version—came up. Here’s what he sounds like today:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I love Johnny Parrack. He’s a great guy and still has it However that track just drove me nuts and I didn’t think it was ever gonna end. I love to those guys like Johnny Parrack, Ernie Phillips and my tenor Phil Barker sing Glory Road. We sing that a lot faster than the Kingsmen track and I guess that was what was killing me there. Lol.


  2. Typo Joe here.
    That was supposed to be I love to “hear” those guys. Sry.

    • One more thing and that is I have nothing against a sound track. I wanted to clear this up before that discussion starts up. Lol. If the track had been faster it wouldn’t have bothered me.


      • Well, given that the Kingsmen haven’t had a piano player for about two years, it was a track or acapella! 🙂

  3. I used to drive a lot of miles just to see the Kingsmen when Johnny sang with them. Has always been my favorite tenor, maybe he wasn’t the best buy some peoples measure but I still to this day like him the best! If he started singing with another group today I’d probably drive to see them again.

  4. WAY TO GO AKINS! I love those guys!

    On a different topic, this is a nice interview with Ernie Haase about their new project…

    • Ooh thanks for this link. I have to say I can’t wait to here the group’s sound with a change in the bass.

      • You’re welcome! I think I will always love Timmy best but I do like Paul a lot.

      • Yes I loved Tim and will always be sad that I never got to see them in concert with him. I hope to finally see them in concert this year though.

  5. Wow! just wow! I love to hear Johnny, he’s just about as good as he ever was, but so is Ernie! I would have a hard time choosing between these two, and it’s really a matter of what song. It always blesses me to hear those guys still pumping out the high notes, and it thrills my heart to know what fine Christian dedicated men they are, to this day. As Johnny once said in a note, “It’s not about me anymore, it’s about HIM” and that’s sure the truth. Thanks for posting this one.