Singing News launches Southern Gospel site

For several years, Singing News has owned the domain name When I researched domains for this site in 2006, I found that the domain and domains have the same administrative contact and are hosted on the same nameservers (among them NS1.SINGINGNEWS.COM).

Every time I checked—until this morning— redirected you to Today, there’s a new site design, using content from Singing News writers.

Could this design be coming soon on the Singing News domain as well?

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  1. So far, I’m very impressed with the new site. Some of the items don’t have any content yet, but I like the way the categories are broken down. And it’s great that on the main page, they have a youtube link to that wonderful (was it his final?) appearance of George Younce.

  2. I like it! A Lot!

  3. Look good to me.
    Sure glad I do not have a name like Southern Gospel.
    Lot of sites with a variation of the name.
    The confusion will help everyone similar to the name of southern gospel.
    It will make people find more sites in southern gospel music industry

  4. Actually shocked no one has picked up on this until now. It’s basically the Singing News site with a facelift – only it looks a lot like every other Salem site now.

    Nice site – but again – they’re missing the boat here as they have yet to feature anything that hasn’t already been done on the web a couple years earlier by other sites.

  5. Maybe the previous poster can help us out listing the links of the various sites owned by members of his family.

  6. I never said that their weren’t sites owned by my family. What I’m saying is that SN had a chance to really up the ante here and show that they aren’t 10 years behind.

    They may not be 10 years behind, but they’re at least 3 still. With all the technical support and staff at Salem at their disposal – I guess I was just expecting more.