12 Days of Christmas, #5: Legacy Five

If I had the power to give anyone any Christmas gift, my fifth gift would go to Legacy Five.

A few days ago, I gave a gift to the Mark Trammell Trio, I said that if I could, I would bestow on them a mega-hit. Today’s gift to Legacy Five is a little different.

I happen to think that their next big hit is sitting in the fourth slot on their most recent recording (Live in Music City). So, my gift would be very simple: I would bestow on all the decision-makers involved the wisdom to send Glenn Dustin’s song “I Have Been Changed” to radio.

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  1. I’m with you on this one! I love “I Have Been Changed.” It would make a GREAT radio release!

  2. That would be really nice. That song and Peace (When I Leave It In Your Hands) are my favorites from the album.

  3. I love that song! It’s fabulous. And I agree with Diane about “Peace”. I could listen to those two all day! 🙂