Tracy Stuffle Benefit Concert: Live-Streaming Tonight

Two months ago, Perrys bass singer Tracy Stuffle suffered a stroke. We’ve posted several updates on his ongoing battle and recovery, most recently here. A benefit concert will be streamed online this evening at 7 PM Eastern / 6 PM Central atΒ (video) and (audio). It will also be re-aired on SiriusXM’s enLighten. Here’s a poster listing featured artists and other concert details:

Tracy Stuffle benefit concert


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  1. I am leaving from Indiana this morning and headed to this concert…hate the circumstances that brought it about but waht a great night for SG music lovers…bless these groups for committing to be at the event and bless Tracy Stuffle!

  2. I’m just curious. It almost seems like there are a lot of artists that you would think would be able to be there but aren’t (ex. Greater Vision, Legacy Five, The Talleys, Gaither Vocal Band, Brian Free and Assurance.) Were they just not able to fit everybody in or schedules couldn’t work? I hope I’m not being rude when I say that. πŸ™‚

    • A couple of them are traveling to/from Canada right now and, not being in the country, have no way of being in Nashville this evening. Several of these have been promoting it to their Facebook friends anyhow, explaining how they cannot make it but encouraging everyone who can to be there.

      • Greater Vision and Legacy Five are on their way to the Canadian province of Manitoba for concerts tomorrow night. That’s about 1,500 miles from Nashville.

      • Forgot to mention in earlier post that Talleys are also on their way to Manitoba after a stop tomorrow in Minnesota. Pretty good of those groups to undertake those Northern tours in the winter. I sure wouldn’t want to be driving from Toronto to Manitoba at this time of the year.

      • Yes, you nailed it; Greater Vision, Legacy Five, and the Talleys were the three that I had heard were on their way to Canada.

        Also, lest anyone rush to judgment on the other groups named, we also never know when groups have something on their actual schedule that doesn’t show up on their public schedule. For example, the McKameys were in the studio for a pre-existing date recording tracks all day today – in a studio in Asheville, 5 hours away from Nashville, and probably not getting out till 7 or later. There’s no way to make it from here to there by, well, 6 PM Central. πŸ™‚

      • Iam so excited about this benefit concert for Tracy Stuffle and want to encourage veiwers of it to also send donations because this hospital bill right now would be about one million dollars and we know Tracy still will be there for a while. You can send donations to Libbi Stuffle 1774 Shagbark way Galatin TN 37066

      • Wow – if it is indeed that high, it is very possible that any insurance they have would not cover all of it.

  3. enLighten plans to air the concert in its entirity Wednesday evening at 7 ET with repeats at 7:45 ET Sat and 9:45 PM ET Sunday. Rather than gamble on quality from streaming, we chose to record and delay by 24 hours.

    • Listening now… What a wonderful testimony of grace and faith!

    • do we know if there are plans to release cd’s or dvd’s of the concert, I was there and really enjoyed it…

  4. Will this video be archived for those of us who can’t watch the whole thing as it streams??

  5. Will this concert be available for sale? We couldn’t make it but would love to see it.

  6. Please do a DVD from this concert. It will help the Stuffle’s and bless so many. If you can then offer it as a stream on rebroadcast.

  7. listened to this flying up i-75 , going home to mo. i want a cd. have just one word to describe the concert WOW !!! THIS OLD SINNER IS PRAYING FOR LIBBI NAD TRACY RIGHT NOW THANKS

  8. I was blessed to be at the concert and would love to have a CD or DVD to share with my family and friends of that truly remarkable evening basking in the powerful presence of the Lord . Continuing to believe that Tracy will experience a miracle.

  9. I was there and I can tell you that a DVD of this event would be one of the most unique and inspiring media projects recorded from the SG genre….I can’t say enough good about it!

  10. A DVD of this event would sure be awesome and would sell like pan cakes, it seems everyone, including myself, badly wants the program to be released on DVD.

    Gaither is going to have a homecoming video taping in may on the 21st and 22nd in Nashville. Most of the artists (if not all) that were featured on the Tracy Stuffle benefit concert will be there, and although it will be a closed event, it will be streamed live on the newly launched Gaither tv. This is reason enough to purchase Gaither tv Subscription for the month of may. Gaither will release some DVDs from the taping later this year, or two years from the taping, like he did with the last Nashville videos, but it’s something great to look forward to.

    • Thanks for the information, John! Yes, that does sound like a pretty good reason to join Gaither TV that month!