12 Days of Christmas, #4: The Perrys

If I had the power to give anyone any Christmas gift, my fourth gift would go to the Perrys. Beyond question, they’ve had some challenges over the past year. Their immensely popular lead singer, Loren Harris, left the road a few months ago. Of course, the Perrys found an able replacement in Joseph Habedank, who they moved to lead, and a good baritone in Nick Trammell.

But any time there is a lineup change, there is again a need to convince the fans that the new lineup is as good as the old one. So I would give the Perrys another album as good as their last three or four, that includes several big hits for them.

That is not all I have in mind for the Perrys. Stay tuned…

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  1. I really like the Perrys and wish them the best. Time will tell if Joseph will be able to go long-term with the higher end of the lead. My personal opinion is that he would be better as baritone in the long term. I think Nick Trammell is already teriffic. I’ve heard the Perrys with the “new positions” and I think they are every bit as good as before the changes.