Southern Gospel’s Facebook Presence

Several days ago, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound passed the 50,000 follower mark on Facebook. That reminded me of an April 2009 post I wrote about Southern Gospel’s following on the platform. Four years ago, the largest Facebook presence on the platform was a Gaither Vocal Band Fans group, clocking in at 2,792 fans. How things have changed!

Here are some of the largest Southern Gospel presences on Facebook today:

  1. Jason Crabb: 100,939 likes
  2. Friends of Gaither Music: 78,641 likes
  3. David Phelps: 68,425 likes
  4. Gaither Vocal Band (wiki page): 54,610 likes
  5. Guy Penrod: 50, 228 likes
  6. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound: 50,183 likes
  7. The Hoppers: 23,011 likes
  8. Greater Vision: 20,400 likes
  9. Michael English: 17,305 likes
  10. Gold City: 16,069 likes
  11. The Perrys: 15,959 likes
  12. Collingsworth Family: 15,287 likes
  13. NQC: 15,094 likes
  14. Brian Free & Assurance: 13,079 likes
  15. Booth Brothers: 11,400 likes
  16. Karen Peck & New River: 11,098 likes
  17. The Isaacs: 10,946 likes
  18. Legacy Five: 10,873 likes
  19. The Bowling Family: 10,268 likes
  20. Singing News: 10,209 likes
  21. Solid Gospel: 10,031 likes
  22. Jeff & Sheri Easter: 10,005 likes

Did we miss any Southern Gospel artists with 10,000+ followers?

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  1. I had a teenager in my youth group that said, “facebook has been hijacked by grandmas.” Maybe that explains it… 🙂

    • Perhaps! That’s probably why I keep getting more comfortable there. I like grandmas. 🙂

  2. The Hoppers have 23,011 🙂 – and that’s their new page since their old one was hacked.

    • I knew I’d miss one or two! Thank you!

  3. Friends of Gaither Music – 78,624

    • Thanks – added! I thought I had them covered with the Gaither Vocal Band page!

  4. The Booth Brothers have over 11,000 likes on their FB page so it’s over 10,000.

  5. We have a Facebook page??

    • There’s one that purports to be you. I linked to it above. Let me know if its an imposter!

    • Michael has confirmed that this is them, not an impostor; it had slipped his mind.

    • Many things slip Michael David Booth’s Mind!Michael what you said during the Tracy Stuffle Benefit concert made me cry and I guess I needed to cry thank you and so enjoyed Nick Bruno playing for you guys 🙂

  6. Must love FB for things like SG music!

  7. My OCD is freaking out so i must ask please switch positions 5 and 6 because EHSS have more than the Hoppers haha

  8. Solid Gospel has over 10,000…

    • Thanks; I’ll add it. My initial plan was to only do artists, but since I added NQC, I may as well add Solid Gospel.

  9. Doesn’t the top 5 groups say something indicative of Gaither’s prowess and presence on the world of Southern gospel?

  10. David Phelps has 68,000+ which just proves even more the influence of Gaither.

    • OK, I’ll add him! I knew there would be one or two I wouldn’t think of. I wouldn’t have thought it would have been 5+!

  11. Oak Ridge Boys has 27,721 FB likes.

    • They are a country artist who has recorded some Christian albums, not a Southern Gospel group.

      By the way, given the level of name recognition they have, I’m astonished that there are six SG artists with larger Facebook followings.

  12. OK, I wasn’t sure if you’fit in the SG bracket…

  13. Michael English has 17,305

  14. Oops, I was trying to say ” I wasn’t sure if you’d fit them in the SG bracket…

  15. The Isaacs have 15,346.

  16. Besides their official and not official pages there are their profiles, and the SG artists are very kind. In my FB page I have Paul Harkey, Eric Bennett, David Sutton, Gus Gaches, Jerry Pelfrey, Matt Fouch, and they’re all very kind with us !! Just great (: