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Several weeks ago, Steve Weatherford launched a Facebook group, Gospel Music CSI. Anyone can view posts, but you have to have a Facebook account and join the group to be able to post. The discussions involve any number of past and present performers, and some of Southern Gospel’s most noted experts—Harold Timmons, John Crenshaw, Dean Adkins, and more.

The discussions are endlessly fascinating to anyone intrigued with our genre’s history. Original Gold City tenor recently posted a perspective on Brian Free that he’d never shared before publicly:

I believe when Brian came in, it gave a shot in the arm that the group needed. I was pretty good, but Brian had a sound in his voice that I knew would be an asset to the group. History has proven it. Before I left Gold City, and I have never publicly said this, but we all listened to audition tapes. I wanted to listen to Brian’s tape more than once, because I liked his sound. I told Floyd, “I think he should be the one if he can blend with the other guys.” Of course it wasn’t my decision to make but they did ask my opinion. And as they say, “The rest is history.”

Or take  a discussion on how a number of the post-WWII generation of bass singers smoked. Big Chief Wetherington’s daughter chimed in and offered a unique perspective that only a family member would know:

Dad (Chief) didn’t smoke to lower his voice…in truth I saw him try to quit dozens of times. Dad smoked because he picked tobacco as early as age four with bare hands. Not only do we have better child labor laws now but the FDA makes them wear coated, leather gloves as nicotine gets into the blood stream and stays. He called it “his thorn in the flesh” and NEVER would encourage anyone to start. I think dad always feared that one day it would actually affect his voice, if not kill him first. But as I said recently to someone…the unrelated blood clot got him first. Fortunately I was born with asthma and was never tempted to try it once. I think my parents prayed for that.

Perhaps founder Steve Weatherford himself put it best when he said: “I’ve learned more in a week on here than in any ten years backstage.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing and the info…very interesting stuff!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you for all the info you give us. The memories recorded on the facebook page is what makes the history of SG so interesting and real.

  3. Hidee,
    I know this surprises no one; however, I simply love this new page on Facebook! I have seen Quartet pictures I have never seen before and have reveled in the wonderful stories shared! What an incredible history Gospel Music enjoys! It is also an incredible bonus that individuals such as Henry Slaughter, Ed Hill and Buddy Burton comment on the page! I love it!

  4. I believe it’s a great learning experience for all of us.

    • Wow! I do not know that I could have imagined that even you would be learning something there! My general rule of thumb is that if I am ever at the absolute end of the road in finding out something Southern Gospel-related, you or John C. will surely know!

      • This has been a fun ride! Hearing great stories from the past has been wonderful. Unfortunately, it ties me to the computer more than I’d like because I don’t want to miss a thing!

        Thanks for making your readers aware of the page, Daniel.

  5. My parents Rev&Mrs (Lady) Mull started a TV program 57 years ago, This Aug ,2013 called The Mulls Singing Convention, which is the longest running locally produced program in America. They only played Southern Gospel music. my father passed away in 2006, and then I went on the TV program with my mother, and in January 2012, my mother passed away. From that date on January 9, 21012 I, Charlotte Mull, their only child, decided to carry on the program. My partner in crime on The Mulls Singing Convention, is Gail Shelby, singer with her husband, sing in the Gospel Group Eternal Vision. We continue to play only the Very Best in Southern Gospel, along with Bill Gaither Trio, and one of the best singers in our music today, JASON CRABB. In the early days of the MSC (Mulls Singing Convention) groups would come in “live” to sing on the 1 Hour program, like the Statesmen, Blackwoods, Original Chuck Wagon Gang, then TAPES became popular, so all groups came and recorded their music onto tape. Tune in sometime Sun. Mornings 7-8am on MyVLT-TV.

    • Thanks!

      • thank you Daniel J. Mount for starting this, for Southern Gospel Music fans, and the professionals.

      • You are welcome! It is a pleasure.