Tracy Stuffle Benefit Concert: Live Blog

As we discussed this morning, many of Southern Gospel’s leading artists are putting on a benefit concert this evening for Tracy Stuffle. Video is streaming at; an audio-only feed is also available at Let’s discuss it live!

7:08: The evening begins with a prayer, introduction of hosts Jason Crabb and Joseph Habedank, and with all participating artists singing “We Need Each Other” together.

7:16: The concert is being hosted at Christ Church Nashville; its pastor, Dan Scott, is singing several songs. He’s a surprisingly good singer.

7:21: The first headliner artist up is The Bowlings. Mike Bowling sings a classic, “I’ll Be All Right as Soon as I Touch Calvary.” It looks like group’s vocal lineup now is Mike and Kelly, their daughter Hope, and Troy Peach. Mike and Troy are both Perrys alumni.

Kelly shares some heartfelt testimony about how the same community on stage and in the audience rallied around them in 2010. (If you weren’t following the genre then, here are two posts about their bus accident.) She uses this to set up “Your Cries Have Awoken the Master.”

7:34: Gold City is up next, singing “Cast My Bread Upon the Water” and “I’m Not Giving Up.” Jerry Pelfrey is singing lead, Danny Riley is on baritone, and Tim Riley is raising the roof on bass. I’m assuming Bryan Elliott is on piano, though I haven’t seen shots with the piano in view yet. Is that former Palmetto State Quartet tenor Robert Fulton on tenor?

7:45: Karen Peck & New River starts off with “Four Days Late,” and the place comes unglued pretty much instantly. She goes down into the audience to sing “My God Will Always Be Enough”; her delivery is so heartfelt that she chokes up at several points. She nails the ending and gets a standing ovation.

7:56: An unusual configuration of The Hoppers takes the stage. Kim Hopper is on bed rest for several weeks with sinus issues so bad that she may face surgery, and her husband Dean is at her side. So Claude and Connie are holding down their usual parts; TaRanda Greene is pinch-hitting for Kim Hopper, and, none other than Joseph Habedank is filling in for Dean! Claude is featured on “If I Could Help Somebody”; Connie and (oddly, given the earlier announcement) Jason Crabb provide harmonies. Claude takes a drink in the middle of his solo; is it an intentional Marco Rubio moment? Is that why it gets the response it gets?

Connie is up next, singing “I’ve Come Too Far to Look Back.” Trust Connie to tear up the building, with testimony and singing alike! “God has never seen a hopeless case.” Tim Riley comes up for the encore.

8:15: The Booth Brothers kick off their set with an exquisite piano-and-vocals-only version of “I Will Serve Thee.” It looks like their erstwhile producer Nick Bruno is sitting in on piano. After the song, Michael Booth takes a minute to testify to God’s faithfulness in our storms. Jim Brady sings the group’s second song, “Every Cry is Heard,” another exquisite piano-and-vocals version.

8:27: Libbi Perry Stuffle is welcomed with a prolonged standing ovation. She gives a heartrendingly powerful rendition of “Through the Night.” The audience is to its feet by the bridge. This is easily the moment of the evening.

Former Perrys pianist (current Gaither Vocal Band pianist) Matthew Holt is filling in on piano. He plays a soft musical accompaniment while Libbi testifies to God’s faithfulness and gives a current update on Tracy’s health.

Then, Libbi, Joseph Habedank, and Perrys baritone Bryan Walker sing harmonies with a track of Tracy’s pre-recorded voice on “Plan of Salvation.”

8:39: Looks like this crashed the servers for the live stream again.

8:42: Looks like the traffic from Libbi’s surprise appearance was enough to crash not just the stream, but the whole site. I did get the feed back for about three seconds, to see that Leah Page (Libbi’s fill-in for the last two months) was on stage, and that the intro to the track for “If You Knew Him” was playing.

8:45: The stream is back up.

I’ll mention, in passing, that I had the chance to catch the Perrys live two days ago, last Sunday evening. Two things struck me, in particular: First, Joseph Habedank exceeded my expectations as an emcee. Though there was humor, there was maybe a little less than Tracy would bring to a live program. But, on the other hand, Joseph brought a unique songwriter’s perspective, sharing insightful insights about songs he’d written and songs he didn’t write when setting songs up. Second, the implications of the Perrys’ 2010 Song of the Year win for “If You Knew Him” had blessings for the group far beyond what they could see at the time. Since Joseph Habedank co-wrote the song and sang the feature vocal, the win for this—as well as Joseph’s other #1 hits and radio hits—gave Joseph a stature in the industry that enables him to carry the group forward in a way that someone who had just joined the group couldn’t do.

8:51: Phil Hoskins came forward to anoint Libbi and pray for Libbi and Tracy. Libbi shared that a nurse told her that, amidst all the health crises Tracy has pulled through so far, most people don’t make it as far as he has. Within a few days, the doctors will determine if Tracy will need a permanent shunt. The procedure to implement it would be very high-risk; prayer is requested that it will not be needed.

9:09: Libbi is leading the audience in “‘Tis So Sweet.”

9:15: Phil Hoskins gives an altar call.

9:23: Jason Crabb shares Perrys memories and encourages donations to help with their expenses. Online donations can be made here:

9:31: During the offering, Matthew Holt plays “Great is Thy Faithfulness” while a slideshow of classic pictures of Tracy plays on the screens. 

9:40: The Isaacs kick off their set with “Walk On.” Rebecca Isaacs Bowman introduced their second song, “Waiting in the Water.” Song 3: “I Will Praise Him,” acapella.

9:55: The Collingsworth Family begins with “Fear Not Tomorrow.” They used to stage this as a ladies’ trio of Brooklyn, Courtney, and Kim Collingsworth; since the last time I saw the group stage this song, Olivia has joined to make it a foursome. If I’m not mistaken, Olivia is doubling Brooklyn’s part. Song 2: Phil Jr. sings the lead on “Just Another Rainy Day.” They closed their set with “The Healer is Here.” Though it’s an older part of their repertoire, it is such an obvious thematic fit that it made sense to pull it out for the occasion.

10:10: Dailey and Vincent brought out a special, surprise guest for their set: Ricky Skaggs. They started with “Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord.” Christian Davis was on bass. Song 2: “I Believe He Gave His Life for Me.” It’s a little weird to hear a bluegrass band with an electric bass guitar and a piano.

10:21: Ricky Skaggs testified about his faith, and then sang “A Work of Love.”

10:25: Dailey & Vincent close out their set with “The Fourth Man.”

10:29: Mark Lowry takes the stage.

10:30: I stand corrected. Due to a broken femur, he’s standing in front of the stage. He sits on the stage stairs and launches into a comedy routine. He has a talent for making even the jokes we’ve heard a half-dozen times funny again.

He introduced “Mary, Did You Know” in a way I’ve never heard him introduce the song before. He said that one day, his mother shared with him that one of the greatest proofs that the Gospel story is true is Mary’s silence at the cross. His mother told him that if Mark’s hometown decided to crucify him, she’d be raising a storm. If Mark was claiming to be God, his mother said, she’d be the first out there to say, “He’s a liar! He might be a lunatic, but he’s not God! Don’t kill him!” But when Mary stood at the foot of the cross, as Jesus was being crucified for being God, she didn’t say a word—even if it would save His life, spare the cross—because she knew it was true. She, of anyone on this planet, was the one in a position to know the truth of the virgin birth. And she stayed silent.

He closed out with “Mary, Did You Know,” and got a standing ovation.

10:56: Clarke Beasley (NQC Executive Vice President) and Jackie Patillo (head of the Gospel Music Association) shared heartfelt words of encouragement for Libbi.

10:58: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound started their set with “Someday.” Song 2: “Glory to God in the Highest.” They must have figured out that the program needed some energy at this late hour. Song 3: “Get Away Jordan.” Lots of energy here. Signature Sound doesn’t do a huge number of dates with other Southern Gospel groups; this could be the first time that a fair chunk of the industry has seen this lineup live. I think their set tonight will help the buzz spread that this lineup has something special going.

11:09: Les Butler came up on stage to give Libbi gifts from the Predators sports team to pass along to Tracy for his birthday tomorrow.

11:11: The Oak Ridge Boys kick off their set with “Where the Soul Never Dies.” Song 2: Farther Along.

11:26: Jason Crabb began the final set of the night with his new single, “That’s What the Blood is For.” It’s a very strong song, and got a standing ovation at least from his fellow artists. Then he sang another new song, “Love is Stronger,” another very strong song.

He closed with “Through the Fire.” He stopped halfway through the chorus to preach a little. What a closer for the night! Karen Peck & New River, Joseph Habedank, and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound joined him for the closing. Libbi Perry Stuffle also came up on stage to sing it with him.

Libbi testified about how much the song had been ministered to her recently: “This too shall pass. We’re just going through the fire. It didn’t come to stay.”

Jason closed in prayer.

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  1. The southern gospel yankee is live-blogging too and says the pastor’s name is Dan Barker.

    • Well, that’s too bad, because his name is actually Dan Scott.

      Dan Barker is a famous atheist. Oops!! LOL

      • Oh, dear. I think I’ll trust DBM on this one. He’s always confident that he is right, and well, usually for good reason. 🙂 😛 😀

      • Oops, guess somebody misheard. 😀 I’ve never heard of Dan Barker the atheist!

      • Me, either.

      • It’s been corrected now. 🙂 I like Dan SCOTT’s voice!

      • I was pretty sure I heard them introduce him as Dan Scott, so I Googled Dan Barker after reading GVFAN’s comment.

        So, OK, maybe he’s not really all that famous, but he does have a Wikipedia entry.

      • The audio was cutting out for me when he was being introduced (like it is now!)

  2. I thought I had read on the Absolutely Gospel forums that Troy Peach and Hope Bowling are now regular vocalists with the group, as Terah Penhollow has come off the road.

    • Good catch; I must have missed that story! Good to see Troy back on stage again.

  3. At this point, I’ve lost the feed for several minutes. I guess so many people are trying to watch that the system can’t handle it.

    • Probably. Somehow people involved in Southern Gospel live feeds always underestimate the audience for an event this size. NQC is about the only major event that hasn’t had issues like this, but since everyone has to pay to get in, they can look at receipts and have a pretty good idea of the maximum number online!

  4. I’m not having much success with getting a consistent video or audio stream. A minute ago, I was hearing “Through the Fire,” and then Bill Gaither talking.

    • I’m being patient and persistent, loading different feeds in different browsers. I’m muting everything except the one that’s most consistent at a given moment!

    • Yeah, I saw some weird video effects, too. A person’s face would be all blurred, but the rest of the picture would be crystal clear.

      Someone said the audio only was streaming at, but I can’t see a link there.

      • Try the listen live link about two inches down in the left column. 🙂

      • I did, and it is playing the Dove Brothers singing “Didn’t It Rain” with John Rulapaugh…pretty sure that ain’t the right one!

      • Yep, I was getting Homecoming Radio.

      • Oh, dear. It was playing the Tracy Stuffle benefit through a couple of minutes ago. They must have lost or given up on the feed.

  5. Having video feed trouble here as well. Hopefully they will archive this to watch later

    • Yeah, I’m having some trouble, too. But now that I’ve kind of committed myself by starting a live blog post, I’m probably going to keep trying to reconnect as long as they’re still streaming.

    • We hope so too. We haven’t gotten much feed either.

  6. Who’s the tenor with Gold City?

    • I never did see a shot with him in it.

    • Yeah, you have a point. Oh, well. I’ll go edit myself.

    • His name is Robert Fulton, former Palmetto State tenor. He’s filling in during their “audition” process.

      • Thank you!

      • He’s actually on his 7th week of the audition process. He’s auditioning for the gold city spot, not just filling in.

    • Is that not Robert Fulton who has been travelling with them? Apparently, they still do have a full-time replacement for Dan Keeton?

    • Robert Fulton has been traveling with them, but only as a fill-in. They have not officially hired anyone yet.

  7. I’m getting the stream to work in Firefox right now, after it choked in Chrome. (No idea why.)

    • Getting a really good stream now in Chrome. Maybe it’s fixed, or maybe enough people have given up.

      • Yeah, it’s working better enough now that I think we’re past the worst.

      • I watched the whole thing on my iPhone and had zero issues until Ernie n company came on. The feed froze for about 2 mins then came back. I was shocked it worked that good.


      • Interesting!

    • You stopped reloading so many browsers, and now the rest of us can watch. LOL

      • I’ve never tried to keep the video stream open in more than two browsers!

  8. Does anyone know if the coverage that SiriusXM’s enLighten is going to carry will be available online? Is it by subscription only?

    • SiriusXM’s is by subscription only. They didn’t want to do it live in case there were, well, lag issues!

  9. I suppose I’ll chat with y’all.

    Claude taking a drink during his solo was hilarious! It was very Claude…

    • Intentional Marco Rubio moment? Is that why it got the response it did?

      • I don’t think so. I think it was just Claude being Claude.

      • OK. 🙂

  10. Connie: “Taranda, can we do this?”


    Connie: “Show off!”


  11. Its gotta be nice to have TaRanda as a backup for when Kim can’t make it. She good!

    • Seriously, have you ever heard a more amazing non-Hoppers Hoppers lineup than TaRanda on soprano, Connie on Alto, Joseph Habedank on lead, and, on this encore, Tim Riley on bass?

      • No kidding!

      • It is great for The Hoppers to have Kim with TaRanda available to sing from time to time.
        The can switch parts dependance on the song which makes its nice.
        The future looks bright for The Hoppers!

  12. I also wanted to comment that Joseph and Jason are doing an EXCELLENT job of emceeing the program. They really work well together.

    • Yes, they do. They play to each other’s strengths and senses of humor well.

  13. I think I need my eyes/ears checked, because it looks like the Booth Brothers are doing a song WITHOUT tracks lol.

    • Yes, sir! And it sounds INCREDIBLE!

      I could listen to a full program with Michael, Ronnie, Jim, with Nick Bruno on piano, and not feel as though I missed a thing.

  14. I think we have our moment of the night!

    • I agree, and, in fact, I posted the same thought in almost identical wording at the same time you did. In an evening of incredible moments, there’s no chance anyone could top this one.

  15. And there goes my video again…

    • Mine, too. I kind of suspected that if Libbi made it, word would spread so quickly that the servers would crash. In fact, at least for a brief moment, I was getting error messages indicating that the whole site had crashed.

      • Yes, looks like the whole site has crashed, for me at least.

  16. I’ve got video back up

    • Yes; it just now came back up for me, too, near the end of the first chorus of “If You Knew Him.”

  17. I am here and this gathering is amazing…I wish every SG fan could be here live….

  18. Someone: “You’re supposed to be Baptist.”
    Libbi: “No. I’m SAVED.”

    That is exactly right. Amen, Libbi!

  19. Yes…I am here….probably the best southern gospel gathering I have ever been at….after attending away for 25 years

  20. Good to see Zak Shumate again!

  21. As frustrating as it was at times to lose the feed, I can’t think of a better reason to lose the feed than people watching and praying for Tracy. This has been a great night. God’s been magnified, people have been blessed, people have come to know Christ. I can live with that!

  22. Does anyone know if they are going to make a DVD of this concert available?

  23. I don’t think I’ve ever heard them do The Healer Is Here before. Must be pretty old

    • Yes; it was in their repertoire when I started listening to them, ca. 2005. I’ll go look up the exact date.

      • It was on God is Faithful their 2005 album. It was their current album when I discovered them – the first one of theirs I had.

  24. The Collingsworth song about the Healer being here! Wow! Wonderful and appropriate!

  25. Ricky Skaggs is a good unadvertised surprise.

    • Yes, especially for people who know who he is. 🙂

      • (I’ve heard his name before; I’m pretty sure this is my first time to hear him live.)

      • I’m fairly confident there’s a few there who know who he is.

      • Yes. 🙂 I was being slightly facetious; I have, at least, heard his name before.

      • Ricky Skaggs played NQC one year when I was there. I think Darren Vincent may have been in his band at that time, as well as former Gold City/Singing Americans bass player Mark Fain.

        There were like seven or eight people on stage playing live instruments and singing harmony, but some old sticks in the mud complained because NQC invited a “soloist” to sing on main stage.

        This was before your time, of course…late 1990s…well, maybe not before you were in the world, but before you were traveling to NQC. LOL

      • Well, I WAS alive then!

        I would have been somewhere around 10 years, though, and probably 8 years or so from hearing Southern Gospel for the first time.

      • Skaggs has played on Gaither Homecomings before… oh I get, this is ‘cuz he’s a secular singer. 😉

  26. Hmm..Jimmy Fortune was advertised to appear w/Dailey & Vincent, and they’re starting with a Statler Brothers song. Guess he couldn’t make it and they got Skaggs to come instead.

    • You wouldn’t happen to know who the tenor guy they did get was?

      • Isn’t that their usual baritone?

      • Yes, it looks like Jeff Parker.

      • Thanks. I couldn’t remember his name, but he’s been with them for a couple of years. (Longer than any other band member, I think!) Last I saw Dailey & Vincent live – at NQC, two years ago – I believe he was singing baritone, Vincent was on lead (high tenor), Dailey was on tenor (higher tenor), and Christian Davis was on bass.

      • Jeff, Darrin, and Jamie swap parts all the time. It’s fun to hear!

      • I’ve heard them swap a little, but I didn’t know how often they swapped.

      • A good example would be their A Capella version of “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder,” which is a takeoff of the Statler Brothers’ arrangement. They did that one during their NQC set a couple of years ago.

      • OK!

  27. I wonder how many groups are left.

    • Oak Ridge Boys, Jason Crabb, Mark Lowry. Am I missing anyone?

      • Has Ernie Haase & Signature Sound been on yet?

      • No, sir. I knew they were yet to come, but it slipped through my mind at the particular moment I posted my comment. DBM also caught me on it. One or two more reminders that they’re coming up, and I’ll suspect y’all are rubbing it in. 🙂

      • No, I didn’t see yours when I was typing mine.

    • Of the advertised artists, EHSS, Mark Lowry, and the Oak Ridge Boys haven’t sung yet. Jason Crabb will likely sing, too.

      • Oh, yes, EHSS. I meant to type them above. I just KNEW someone was slipping through my mind. Ah, well!

  28. While they’re at it, they may as well go ahead and do the entire Statler Brothers _Holy Bible_ album.

    • Might be a cool concept for an “anniversary” type of thing.

      • Yeah, like a various artists re-recording, but bring back the Statlers to do the narrations and perform a couple of the signature songs. There are some good songs on that project…and maybe one or two that could be forgotten. LOL

  29. I can’t hear this song without visualizing Tim Lovelace and Jake Hess

  30. I’ve heard this routine many times, but its still funny!

  31. I am sitting next to William Lee Golden….great!

    • Neat! I had started to wonder where they were. I hadn’t seen them in the choir.

  32. The last song Dailey and Vincent did was “The Forth Man”, not They Wouldn’t Burn.

    • Thanks, Chris! I have the song on a couple of records, and you’re completely right. It had just slipped my mind.

  33. Its great to see fellow funny-people like Michael Booth cracking up at Mark’s jokes

  34. We’re about to break the 4-hr mark. Tonight has been so awesome!

    • Yes, it has! I suspected that it would run this long.

  35. This is the best line-up EHSS has ever had. They’re firing on all four cylinders now.

    • I’m going to be partial to the mega-lineup of Ernie/Ryan/Doug/Tim/Roy for a while yet. But this lineup has so much talent, and are such incredible singers, that if they stick together for long enough, who knows – there’s a significant chance I might change my mind.

      • They had a great sound with some of the earlier line-ups, but this is the first one that really clicks on stage. For the first time, the choreography doesn’t look like it’s making at least one of the group members uncomfortable.

        Roy Webb was a great comedian though. I do miss that element.

      • Looking at WLG, its either sunny or cold in Nashville.

      • Well, given that it’s 10:16 local time, it would be fair to guess that it’s not particularly sunny at this moment.

      • I agree 100%.

  36. How many groups can walk on stage, sing three words practically a cappella, and you immediately know who they are?

    • Does it count if we get to see the baritone singer’s beard?

      Even without that:
      Triumphant Quartet – easily
      Booth Brothers
      Gaither Vocal Band – if it’s the right song. (Maybe not Alpha and Omega.)
      Ivan Parker
      Mark Bishop

      • You have a better ear than most…or a more specialized ear at least.

      • Really? I mean, Triumphant and Ivan at least? I think the other four are pretty easy to name within three notes, but at least those two! 🙂

      • The guy who sings bass in my quartet and I play a little game sometimes. We’ll set an MP3 player to shuffle, and see who can name the group and song title first. He’s played some recordings of Triumphant singing on their table projects that I hadn’t heard before, and it will take me several guesses sometimes.

        Ivan I can usually pick out.

        A better example would be Vestal Goodman.

      • What about Vestal vs. Johnny Cook? That’s why that one gives me trouble.

        I guess with the groups I named, I’m speaking of first three notes they sing together. But for the unspecialized ear, who hasn’t specialized in the Oak Ridge Boys, I doubt they’d get the first three notes of some of the soloists.

      • Some soloists are pretty distinctive. There’s one singing now, for example.

        It’s generally more difficult with a soloist, though, because they usually start somewhere else before they build up their signature tones.

        The thing with most quartets is they vary their style to suit whatever song they happen to be singing. The difference with the Oaks is they always use the same general tone.

        Groups like the Dove Brothers, Kingdom Heirs and yes, Triumphant are pretty easy to pick out if you can hear certain singers initially, but it can still be difficult if all you have to go on is a piano chord and three notes a cappella.

      • I see your point. I think a lot of Ivan Parker’s distinctiveness comes from his enunciation, though.

        I think that Triumphant and – as you mentioned – the Kingdom Heirs have an ensemble distinctiveness on par with the Oak Ridge Boys. Both stay more within a similar intensity level than other SG groups.

    • Gold City…primarily because of Tim Riley

  37. I did not commit to try to carry live because it didn’t seem possible to arrange for a reliable, quality audio feed considering the short notice we had.

    Am working toward carrying the Absolutely Gospel Awards gig live.

    • Yes, it’s hard to guarantee quality on this short of a notice.

  38. “We’re gonna search and find that preacher man.”

    That’s the gospel part…LOL

    • By the way, DBM, I try to avoid too many inside jokes in my posts, but I had to put one in there just now that you would get. 🙂

      • I was looking for you to say that very thing, because that’s the same thing you wrote after your bathroom break in Charlotte two years ago.

      • Exactly. I knew you’d be watching for me to say it, and I didn’t want to disappoint. 🙂

      • I noticed they were on their way off the stage when Joseph Habedank pretty much insisted they come back and sing it. LOL

      • Yeah, I noticed that. I think it wasn’t really part of the planned set list.

    • I LOLed

  39. They closed their set with some secular song. hahahaha. That made me laugh!

    • Oh, everyone around here knows that I’m terribly biased, and only like Gospel music. 🙂

      But, more to the point, that was an inside joke with David Bruce Murray. I try to keep inside jokes to a minimum on this blog, but this one was too good to pass up. (See the exchange above; he was waiting for it!)

      • Hahaha. I’m pretty sure everybody knew the Oaks couldn’t leave anywhere without doing Elvira!

      • Yeah. And that’s why I knew I could get away with it – anyone who cared would know what the song in question was.

  40. Unfortunately, once it was announced that the Oak Ridge Boys were on the program, you knew “Elvira” would be performed. I had long since gone to bed, but if I was awake it would have been a good bathroom break spot. I wish they would have matched the worship atmosphere of the parts of the event I watched, but obviously it’s what the organizers wanted.

    • I loved “Elvira!” It was fun and lightened the mood. I bet Libbi loved it just as much as anyone—well, anyone except you and Daniel. 😀

    • Well, they did match the worship atmosphere with their two previous songs, “Where The Soul Never Dies” and “Farther Along.” The latter especially matched the mood.

      If Jason and Joseph hadn’t called for it, I doubt they’d have done “Elvira.” But it was fun! 🙂

      • I was there and it obvious that those in the audence loved it,,,, and it was expected.

      • I think “Just a Little Talk With Jesus” would have been more appropriate.

      • …prayer wheels and all… Hmm, not sure. 🙂

  41. I was there…and Jason and Joseph did call for it, some of the crowd loved it some didn’t know what to do…it was fun, but it took a second….I thought another part lowered the worship atmosphere..I won’t say what becasue you will all get mad at me….one portion took about 25 minutes too long…

    • Well, also without naming names, I will say that an extended comedy segment seemed out-of-place in this setting.

      • Normally I would agree with you, but said person has a way to still make it work in a setting like this. Maybe a little long, but whatever…it could just be that it came almost 4 hours into the program (if this is what you’re referring to)

        Laughter is good for the soul. Think about it, over the past 57 days how many times do you think Libbi has had a chance to laugh…

      • It’s hard to judge solely by the audio feed, but the audience reaction/laughter seemed a little tentative/shocked with a couple of the jokes about dying, somewhere around the cadaver bones in his leg section.

  42. By the way…Richard Sterban did not look well last night…aside from the Achillees Heel…

    • Something that I was very pleasantly surprised with was that besides Libbi/Perrys and the welcoming of the artists, the biggest standing ovation of the night went to Gold City. The ovation for the Oak Ridge Boys’ encore of “Farther Along” came the closest to equaling that to the encore of “I”m Not Giving Up.”

      Also, Bond Broker is right, Richard Sterban looked… not good. I zoomed in with my camera to take a picture and was startled by how unwell he appeared.

      I wasn’t expecting the Oaks to do “Elvira”, but for the most part, the crowd would not have been happy without it. I couldn’t help but laugh at the crowd’s overly enthusiastic sing along during one of the verses. And I’ll confirm that it was not the Oaks’ choice to do it. Joseph Habedank kicked that ball and started rolling it down the hill.

      I’ll also give a shout out to Karen Peck and New River. They were the only group to spend the entire night in the choir loft supporting the other groups. I’m sure some groups had to leave to reach their upcoming bookings, but Karen, Susan and Jeff stayed up there the entire night.

      Funny observation… Phil Hoskins kind of kicked a camera guy out of a front row seat. The camera guy moved to the floor. When the next artist started performing, the camera guy stood up and moved right in front of Phil’s line of sight.

      • As a long time Gold City fan I have often stated how great they do in concert..just a certain class that anyone (whether they like SG or not) would be impressed with…so I try to hold my accolades to a minimum…but yes Gold City go the strongest ovation on “I’m not giving up”- very appropriate.
        When Joe Bonsall spoke to Libbi from the stage about the “Secret things” belonging to God then turned to Duane Allen and said do you have a little of that verse and Duane Allen started with “When we see Jesus” I think the entire crowd could have lost it…absolutley awesome!
        Brandon is right on with his assesment…the only problem is that we didn’t get to meet each other…

  43. Well, that too was a little long…He was funny and who doesnt like at little Baptist vs. Pentecostal camparison in their concert….that always fun.
    “When I had the wreck I was a Baptist, cause you can say all kinds of words and still be saved…but when I went into the hospital I was pentecostal because when they gave me medicine you couldn’t understand the words I was saying….ML

  44. In case anyone’s still reading (and I’m assuming y’all are because it’s fairly recent), I definitely missed the note at the top of “giving up”. That’s not something I normally miss, but I’ve had a cold, an the decongestant I’m taking has dried me out like nothing I’ve ever taken! Lol. Just in case anyone’s curious, that’s an Eb at the top. I was firing pretty well, and felt it dry up about the time I hit the lead. By the time the Eb came, it was like the Sahara. Lol.

    Normally that isn’t an issue. Just hoping to quell any fears that I’m not up to it.

    There hasn’t been a technical long term hire either, in case anyone is still speculating. I suspect I’ll find out just before everyone else does. 🙂 haha

    I was honored to be a part of helping Tracy and Libbi, whom I met a few times with Palmetto State. What an awesome night of worship and Christians helping each other 🙂

    Robert Fulton

    • Thanks for letting us know! Every one of us gets sick and has days when we’re not feeling up to par. So glad that’s all it was!

    • Robert, I really appreciate your comment. Obviously, you don’t owe us an explanation, but it’s nice to hear it from your side of things. I didn’t hear it live but I did hear it a little later, and I’ll admit, I cringed. I heard you on the same song in the video that Gospel Music Today put on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded, so I was thrown with how it was that night. That Facebook video would have been in the time frame of you being sick, so if you could handle it with all of that going on, I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing you at 100%!

      • It’s ok Aaron, I was cringing too, on the inside! Lol. You do your best not to flash those moments to the whole world by reacting to them, but on the inside, I was like “AHHHHHH!!” Lol

      • Know what you mean! Been there, done that! 🙂

  45. Me too! Lol. Last night I hit it twice and was fine, and I was wishing I’d been clear enough the night before to hit it the same way. I’ve been fighting something for the better part of 2 weeks now. Ugh. Tis the season, it seems.

    • By the way, everything up to that point in the songs sounded just fine.

      • Thanks! It was a little different for us because we were using EHSS’s mics, and no ear monitors (which we normally use) except for Tim. I’m glad it sounded ok. It was honestly hard to tell. Haha

      • Using EHSS’s mikes? Wow. Just goes to show that Tim doesn’t need his own normal microphone setup to rattle the rafters. 🙂

  46. Tim is unreal 🙂 we were rehearsing something off mics after a sound check during my first week, and he turned and looked at me and hit a note that I swear I could FEEL. He hasn’t lost a step 🙂

  47. Tim is the man, for sure…he has never used a “Bass” mic or a “phantom” mic…same mic as everyone else…one last point, and I may get some push back on this but I am not sure we have had many if any bass singers still be as solid in their late sixites as Tim…He is as solid today as ever, and his notes the envy of many.
    Robert, by the way nice to meet you…see you at my birthday party.

  48. Has anyone heard if they will be selling DVD’s of the Benefit concert? I would love to have one!