Dixie Echoes hire George Shelton

The Dixie Echoes announced last night that they have hired George Shelton as their new tenor: “The Dixie Echoes are pleased to announce the hiring of George Shelton, Jr. as our new tenor singer. George is one of the greatest tenor singers, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We are so proud to have George and his lovely wife, Gail, as part of the Dixie Echoes family!”

Their announcement added that they are still auditioning bass singers. Interested candidates can send a demo and short resumé to scoot@dixieechoes.com.

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  1. Should be interesting…I bet they hire Mark Cates as bass…

    • This is very cool! The Sheltons are one of the best groups ever that few know about. It is my understanding they were the first group to record Jesus Is Coming Soon. Very proud for Junior Shelton!

  2. The Dixie Echoes performed at my church this evening & I really liked this new tenor…..love his voice. It was a great concert.

    • Great tenor!!! Congrats Junior!