Dixie Melody Boys seek baritone/pianist

The Dixie Melody Boys just announced that baritone singer Steven Cooper has been experiencing vocal issues so severe that doctors are advising several years of vocal rest. But he’s not leaving the group; he will move to bass guitar. They plan to hire a baritone singer who can also play piano and bring back a live band.

Cooper commented: “”I want to thank everyone for their concern and understanding over the last year. It has been difficult time having to go through this as a singer. I hope that someday my voice will return and I will be able to sing again. I ask that you will keep me in your prayers as I trust God for a healing. I also want to thank Ed, Matt and Mike for their support in this change and for allowing me to remain a member of the group.”

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  1. Based on their Facebook post, I think they’re actually seeking just one person who can both sing and play piano.

  2. Hey, I know a guy who would fill that position really well, and he’s already worked for Mr. O’Neal! But I think he’s happy where he is. 🙂

  3. I wonder if Caleb Mathemy is available?

  4. How can you contact them concerning this

    • Excuse me better grammar would have been how can I. I think you know what I meant though lol

    • The press release gives out dixiemelodyboys@yahoo.com as the contact address.

  5. After reading their whole press release, I got to say that will be an interesting looking stage with a: baritone/piano player, separate bass player & Mike Rogers playing guitar

  6. Ah man. That’s a real bummer. Steven was such a great fit for that group. He could really nail it on Night Before Easter. Of course, it’s really too bad…. that he’s an Alabama fan.