Sony’s Thoughts: Trust and Obey

“When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word, what a glory He shines on our way. As we do His good will, He abides with us still and with all who will trust and obey.”

If you’re a parent, there’s probably nothing you desire from your children more than perfect trust and obedience. This is also how the Heavenly Father feels about His children. There is such a freedom and lightness of heart when we serve the Lord wholeheartedly but, oh, the inner turmoil when we decide we don’t need Him. Maybe we would never say that out loud or even admit to ourselves that this is what is in our hearts but how many times do we move forward on what we think is a great idea before taking time to talk to the Father and receive His guidance? Sometimes, when we do ask and He guides us in another direction, we tend to think He doesn’t understand and off we go to show Him that we were right. WRONG!

I’ve heard parents explain to their child that parents know better because they’ve lived a lot longer than the child yet we think we know better than the One who has always been?!

If you’re running from God or moving in a direction that you do not feel His leading in, take time to redirect your focus and find out what He desires you to do. You will never “be happy in Jesus” until you do so and I’d like to see you living in all the joy and victory God desires for you. Trust Him today!

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