Clarification on Canaan sampler

In Saturday’s Roundup post, I mentioned a free sampler Canaan Records is offering. After noting the confusion over people who went to the page and only got one song, I emailed Emily Higinbotham for a clarification.

She replied that the link I gave earlier was somewhat confusing. What you would need to do is go to the main page and click on this image:

Since I already have most of the current Canaan releases, my plan had been to skip the sampler and just pass the information along. Due to the confusion, several minutes before posting this, I tried filling out the form myself to see what happens. I’ve yet to receive my email confirmation with download instructions, but will edit this post here when I get that.

EDIT (7:41 AM): I received the link and it worked. Oddly, I got two emails: One with the Mike Lefevre “Didn’t it Rain” link—seems to be the standard email signup confirmation—and one with the link to the sampler. I won’t list the tracks here (go over and download it if you want to find out!), but let’s just say it’s worth the trouble. There’s a song each from all of Canaan’s releases to date. Worth the effort alone is the Hoppers’ “Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin.”

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  1. The funny thing is… Mike Lefevre “Didn’t it Rain” is also part of the CD sampler!

  2. Ah, so it was user error (times 3, though). Thanks – I’ll try that when I get home!

  3. I got the same thing when I filled out the form. One song. I wrote as well and Emily wrote back promptly. She told me to do exactly what I had done. I resent but got the same results. Then I thought – just maybe another e-mail was sent but ended up in my Spam folder. Sure enough there sat both e-mails for the full CD Sampler. So everyone check your Spam folder even if you receive the Mike Leferve download instructions.

  4. Thanks Daniel I love the song by KH.:)

  5. Lo and behold..went to my inbox today and there was the link to the sampler in another email.

    Apparently it was coming all along, but late…

  6. The Hoppers’ “Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin” is amazing. I absolutely love that song. We sing it in our church choir.


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