Health Updates: Harold Gilley, George Amon Webster

Gospel Music legends Harold Gilley and George Amon Webster have both received bad medical news this week.

Two years ago, George Amon Webster discovered that he has throat cancer. He found out yesterday that it has spread to the right side of his neck and to his back, and that it is inoperable. Kasey Kemp, who traveled with Webster in the Toney Brothers, gave an update to Singing News; he said: “The Doctor is going to continue researching for other options. In the meantime, George will continue chemo treatments. George has asked that you all please continue to pray and spread the word to your churches and prayer chains. He needs a miracle.”

Harold Gilley, who sang with the Palmetto State Quartet and a number of other quartets, suffered a stroke in December. Since then, he has suffered two more strokes, and been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He has been readmitted to the hospital.

Family and friends of both men request prayer.

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  1. Harold Gilley is possibly the greatest bass singer who never was. He could easily hit extremely low notes and was known for his imitations of George and JD. Too bad he didn’t have a longer run in the business. He could have been been among the most elite bass singers. His talent certainly surpassed the vast majority of modern bass singers.

    • Easily could have been in the top 5….of all time!

  2. I`ve known George Amon for some time now and feel he was the most underrated baritone/talent in the business. George was a good writer, a great arranger, a great Mc , and a great voice. He was a great friend and had a big heart. He had a way of finding great talent. Tim Webster ” his son” Jimmy Mcmillan, Bryan Hutson, Todd Myers, Josh Spencer, just to name a few….. George over the years We`ve lost contact but i think of you often, I still tell your stories and jokes and will never forget the years spent beating the roads and those latenite talks and truckstop diners. You, Tim, Danny and the rest of your family are in my prayers. In these tough times I encourage you to look back on two songs that have encouraged me thru the years that you wrote.” It`s time to wake up the master and He loves me.” Another song that comes to mind is a song Mcmillan sang ” At the end of my hope his mercy begins” . I know things are tough right now but know…You have friends , family and fans all over the country praying for you. I appreciate you and your son Tim. Love ya George

  3. Sad to hear but thanks for the updates Daniel. Don’t know either personally but have enjoyed both of their contributions to gospel music. George Amon’s song, He Loves Me is a favorite. Pure and simple message that God loves us and is with us. Prayers for both gentlemen and their families.