Happy Resurrection Day!

I think it fitting that we celebrate Easter in the Spring, as new life is springing up all over the place. Unfortunately, I see so many people who aren’t registering that new life but look as miserable as (or maybe more than) they are. In thinking of Jesus today, He came to give us life and that more abundantly. Why don’t we reflect that? Too often, I can’t tell the Believers from the unbelievers when I’m out and about.

As we think about Christ and everything He did for us, we should be constantly rejoicing. Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for a friend. Christ did that for us in the most painful way you could imagine. How do you think He feels when the people He died to save act as if they have no reason to smile?

I hope today finds you praising God in so many ways. He is so worthy. If He never did another thing for me, He’s already done so much more than I deserve. Praise His Name!

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  1. HE IS ALIVE! I will choose to not let the clouds of tomorrow steal the sunshine of today.

    • AMEN! I’m with you, Ruth!